9 Faces of Mars in Leo


Now that Mars has officially made his way into Leo for an unusually lengthy 7½-month stay (first mentioned a few weeks back), I guess we'd better get to know him better.

Thankfully, we should have no trouble with that task. Seeing as we're talking about the planet of self-assertion in the sign of self-expression, Mars in Leo is anything but shy—especially when it comes to making himself known.

Following is a series of candid glimpses into the life of this now-unfolding period's astrological star: Mr. Mars in Leo himself. So, with no further adieu…

It is said that pride is a deadly sin. But isn't that too simplistic? A bit extreme?

If we define pride as the opposite of 'humility', then, sure, it makes sense. It is good to be humble about one's place in the world, so as not to exaggerate one's own importance or place oneself above anybody else. We are all equal, no one better than the next.

Yet, if we interpret pride in contrast to 'shame' or 'timidity', it seemingly becomes a virtue to aim for or to cherish, not a sin to avoid. Ought one not strive to overcome feelings of inferiority, guilt, or any discomfort with self that might serve as a convincing reason to squelch sincere expression?

This is the only self we've got. Life's too short to hold it back. Might as well be proud.

I am tall, handsome, and together. I have established a reputation for myself, one that I rightfully deserve. I aim to squeeze the most drama out of my short time on this earth, so I'm not one for doing anything small. 'Make it big' is my motto.

I take great confidence in what I have to offer the right person. If we click, you will suffer no shortage of doting attention, penetrating conversation and passionate sex. We will enjoy the finest things in life together, and look the part of the couple everyone else covets. If you are easily intimidated by demonstrative shows of joie de vivre, we will not get along.

If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, the feel of the ocean, the taste of champagne, and making love at midnight in the dunes of the cape, you're the love that I've looked for. Come with me, and escape…

I'll show them. I can handle this just fine all by myself, thank you very much. And I don't need their grubby little paws getting too far into my cookie jar.

Do I have something to prove? Absolutely. And do I intend to prove it? You bet your fine ass I do.

I'm not purposely trying to be difficult, please understand. I simply get a lot of personal gratification from tackling challenges head-on, throwing all my energies into the game, hell-bent on securing yet another victory with my own two hands… or at least making a damn good show in the process. (Yes, quietly between us, I'll admit I may make things harder for myself by refusing advice or assistance. Call me stubborn. You'd be right.)

So I ask you not to take it personally if I appear to ignore your motions to supposedly save me a hassle or two. It's not about you, or any judgments I might hold about your relative abilities or aptitudes. I've just got my sights set on reeling this one in on my own.

And as far as all those haters out there, the ones who didn't think I could do it, are concerned… don't you worry. I'll show them.

Tell me everything about what you're up to! I'm dying to hear all the ins and outs!

Oh, really? That is so wonderful! I'm so proud of you! You really deserve this!

I just had a great idea for another angle you might look at it all from! Take it or leave it, either way is fine by me! I figure I might as well just tell you what popped into my head, and you can decide whether it's helpful or not!

You like that idea? You think it'll work for you? Gosh, I'm so happy to have been able to contribute something, since you've always been so warm and loving and supportive of my stuff! I love seeing you get even more excited about it!

Hello, my name is [you should already know my name]. Perhaps you've heard of me? It's very nice to meet you [and very nice, no doubt, for you to meet me].

What is it that you do in the world, may I ask [and how might you be able to do something for me]? That is very fascinating. Tell me more [so I can see how much you actually know and determine how much more I know]. Well, I'd be more than happy to share my expertise on that topic, if you're at all interested. I'm always eager to help [so I'll be able to bank on having the favor returned later].

Squeaky wheels get oil, and early birds snag worms. While I may not like to think of myself as 'squeaky', I surely know a thing or two about being first in line. (And if I don't arrive before everybody else, I can at least talk myself into a better slot by befriending that even earlier bird.)

You're highly unlikely to get what you want if you never declare, 'This is what I want!' You've got to speak up, silly. You've got to ask for the very thing you really wish you had right now. What's the worst that can happen? Someone tells you 'no'? Big fuckin' deal. If you're not willing to face a lot of rejection in life, the odds of satisfying your desires really aren't very good.

I always proceed down the street as if there are paparazzi hiding around every corner, waiting to catch an unflattering candid. Ready, aim… smile! Of course my hair is perfectly tussled for that casual appearance, my clothes unfussily clean-looking, my gait properly postured. I knew you'd be watching. I play to my audience.

People ask me, 'Aren't you a little too concerned with how other people perceive you?' I try to straighten out their misconceptions by reminding 'em I enjoy putting on the show. All of life is like a big stage musical, after all… and if you're going to bother putting together such an involved production, you might as well pull out all the stops. Give every performance 110%, and they'll keep coming back for more. Fall short, and you'll be standing in the ever-longer breadline alongside a bunch of fourth-rate character actors who'd sell their first-born for a shot at a dog-food commercial. I fancy myself a star, and portray the role accordingly. That's why I seem so concerned with outer perceptions. Only, I do it for me, not for other people.

What can I do to show you how much I love you?

I'm being serious, honey. I know it's corny, but I haven't yet offered you my daily token of gratitude. Can I take you to lunch? Can we go shopping for those earrings you've been eyeing? Are you up for a massage, or a spot of 'afternoon delight'? How can I best demonstrate my sincerest devotion to you?

Okay, so I'm going a bit over the top. What's wrong with a little theatricality among two people who care for each other the way we do? Playfulness keeps us young—and our love fresh. I may be laying it on thick, but trust me, you'd miss the attention if I suddenly stopped giving it. I always want you remembering there's someone by your side, looking out for you, ready to step in should you find yourself needing a warm embrace or a shoulder to cry on.

Well, at least come on over here, and let me give you a big hug and a kiss right this second. I love you so much, and I so appreciate your presence in my life. I'd never want to be one of those people who, out of shyness or fear, refrain from revealing what's truly in their hearts. I'd rather go too far the other direction and sing it from the rooftops…

Let me be totally frank with you. I'm fully aware that my 'look at me! here I am!' manner can be known to rub people the wrong way. I completely understand that not everyone enjoys the company of an unapologetic extrovert… or wants to hear me offer one more opinion or tell yet another first-person story about another one of my exploits. And I try not to push myself on those who are clearly not fans.

I also know, however, that a lot of people project their issues about how free and easy they are (or aren't!) with themselves onto me. I suppose it's natural to point to the individual who's doing what we wish we could do and scowl at 'em with scorn, envy, outright dislike. I do sometimes get annoyed with having to defend myself against charges of 'making everything all about me'. Who else should my life revolve around? Still, I try hard to maintain compassion for those folks who demonize me because they're unhappy with how they're living.

Wouldn't the world be so great if we could all, openly and honestly, put forth our likes and dislikes, our needs and desires, our hopes and dreams, who we are and who we want to be? At least then we'd know where we all stand with one another.

Obviously, this is no exhaustive cataloguing of all Mars-in-Leo's possible shades of personality. There are as many dimensions to him as there are unique individual souls in the galaxy. It is merely his job to project the purest unique desires of each of these souls outward, so they may be seen… and maybe even fulfilled.

Mars entered Leo on Fri Oct 16, and he will remain in Leo until Jun 6 2010. (His typical trip through a sign takes a mere month-and-a-half or so.) Mars will be retrograde from Dec 20 09 through Mar 10 10.