2009 Writings

December 2009

A Double-Retrograde, Blue-Moon, Lunar-Eclipse New Year (12.30.09)
Don't rush past 2009. An astrologically unusual New Year's Eve invites us to start 2010 by wrapping up unfinished business first.

Live from Mars Retrograde! (12.20.09)
Awakening this morning with rage… on the same day Mars stations to retrograde motion in Leo.

Refresher: Mars Still in Leo (12.10.09)
Revisiting how Mars's protracted journey through Leo, and impending retrograde, encourages directness in pursuing our desires. But if the door doesn't budge, why keep pounding on it?

Full-Time Job (12.6.09)
It takes huge efforts every day to ward off the triggers of collective stress, awaiting at every turn to tempt us toward angst and agitation.

November 2009

Thanking the Times (11.20.09)
Expressing my gratitude for the cosmic luck that's enabled me to be alive during this interesting moment in history.

Venus Complications: 'What's the Catch?' (11.13.09)
Venus, in detriment in Scorpio, squares Mars and the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, suggesting our rewards will likely come at a price, whether or not that's made clear in advance.

Saturn square Pluto: Contending with Unfairness (11.8.09)
To the Saturn-Uranus 'polarization', we now add a dark Saturn-Pluto square that exposes 'the unfairness factor' in action.

Saturn in Libra I: Working on Our Manners (11.5.09)
Changing signs for the first time in more than two years, Saturn's entry into Libra (home of his exaltation) promises us help in fostering stronger allegiances, fairer compromises and better interpersonal manners.

October 2009

9 Faces of Mars in Leo (10.23.09)
Looking at the different personality sides to the big astrological star of these next several months, Mr. Mars in Leo himself.

Never All Done (10.8.09)
Striving to destroy the myth that I'll ever get everything done, and struggling to accept this needn't be a lamentable fact.

Toward Libra/Leo and Outward Charm (10.4.09)
Stumbling out from an extra-tangly Mercury retrograde, all three personal planets shift into more active air-and-fire signs.

September 2009

The Saturn-Uranus Chronicles (9.13.09)
As the Saturn-Uranus opposition hits its 3rd of five exact peaks, we again examine the intense polarization glaringly apparent everywhere.

Mercury, Retrograde and Tangled (9.6.09)
As if Mercury's retrograde didn't promise enough snafus, how about adding a Saturn conjunction, a Uranus opposition, and a Pluto square?

August 2009

Venus-in-Leo Reminder: Chin Up, Buttercup! (8.27.09)
'If I stay positive and radiate my love of life, I'll draw fewer squabbles and a whole lot more fawning admiration (even if it's only from my reflection in the mirror).'

Dynamism is Exhausting (8.23.09)
Unpacking the pair of T-squares—(1) Mercury/Saturn-Mars-Uranus and (2) Mercury-Mars-Pluto—that had the action going nonstop these past few weeks, and keep it going now. (No wonder I caught such a stubborn cold.)

Public Health Care and the Social Contract (8.12.09)
Voicing my opinion that the U.S. government has a moral imperative to provide a public health-care option to its citizens.

Michael's Passing, Jupiter/Neptune & The 'Twitter Revolution' (8.5.09)
Comments on the hullaballoo following Michael Jackson's death, the manner in which we heard and disseminated the news, and parallels between his natal astrology, our present astro-condition, and the changing conditions of the media world.

Anxiety Mustn't be Allowed to Win (8.2.09)
A personal narrative of what's been going on with me since last I wrote, including me boldly facing a fear (and the anxiety that comes along with it).

July 2009

Solar Eclipse on the Cancer-Leo Cusp (7.16.09)
The Jul 21 eclipse, in the last degree of Cancer, asks us to bring together our subconscious feelings and triggered behaviors with our conscious ego's sincerest self-expressions.

The Gemini Give-it-a-Try (7.9.09)
Venus and Mars in Gemini through July egg on our curiosity, then tangle with both Saturn and Uranus for an instructive hands-on lesson in finding middle ground.

Current Astro-Overview (7.2.09)
A panoramic mid-year look at the overall astrological trends of 2009 and where we are now.

June 2009

Firm or Stubborn? (6.16.09)
A conjunction of Venus and Mars in Taurus, both trining Saturn in Virgo, sets up a chance to show our firm resolve… or flaunt our inflexible stubbornness.

Writing from the Trenches of Self-Consciousness (6.14.09)
A report direct from my recent writing retreat, which illumines just what a cranky obstruction the conscious ego-mind can be.

Chiron Wants to Speak (6.7.09)
As a third voice in a triple conjunction w/Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, Chiron asks us to embrace awareness of the painful deficiencies in our present social contracts.

May 2009

Taurus Says, 'Show Me The Money' (5.31.09)
First Mars and then Venus move out of Aries and into Taurus, where they'll motivate us to put our money where our mouths have lately been.

The First Day of the Rest of My Life, Again (5.28.09)
Combatting my personal panic by simply doing something.

The 'Push-Me-Pull-You' of Saturn Opposing Uranus (5.20.09)
The continuing influence of Saturn's opposition to Uranus catches us all in a tug-of-war between restraint and liberation.

Jupiter/Neptune: Engulfed by Hope… and Its Shadow (5.6.09)
Jupiter and Neptune conjoin in Aquarius through the end of '09, bringing wide-eyed idealistic hope into the collective… and its evil-stepsisters, delusion and fear.

Must Mercury Madden Our Minds? (5.3.09)
Mercury's latest retrograde mixes with the ultra-Aries influence (both Venus and Mars) to potentially overwhelm us with too much (unnecessary?) mental mania.

April 2009

Tenderly, A New Me (4.21.09)
Dare I claim to have 'changed my life', after following a powerful intuitive voice to a 2-week fasting retreat in the desert?

Aries Heaven (4.19.09)
Venus and Mars heat things up, instigating lots of action as they enter Aries conjoined, to stay through the end of May. It's 'shit or get off the pot' time.

Bust the Limits! Smash the Paradigm! Go For It! (4.12.09)
A Mars-Uranus conjunction, the number-one astro-indicator of abrupt disruptions and surprises, coincides with the end of Venus's retrograde for an electrifying (and unstable) week.

Venus Returns to the Final Degree (4.5.09)
For a brief momentous window of time (Apr 11-24), Venus revisits the last degree of Pisces, the sign of its exaltation.

March 2009

Blocked by Saturn (3.29.09)
As Mars opposes Saturn, it becomes more of a challenge to go with any flow. Now there will be more questions to answer, details to consider, and voices of conscience to listen to (or ignore).

'Populist Outrage' (3.22.09)
Early traces of the Uranus-Pluto square pit the now-hardened rules and regulations those in power seek to preserve against individuals who answer to the authority of their own instincts (moral or otherwise).

More Venus-Retro Thoughts: Prophetic Whiffs (3.17.09)
As Venus-retrograde traces the same steps that both Jupiter and Uranus will soon be taking, we get a a sneak preview of what's coming down the pipeline in 2010 and beyond.

Mercury and Mars Swim with the Fishes (3.11.09)
With both Mercury and Mars entering Pisces, our thoughts and actions are much more easily swayed by emotional context.

Deep Thoughts w/Venus-Retro: The Money, Too (3.8.09)
Examining the consequences of Venus retrograde on our financial dealings: 'killer deal!' or 'buyer beware!'?

Venus Retrograde: Does This Relationship Serve Me? (3.1.09)
How comfortably can our existing relationships contain our recently surging need to serve our own desires first?

February 2009

Nonstop Movement (2.23.09)
My first-person report on a hyperactive past few weeks, thanks to the January eclipse and Jupiter in Aquarius restoring hope to my natal chart.

The Great Venus/Mars 'Liberate Me!' Conspiracy of '09 (2.1.09)
Venus, traveling through Aries an extra-long time, brings out the 'self-serving' in all of us, while dispositor Mars-in-Aquarius seeks the contrary and the controversial.

January 2009

25 Random Facts About Your Astro-Dude (1.28.09)
Why squander those time-wasting online personal surveys? Let me share all those additional personal details with you, right here…

An Inaugural Eclipse (1.19.09)
Barack Obama's inauguration, not surprisingly, falls within a week of an expansive Jupiter-enhanced solar eclipse in Aquarius.

Mercury Retrograde Rewrites the Year Ahead (1.14.09)
In honor of Mercury's current retrograde, I offer another way of looking at the life-altering, game-changing astrology of 2009 and beyond.

Jupiter in Aquarius: Innovations By, For, and About The People (1.8.09)
Jupiter dwells in visionary (or eccentric?) Aquarius through Jan 2010, bringing big new collective concepts and technologies unlike any we've seen before.

You Are Welcome (1.5.09)
Welcome to 2009, more Saturn-Uranus drama, an inspiring Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, and the need to be real with each other.