Come get your year-ahead forecast...


Immersion in the Grand-Cross Interrelatedness


Pretty much every day has brought me a new surprise since April began.

Is this an instance of self-fulfilling prophecy, based on the hype with which we astrologers have saddled the current month? Am I looking to be surprised, or am I just more keenly attuned to noticing the surprises (which, perhaps, are all around me all the time)?

I'm not sure it's important, at this point, to discern whether these coursing astro-energies are indeed as wily and erratic as anticipated… or whether all the commentary and consciousness we've tossed into this pot have helped to co-create this wily-and-erratic experience.



Providential Promise in April's Grand Cross


We're now in the palpable crescendo of this year's most tumultuous astrology, which builds to its peak just a few weeks from now… but this is no startling revelation I'm pulling out of thin air.

We already know this is going down. Not only have I previously described in detail the astrological aspects at play, but we've all been feeling these energies building for some time. The most salient themes have been bearing down on us for months, only increasing in urgency over recent weeks. Are you really that surprised that a critical climax approaches?

One common follow-up response I've received from my review of April's upcoming astro-turbulence: 'Are you sure you didn't mean March instead of April? It seems like what you're forecasting for the future has already been happening!'



Anticipating April


If you keep up with my update articles, you've probably caught more than one reference to extremely bumpy astrology headed our way in April. Guess what? That's now only a month away.

This perfect-storm of contributing factors—namely, (1) a very-tightly-orbed cardinal grand cross between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, (2) while Mars is still retrograde in Libra, a sign of his detriment, (3) smack in between two eclipses—is just the sort of configuration that's had us astrologers chatting and conjecturing well in advance. (For example, horoscope queen Susan Miller says: 'April's so scary that I'm giving classes on it.')

But I've also been around this block enough times to recognize, sometimes the astro-happenings we beforehand herald with the most sensational hype, in the end, come and go with surprisingly little fanfare…



Mars Retrograde in Libra: Alternate Currents


Mars took his first backward-facing steps on Saturday (March 1), commencing a 2-month period of retrograde motion which lasts until May 19.

Following right behind an extra-thorny Mercury retrograde and, before that, six weeks of Venus retrograde, this Mars retrograde only further reiterates that this first half of '14 is meant for revisiting and/or wrapping up old business. So much coincident personal-planet retrograding has kept our immediate attentions essentially frozen in the same place for some time already, and now it continues.

Of these three, though, a retrograde of Mars threatens to be the most aggravating. After all, Mars does represent the manner in which we outwardly express our assertive will.



Like Retrogrades Passing in the Night


Not so fast. Before you call in the cheerleaders or start your victory lap to celebrate the end of this especially gnarly Mercury retrograde this Friday (Feb 28), I must remind you that, one day later (on Saturday, Mar 1), Mars will be starting his retrograde… and that lasts into the middle of May.

I'm not launching into a full explication of what this Mars retrograde means right this moment; I felt it important to deliver this news as promptly as possible, with more to come soon, I promise.

These next couple weeks are fairly significant ones, in terms of the palpable energetic switch-flipping they will hold.