The Gemini Give-it-a-Try


If at first you don't succeed, try another approach—or an altogether different option.

This is the sort of sentiment typically associated with Gemini, a sign of perpetual possibility, malleability and multiplicity… and a soon-to-be dominant astro-vibe, with Mars joining Venus in the land of the twins as of Saturday (Jul 11).

This unifying effect, of having Venus and Mars in the same sign, continues a trend that began in late April, when Mars joined a newly-direct Venus for a match made in 'Aries heaven'. By early June, this punchy pair had moved together into Taurus, where they sensibly demanded we 'show them the money', to prove whether our latest stirrings-up possessed any staying power. And now, they spend the remainder of July in Gemini, ready to explore further variations on a theme… to see what other tastes of delicious trouble our curiosity might lead us into.

Gemini doesn't need a compelling reason to give something a shot. The experimentation itself is enough grounds for playing out an unfamiliar role, gabbing over gelato with a person you've hardly spoken to before , or hopping on the unmarked bus that's passing by at just the opportune moment to provide you the chance. As an astro-impetus for gathering fresh input, Gemini is unrivalled. 'To what ends?' is, at the same time, an irrelevant question.

How could we possibly know where a certain choice will carry us, or what kind of lasting relationship (if any) a particular interaction might develop into, if we're going in both relatively blind and open-minded? According to this line of logic, picking one stab or the other seems just as good, no? Don't like this? Try that.

While the Gemini influence may spur us toward less self-imposed limitations on (or weaker discrimination toward?) what we might consider involving ourselves in, the fuller astrological picture, of course, reveals such enhanced openness isn't quite so simple. (Haven't you realized yet, when it comes to astrology, it's never that simple?) Both Venus and Mars, at different points in the upcoming several weeks, will butt up against the Saturn-Uranus opposition… each forming dual squares to this ever-present macro-polarity, to reveal the (perhaps rather surprising) consequences of whatever alternative possibilities the Gemini energy conjures.

For roughly the second half of July, Venus will square first Saturn in Virgo and then Uranus in Pisces. The Saturn square inhibits Venus from drawing full pleasure or advantage from her latest tricks, due to some mitigating hitch or buzzkill factor that must be dealt with. If our Gemini 'experiment' involves spending beyond our means, flirting outside our commitment, or disregarding our physical bounds, Saturn in Virgo will let us know. The figurative 'letter of the law' will likely assert itself. But once she passes into the Uranus square, Venus will be likely to react against any such inhibitions… being drawn that much more strongly to the untraditional or the erratic, if only to assert her individuality in whatever radical manner pleases her momentary mood.

If the Venus-Saturn square (within a five-degree orb from Jul 16 to 26) exposes where we might need to temper our sense of possibility with a reality check, the Venus-Uranus square (within five degrees from Jul 24 to Aug 1) exaggerates our rebellious tendencies to the point where we might gravitate too freely toward chaos-inspiring eccentricities.

Mars passes through this same coupling of opposing aspects shortly after Venus… though by the time he gets there, Venus will have already shifted into Cancer. (This month's hand-in-hand stint through Gemini marks the end of Venus and Mars's simultaneous travels through the same sign for a while.) Mars, being an active yang planet, is even more excitable in Gemini—and likelier to feel both more blocked by Saturn and more incited by Uranus.

When Mars squares Saturn (Aug 1 to 19), his ability to try something different may literally be obstructed by constricting circumstances that cannot be avoided. Generally, during a Mars-Saturn, we experience a sense of frustrated inaction; and with a Gemini/Virgo coloring, this could include the uncomfortable addition of internal nervous anxiety, a common result of Mercurial energy unexpressed. Yet, Mars's square to Uranus (Aug 11 to 26) goads him onward regardless of Saturn's obstruction… and regardless of whatever potentially disruptive or explosive effects are left in his wake.

Mars-Uranus squares are one of the most unpredictable and volatile astro-aspects we have, like a fighting type of guy who, taken over by surges in anger and/or adrenaline, lashes out indiscriminately at what- or whoever crosses his path. Factor in the overlapping Mars-Saturn square, and it's as if this fighter has one or both arms tangled in handcuffs—and you just know, if and when he gets his hands free, he'll be that much more reactionary, and perhaps quite hostile, due to the attempts made to contain him.

If what I've just described stirs any panic or confusion in you (a la 'how the heck do I juggle all that?'), let me reassure you these upcoming Venus and Mars squares can prove to be quite an illustrative hands-on workshop on handling the 'push-me-pull-you' opposition of Saturn and Uranus, still one of the biggest headlines in astro-news throughout '09 and into '10. It is one thing to talk theoretically about striking a delicate balance between 'holding on' and 'busting free'. It's entirely another to actually test it out by diving into new experiences, projects and relationships… and instructively bumping against one pole (too much!) and/or the other (not enough!) until, by trial and error, you achieve a workable middle-ground.

A couple dashes of responsible restraint and patient perseverance here, a pinch or two of uncensored unorthodoxy or let-'er-rip liberation there… and we might yet figure out how best to balance Saturn and Uranus, to recreate our world through enlivening innovations but without, in the process, destroying everything that came before.

Gemini is, overall, a spry and lively astro-energy, encouraging quick brain-flashes and a busy social life, yet not demanding we draw a Meaningful Conclusion from everything we're engaged in. And even Saturn and Uranus will ultimately force some degree of 'meaning' to emerge (if we opt to pay attention) from our curiosity-quenching experimentation, we needn't worry about all that business going into it. That'll all happen as it will when the time comes.

We mustn't forget to enjoy this on-the-job method of learning what people and participations are more or less suited to our evolving selves—much more fun than sitting quietly in a room by ourselves, soberly contemplating whether our next move will be brilliant or disastrous. After all, you never really know until you try, right?