Venus-in-Leo Reminder: Chin Up, Buttercup!


'To read all the headlines around this place, you'd think the sky was about to fall and everybody hated everybody else!

'I say, "Let 'em bicker… but if I stay positive and insist on radiating my love of life (even when the going gets tough), I'll draw fewer squabbles and a whole lot more fawning admiration (even if it's only from my reflection in the mirror).

'My name is Venus in Leo, and I generously radiate what's great about me. Does that, therefore, mean I think the entire world revolves around my superbness? Of course not, silly… though I can imagine why you might think that, if you're too busy pointing fingers at what everybody else has (and you, in comparison, may lack) or all that's wrong with our modern society.

'Is there a lot of rot and decay intensifying around us? Are there reasons to be bummed out, to hit the bottle or load the gun or trash the foreclosed-upon home on the way out? Are there people that legitimately deserve an angry smack across their heads? Sure, I suppose there are—and perhaps there have always been, and only now has it become more obvious to the masses (and proven a successful ratings grab for the news corporations).

'But if I was able to awaken this morning, glance out the window and see the sky, smile at my loved ones, and put enough food in my mouth to make it to tomorrow, it will have been a great day!

'I've got to find my pleasures somewhere, if I make the self-supportive choice not to drain the bottle, fire the gun or bum around, looking only downward at the dust my worn-out shoes are kicking up. I will look to myself… and whatever will make me happy enough to chalk this day (today! right here right now!) up as another small victory in defeating life's adversity-making machines, that's just fine with me.

'It takes more than a couple halfhearted "positive thoughts" to activate the much-hyped (and much-misunderstood) Law of Attraction, sorry to say. We don't merely need to entertain passing wishful notions—we've got to devote our time, energy and sweat-effort to those items that bring us joy. The more we do that, the larger a portion of our day is filled with these joy-producing activities. And thus more joy! And thus we've "attracted" it to ourselves… not abstractly, but by putting value on the upbeat.

'I'm Venus in Leo. My life revolves around making myself happy… and freely expressing what exactly that is. You see my happiness beaming outward. If you can withhold your jealousy, instead wisely recognizing that my happiness can be a supportive inspiration for you to claim your happiness, we can grow this thing together.

'As Venus, I rule love and money, the two things everybody seems to want more of. But nobody wants to throw affection, admiration and additional dollars at the spoiled-sport moping in the corner, complaining about how life isn't fair. Whoever said life was fair? It's both terribly unfair and full of a zillion avenues to appreciate beauty, many of which don't cost a cent and don't require a devoted escort. If you're out enjoying life, it'll make you that much more attractive… to employers and adorers. Others will want to hitch their train to your fired-up engine.

'I get that times are tough. They've always been tough. And yet, throughout history's most painful moments, exquisite art and fulfilling relationships and loving families and deep true spiritual meaning have all somehow found their way into being. That's the light we as individuals can shine right out through our gleaming smiles, visionary eyes, open hearts and willing hands. Shine that light, darling, and it'll reflect back and surround you with dazzle.'

Venus is in Leo through September 17—and for the next two weeks or so, she is unobstructed by debilitating tangles with other planets. Pay her some homage, and she'll kiss you back.