2016's Big Pivot


These next few weeks bring us the most striking astrological turning-point of the entire year.

Following several months' worth of false starts, frustrated ambitions, and stalled progress—courtesy of an astroscape-dominating Mars retrograde, as well as the disheartening Saturn-Neptune square backdrop which accompanied it—we are finally heading into a phase when our forward strides can be more freely realized.

At last, Mars will be leaving its post-retrograde shadow on Monday (Aug 22), to tread its first fresh steps since retrograding back in mid-April.



Saturn vs. Neptune and the Moral Imperative


As I addressed in my recent meditation on 'holding hope', this current square between Saturn and Neptune foregrounds the disheartening awareness of how lived reality (Saturn) often falls short of our idealistic imaginings of what's possible (Neptune).

I've described the associated feelings (which are probably pretty familiar to most of us these days), but wanted to delve deeper into the question of what we're supposed to actually do about them. If we consider ourselves morally responsible creatures, don't we have a duty to act in some purpose-driven fashion which constructively attempts to improve our disheartening state of affairs?



Holding Hope


It's hard not to notice a pronounced feeling of… is it hopelessness? cropping up these days, bombarded as we are by that glut of disheartening news invading our airwaves.

If it's not a full-on loss of hope we're suffering, might we describe it as some type of emotional-processing overload: numbed-up affect, too much to digest, profound uncertainty, how to address problems too big to be solved, questions too complex to ever wrap our heads around?

I'm not the hopeless type myself. Yet I struggle to discern how best to use my personal energies in the face of widespread collective upset…



Mars-Direct Refresher Playbook


As of last Wednesday (Jun 29), Mars is once again direct after spending 2 months retrograde, bringing us to the final chapter of one of the year's most impactful astro-happenings.

Mars entered its pre-retrograde shadow (i.e., the zodiac zone through which it would later retrograde) back in mid-February while in Scorpio, then entered Sagittarius early in March, before slowing to an apparent standstill and beginning its retrograde midway through April.

In simple terms, this means Mars is now treading zodiac steps it's already taken twice before over these past five months, first while in the pre-retrograde shadow zone, then during the retrograde itself.



My Orlando


This has been my experience as a gay man in the aftermath of the Orlando shootings. I cannot, in good conscience, stake claim to any relevant sense. However, I also don't wish to be silent on this matter which has impacted me very powerfully.

I know my heart throbs in pain. If I let it speak for itself—testify to my personal feelings alone, no presumptuous attempt to ascribe universal wisdom—perhaps it will contribute its one narrative thread to a fabric of meaning we collectively weave.

I awoke that sad Sunday morning alone, my partner Ricky having just departed the evening before on a three-week adventure. Uncharacteristic of me, I'd had a terrible night's sleep.