Deep Thoughts w/Venus-Retro: The Money, Too


Venus retrograde doesn't just impact our relationships, you know…

Venus rules money as well as love. And when she's retrograde, we are sometimes thrown a loop in terms of trying to accurately assess the financial value of something…just as we may similarly question what a certain individual means to us during Venus-retrograde moments.

Is this object of our desire worth the amount it's marked at? Would we snag it at a steal, were we to act now? Or would we be foolish to jump at this overpriced piece of crap? If it seems too good to be true, it just might be…which is an opportunity that either screams 'killer deal!' or 'buyer beware!'

There's no surefire remedy for ironing out this potential financial befuddlement during Venus retrograde, when we may find little reassurance as to whether what we covet is a diamond in the rough or a serious hunk-o'-junk…only the awareness that it behooves us to doubly (or triply) consider this question.

But remember: We all fall under the Venus-retrograde spell, both buyers and sellers. While the temptation to flippantly make a purchase we'll come to regret later (because we paid too much for it and/or never actually wanted it as badly as we initially thought) is undeniably heightened, so too will be the seller's urge to unload his excess merchandise at virtually any cost.

Will you fall victim to an inflated concept of worth and end up with a useless extravagance (and a few too many dollars missing from your billfold)? Or will you score a prized bargain at the hands of another person's hasty undervaluing?

Naturally, the Aries impact on Venus retrograde magnifies the speed and spontaneity with which these financial dealings may transpire, making it even more challenging to create ample room for reasonably thinking things through. The hottest opportunities may seem to require immediate action ('hurry now! while supplies last!), a condition apt to send all but the quickest-draws into a fevered tizzy. (And few of us make our shrewdest decisions while feverishly tizzying.) The hardest part is listening to one's inner instincts, rather than drowning them out with loudly frantic fears that you're about to miss the chance of a lifetime or screw everything irreversibly up. Extra-credit bonus points are likeliest to go to those who can think on their feet, presenting impromptu suggestions or offers to close the deal right here and right now, as is, take it or leave it.

Of course, to so assertively aim for exactly what one wants, according to the terms of one's own choosing, has the obvious side-effect of casting one in an unapologetically self-serving light, one potentially disruptive effect of Venus in Aries. After all, if we're willing to claim a good buy at the expense of someone else's obliviousness, we're blatantly choosing our own advantage over, say, some abstract principle of 'fairness in relationship' (i.e., Libra, the opposite of Aries). Maybe if we're purchasing an item of furniture from a shop-owner we've never met and will never see again, this question of 'relationship' may seem inconsequential. Yet, when our business dealings overlap more closely with our personal relations, this clash between self-interest and equitability is likelier to manifest into interpersonal problems.

So, how do we determine, then, if the deal really is too good to be true? As I said, there's no easy solution. But to console ourselves in the meantime, we needn't look any further than the Aries archetype itself. Aries is pure courage, willing to dive in, pioneer-style, never knowing what'll happen next. 'Will this prove to be a mistake?' is almost an irrelevant question. You don't have to worry about that until you get there. And upon arrival, you're not happy with the results? Turn a different direction, and try something else.

Sometimes we just need to make a move, any move, just to get ourselves back in the game…and it really doesn't matter if our specific choice is 'wrong'. We've gotten our feet wet. Our momentum's on an upswing. We'll quickly follow one choice up with another. This one could be 'right'. As long as we keep on movin', it's all good.