2010 Writings

December 2010

An End to the Darkening (12.19.10)
A lunar eclipse at the solstice, coupled with the Mars/Pluto-flavored Mercury retrograde, brings a culmination in our awareness of the multiplicity of emotional responses spawned by recent 'dark' turns.

Capping Off the Year with Mars, Pluto & Mercury Retrograde (12.8.10)
Right as Mercury stands still and begins its apparent backward motion, he's being pulled into a major conjunction with Mars and Pluto. This one packs a serious punch.

Freedom, Exercised Judiciously? (12.4.10)
Ought we to push back against plutocratic attitudes, corrupt rulers and stale institutions? Absolutely. Is there a likelihood of 'going too far' with it? Most definitely.

November 2010

Venus, Direct in Libra (11.15.10)
Venus's return to direct motion in Libra, a sign she rules, presents us an opportunity to re-attain the peace in situations where her retrograde stirred us to revalue our affections or allegiances.

Freedom to Entangle Ourselves (11.7.10)
In our interpersonal dealings, there's always a dialogue actively occurring between (1) uncompromising personal freedom and (2) the voluntary compromise of said freedom out of respect for someone else.

Freedom (11.2.10)
Though we typically advocate on behalf of the opportunities it affords us, freedom, as an unchecked absolute, can be a dangerous impediment to successful relationship- and society-building.

October 2010

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: Facing Up (10.4.10)
Venus's 'discomfort' in Scorpio enables her to stir sufficient controversy in our relationships, blowing the cover off, forcing us to confront the renegade desires, unspoken resentments or inescapable inequities lying underneath the pleasant surfaces.

September 2010

'At Beach. Pretty Scenery.' (9.30.10)
On the impact of our increasingly individuating relationships with personal electronic devices on our collective social responsibility.

Spin The Wheel (9.21.10)
Tomorrow's equinox is another seasonal change with intensified significance, thanks to its aspects to the cardinally-climaxing outer planets.

Venus in Scorpio and 'Forbidden Feelings' (9.13.10)
Venus, in Scorpio on and off through early January 2011, can't leave an 'easy' relationship well enough alone. She courts complication and controversy. Anything less is too superficial; unrewarding.

'My Cardinal Climax Was a Dud, and I Want My Money Back' (9.2.10)
Pondering whether our latest lived reality has lived up to the hype surrounding the mid-2010 astrology.

August 2010

A Mere Human Among the Madness (8.18.10)
Cherishing each other's humanity amidst the cacophony of distractions.

Filling in the Blanks with Retrograde Mercury in Virgo (8.15.10)
As Mercury retrogrades unaspected through his ruling sign of Virgo, we're presented with a chance to organize the processes, review the facts and crunch the numbers.

Generational Horoscopes for Mid-2010, Part 3 (8.6.10)
The third and final installment of 'cardinal-climax' astrological insights by birth year.

July 2010

Saturn Ties Up Loose Ends (7.27.10)
In the short term, Saturn's 'obstruction' to the Jupiter-and-Uranus-powered anti-establishment defiance can be seen as a potentially constructive moderating force, assisted by Mars and Venus conjunctions.

Generational Horoscopes for Mid-2010, Part 2 (7.23.10)
The second installment of 'cardinal-climax' astrological insights by birth year.

Generational Horoscopes for Mid-2010, Part 1 (7.17.10)
My first installment of generalized descriptions of how the current 'cardinal climax' astrology is likeliest to affect us by our age-group.

Eclipse Slices Through (7.5.10)
The July 11 solar eclipse in Cancer inspires us to open our hearts into the simplicity of care carrying us toward each other.

June 2010

A Solsticey, Eclipsey Week (6.21.10)
The mix of today's Solstice and Saturday's Pluto-influenced lunar eclipse is liable to produce a heightened emotionality throughout the week ahead, as we meet and greet the wily potency of our own self-imposed blocks to deeper freedom.

'Drama-Queen' Astrology (6.20.10)
In the heat of the moment, we can't always identify the true profundity of what's happening. And while moments don't get much 'hotter' than this one, we might not be fully aware of how far-reaching the effects of our present actions will prove to be.

And A Whole New Mars (6.8.10)
After 7½ months in Leo, Mars finally heads into Virgo, for a restraining analytic influence on (and an awkward inconjunct rub against) the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries.

Jupiter in Aries (too!): All This, All at Once (6.6.10)
Jupiter joins Uranus in Aries, for a fiery-hot impetus toward sudden decision and instant action. 'I am me. I do it my way.'

May 2010

Uranus in Aries: Radical Reinvention (5.31.10)
Uranus's movement into Aries (his first sign-shift since 2003) carries a bold-and-ballsy planetary endorsement of doing things very differently.

Creativity Demands Space (5.30.10)
To create requires the creator to look at the world through fresh eyes. But how 'fresh' can those eyes possibly be, if they're condemned to looking at the same damn stuff all the friggin' time?

Clichés, Such as Making the Most While We Can (5.18.10)
On embracing loss and grief as carriers of wisdom, which spur us to reach further toward what will ultimately satisfy our souls.

At The Turning (5.9.10)
After this week's roundup of old business, we turn toward the jam-packed 'cardinal climax' of mid-2010, the most spectacular astrology I've yet witnessed in my career.

April 2010

Anger: Still 'In' (4.27.10)
Will the 'populist outrage' end up in a violent fight against the tyranny of a disappearing past, or will we channel our creative hunger (the flipside of this anger) into the fight for an evolving future?

Another Ode to Mercury Retrograde (4.21.10)
Letting unexpected changes in the day's plan happen, without resistance, and ending up better off than I'd started.

Bowing to Mercury Retrograde (4.13.10)
How intelligently we use this slowdown helps determine whether the coming-months' chaos knocks us on our butts, or if our preparations set us up to advantageously roll with it.

Do We Know Each Other? (4.4.10)
On one hand, it may be hard to 'know' another person, since we cannot live in their skin. Yet, on the other, we are all the same, on the level of archetypal emotion.

March 2010

An Earthy Intermission (3.28.10)
Take advantage of a passing deceleration, with Venus and Mercury moving into Taurus and Saturn retrograding back to Virgo; regroup and reconnect with the material realm.

Seasons Change (3.18.10)
The turning that's in the air this equinox is not the mere seasonal shift we annually welcome, but a powerful turn in the zeitgeist itself.

Lovingly Letting Her Be (3.15.10)
My meditations on the end of a longtime friendship, by no decision of my own.

The Beginning of the End of 'Stuckness' (3.7.10)
Mars returns to direct motion in Leo, trined by Venus in Aries for a fiery approach toward the dramatic 'unsticking' starting in May and June.

February 2010

What the Heart Sings For (2.26.10)
Approaching the final weeks of Mars's 2½-month retrograde, we must acknowledge the deep wisdom our hearts offer about what we really want.

Intentions to Receive with Venus/Jupiter in Pisces (2.11.10)
The two planetary 'good guys' come together in a sign where they're both operating in top form, a heaven-sent occasion for setting intentions.

Listening Inside to What I Want (2.6.10)
Deconstructing the concept of personal 'want' against the backdrop of Mars retrograde in Leo.

Saturn-Pluto Square II: 'We, The People' vs. Plutocracy (2.1.10)
At the second peak of the Saturn-Pluto square, the U.S. Supreme Court rules to allow corporations to fund campaign ads… another symptom of 'the unfairness factor'.

January 2010

End of 'Hope', Beginning of… ? (1.20.10)
As Jupiter moves from conjoining Neptune to conjoining Uranus, the expansive 'hope' of 2009 gives way to a palpable pressure toward something disruptive, innovative or revolutionary happening.

Jupiter in Pisces: Feeling Our Unity (1.17.10)
The 'great benefic' returns to the zodiac's final sign, inviting us to view the world with greater compassion for all beings.

2010: A Pivotal Year (1.3.10)
Entering an astrological 'game-changer' year, we must take responsibility for how our everyday choices, from the seemingly small to the overtly monumental, contribute toward ultimately fixing one or another future into being.