Aries Heaven


The 'blastoff' precipitated by last week's mix of (1) Mars conjoining Uranus and (2) Venus ending her retrograde continues with lots of firepower this week.

And this is merely the launch of several weeks ahead during which we'll have much physical energy and initiative—if not, at times, too much moxie for our own good. In most cases, doing will be preferable to most everything else, especially overthinking or overindulging emotions.

We have the virtues of Aries to thank for this propulsive punch… though, by now, we are no stranger to its vibe. Venus has been in Aries almost continuously since early February (except for a brief window), turning our relational focus, interpersonally and financially, toward our most immediately self-serving needs. Good for instinctually gravitating toward what we want; not as good for keeping relationships in cooperative give-and-take mode. After all, Venus is a bit too impulsive and thoughtless in Aries, liable to screw with someone else unintentionally (or, then again, intentionally?).

After about two weeks back in Pisces, Venus returns to Aries on Friday (Apr 24) for another six weeks, to essentially finish what she started during her retrograde. Again, Venus retrograde most principally affects relationships (of all kinds, not just romantic) and finances… though, being the ruler of beauty, she sometimes also brings about appearance-related makeovers (and make-unders). She will spend through the second half of May retracing her retrograde steps, revisiting whatever instigating impulses she brought forth during these past couple months (and especially in March) to, consciously or not, 'keep things moving'.

But perhaps the even bigger news comes from Mars, who also heads into Aries this week on Wednesday (Apr 22). In major contrast to Venus's experience, Mars's entry into Aries is a homecoming, since he's pleased as punch and fierce as a champion gladiator in this sign he rules. Mars in Aries is the quintessential trailblazer, swashbuckler, renegade and brute-force leader. He takes what he wants, with no more conversation than a couple grunts—and either emboldens others to come along or seriously angers those whose intents are at cross-purposes. Don't think for a minute he cares which it is. He's about doing what he's doing. Like it or not, love him or hate him, he's still going ahead on his way… and won't shy away from a scuffle, should someone or something stand in his path.

As they're stepping into Aries together, Venus and Mars are therefore conjunct this week in a striking unity of yin and yang, female and male, the passive and active energetic principles that make up our world. When Venus and Mars conjoin, we're less internally divided between what we put out there and what we draw to us. We can zero in more intently toward single goals, and orient the different parts of our lives so they're facing the same direction.

We may also become so wrapped up in this one view, we glimpse everything through this same filter, potentially blinding us to alternative ways of seeing a situation… and in Aries, with its in-the-moment self-centered perspective, this possibility is even more likely to manifest, and in a more magnified fashion.

In any case, this is clearly now the moment to 'get on with it'… to proceed headfirst, guiltlessly and courageously, down the fledgling trail we just began to carve out through the bush over these couple months. Whereas previously we may've trooped ahead several paces, then wavered or chickened out, retreating back out to more familiar ground to make sure we were still okay, that tentative phase has now passed. It is 'shit or get off the pot' time. There is not an endless expanse of instances as ripe with vibrancy and vigor as this, my friends—at least not in our lifetime. If we want to make something happen, we've got to start somewhere.

According to my map, this 'somewhere' is here. Venus retrograde helped us sort out our personal preferences and values from those which we might've felt unfairly hooked into, out of obligation to others (society, family, a partner). Hopefully now unhooked, we are freer to move about the cabin of our lives. Staying safely belted in one's seat, while a good idea in theory (and it's what our official officials tell us to do, so it must be right, right?), means that in this 'free-for-all' which our increasingly tense world is becoming, we're likelier to miss out on the limited resources, opportunities, and occasions to make the most. Aries doesn't listen to rules. He makes his own, or else risks signing away control of his destiny—and getting madder and madder about it the longer his hands are tied.

Mars stays in Aries through May 31, while Venus is there until June 6. And because Venus is still picking up speed from her recent station, her usual pace (much faster than Mars) is slowed… keeping her traveling at a more-or-less comparable rate to Mars, and thus essentially in conjunction with him, well into June. Plus, once they each make it past their upcoming squares to Pluto (for Mars, this Sunday Apr 26; for Venus, next Saturday May 2), they have virtually smooth sailing vis--vis other major planetary obstructions throughout this period.

So, as we jump into this week and the next, beginning to ride the wave of self-possessed and potentially defiant assertiveness, we can initially expect some pushback. Those dual Pluto squares make it likely we'll have to contend with some deeply entrenched (and possibly quite intimidating) authority, institution, pattern or habit that resists our surge of newfound liberation. The hardest, ugliest repercussions will probably appear right away, during these first couple weeks of ultra-Aries activity. Enter the battlefield bravely… and prepared.

But then, we'll seem to burn right through May, racing at fast speeds through a veritable Aries heaven, when before the idea even has a chance to jell into something speakable, we're already engaged with putting it into action. Be careful where you aim your energies and intentions—they'll produce results quicker than you may believe, even as you see 'em with your own two eyes.

As I've recently been counseling clients who found themselves stuck in a confusing or irritating holding-cell from February onward, a whole bunch of resolution is bound to be found by May (or maybe June for those who have more challenging battles to fight first). Between now and mid-June, a nearly unimaginably large amount of stuff will happen, mark my words…