Eclipse Slices Through


As I mentioned in my last article, we are now in the midst of an eclipse moment… a period of a few-weeks' time during which the stories of our lives climactically flip from one chapter to the next.

For as long as I've been watching astrology, I've noticed a crescendo of narrative developments at the twice-yearly set of eclipses (usually a pair, one solar and one lunar), super-powered New and Full Moons that conjoin with the Lunar Nodes to forcibly push us toward our most current 'destiny' marker-point.

Only thing is, this eclipse period falls smack dab at the height of the mid-'10 astro-drama I've been hyping up for months now. And therefore, as I read the indicators, these are the very days we've long anticipated—chock-full of choices and crises, friends' and family-members' tales of turbulent trial, as well as our own undeniably disconcerting (but nonetheless exciting) reorientations, and an oddly epic sense that what we're presently doing will have ultra-wide-radius ripples of consequence.

But of course, I don't exactly need to scour the astrological aspects with a fine-toothed comb in order to lay down these prognostications. I am living them myself every day of bubbling-over activity. I see them with my own two eyes, in the almost-absurdly-intense stories I'm witnessing all around me, from close intimates and myriad clients all over the world.

Amidst this painful instability and insecurity, I'm also observing a palpable enhancement in my level of connection with others. (Well, with some of them, anyway.) Few of us can genuinely gaze at each other and not understand: We are all in this, enduring simultaneous parallels of sometimes-harsh evolutionary pressures, together. In the process, I reach to become a better friend and partner. I focus my fullest interpersonal presence in my role as counseling astrologer. I can't help but fuse professional insights and personal feelings in a more integrative whole than ever before. It allows me to cut through more of the bullshit.

Having already watched Jun 26's lunar eclipse come and go, we now spend the week ahead approaching its complement—Sunday (Jul 11)'s solar eclipse, in the sign of Cancer. As a South-Node-conjoined eclipse in watery Cancer, this event inspires the very cutting-through of the bullshit I described above, slicing into the chaotic cacophony of conflicting concerns, to open our hearts into the simplicity of care carrying us toward each other.

Cancerian energy demands no argument in favor of taking a certain step; it's always already guiding us along invisible intuitive strings, to whatever it'll take to nurture and protect those we love most. At the same time, we must acknowledge that aligning with love is not always enough to 'undo' damage already done, nor to spare us the karma from paths we've already progressed too far down (and through our own choices, no less) to expect to return from unscathed. All at once, we're called to actively emit nurturing compassion and, resisting the pull of wishful na´vetÚ, still advance, according to a boundaried integrity, toward what's right for us—no matter the collateral hurt it may trigger.

It is the emotional honesty in which we stand that matters most.

The major 'cardinal climax' hullabaloo hit its hottest point starting around the beginning of June, once both Jupiter and Uranus had entered Aries. Then, the combination of solstice and lunar eclipse over these last couple weeks has made it even hotter. We remain in this pinnacle zone for another month or so, intensifying in how unmistakably personal are its impacts as both Mars and Venus approach conjunctions to Saturn—and, thus, squares to Pluto and oppositions to both Jupiter and Uranus—during the last week of July and first two weeks of August.

At that point, this crazy-intense energy does seem to taper off… somewhat. Will that mean a magical return to easier, less complicated times? Hell, no. We'll receive just enough of a reprieve so we can adjust to the latest news, catch a couple breaths and re-gather our courage, to continue advancing at this fast pace come March-April 2011.

Even with this added astrology information, the main messages I've been trumpeting repeatedly over recent writings remain intact: Everything culminating, all at once. A multiplicity of contrasting factors weaving a web of complications, few issues presenting clear-and-simple solutions. Time progressing onward, at what seems to be such an advanced rate (though our coolest logic tells us that cannot possibly be true, can it? how can 'time speed up'?), we're perpetually struck by how life is too short to putz around with indecision or inertia. And the unmistakably epic quality to this instant in history, our individual and collective fates presently turning on a dime in this or that direction, based on the relative meticulousness of virtue we invest in our choices.

On the one hand, I must apologize for a certain 'broken-record' repetitiveness in my latest astro-reporting… though on the other hand, I'm strongly moved by the need to stress the importance of our current actions in defining tomorrow's reality, with even sharper effect than usual. I cannot waste energy on magnifying the pertinence of myopic astro-details that change faster than we can keep track, when there continue to be these same neon-flashing headlines stealing all the thunder. The bold-type looms so large, the finer print feels momentarily irrelevant.