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Knowing Better


'I cannot understand how you could make such an ignorant, offensive statement. It goes against everything I know to be fair and just and right in the world…

'Do you really believe that? Go ahead, try to defend your totally indefensible position. Stand behind it and answer to the consequences, or else admit that you're wrong… that you just don't know any better.

'Pick your side. Are you with us, or against us? You can't have it both ways. And if you choose wrong, I don't think we can be friends anymore.'



The Saturn-Neptune Square & the Disenchantment in Moving Forward


As we spend this next many months in a 'seasonal transition' (as symbolized by the lineup of outer planets in mutable signs) between the rattles-and-bumps of this past-few-years' Uranus-square-Pluto upheaval and whatever's coming next, we each must make certain judgment-calls and directional decisions…

… and, naturally following from the necessity of choosing one goal, option, or belief over another, we're likely to feel somewhat disenchanted by having to leave something (or someone) else behind.

It's hard to altogether avoid some amount of letdown when we decide to make a defining statement which closes the door on other possibilities.



It All Starts Small


These most recent weeks have been more potent than we might've realized as we've gone about our business.

Each modest task, care-filled cleanup, habit-forming repetition… each small step in a certain direction, a seed planted in this ground we now stand on, later to mature into a fuller-grown testament to what we've been doing.

There is nothing abstract or fantastical about what I'm saying here: This description fits the edicts of common sense.



That Week is Here


I'm writing to you from that pivotal week I've been discussing with clients for several months now.

It's not that the week's astrological goings-on are so astounding, their occurrence will cause great miracles to transpire and/or the sky to crash down, depending on where you live and what your natal chart looks like.

Rather, it's simply that a number of coincident factors are presently weaving what I'd consider the first palpable 'something different' vibe we've felt in quite some time. Not only is the recent Mercury retrograde (Sep 17-Oct 9) now behind us.



The Jupiter-Pluto Trine and Grounding into Practice


Jupiter's arrival to Virgo just over six weeks ago has definitely done its job of shuffling the outer-planet playing field.

As I reported in my last article, Jupiter in Virgo plays an integral role in forming a now-active T-square with Saturn and Neptune, emphasizing a mutable condition associated with seasonal transitions and the attitudinal versatility they warrant.

But that's not all: From its Virgo position, Jupiter's also moving into a flowing trine with Pluto in Capricorn (first exact on Oct 11), creating a functional synergy between these two in the earth element.