Intentions to Receive with Venus/Jupiter in Pisces


I'd like to draw your attention to the arrival of one of astrology's loveliest, luckiest, most inspiring and magically advantageous aspects.

On Tuesday (Feb 16), the two principal planetary benefics, Venus and Jupiter, will be conjunct… a union that typically opens us to receiving goodies from the universe, in order to hopefully widen our vision of what else is possible.

While a Venus-Jupiter conjunction is already uplifting news, what makes this one even more miraculous is that these two 'good guys' come together in Pisces, a sign in which they're both operating in top form. Jupiter is a traditional ruler of Pisces, putting him at home here… attuning his quest-stirring, perspective-granting, meaning-bestowing faculties to whatever invisible 'Master Plan' the cosmos has in store (who knows what that is?!?), so that those of us willing to be of service to 'making the world a better place' are apt to receive blessed support for our efforts. Venus, meanwhile, is exalted in Pisces, enabling her to foster a vast limitless sort of love for all creation… which, though unquestionably idealistic to the extreme, promotes greater mutual understanding and compassion in relationship, thus increasing the likelihood we will receive what we want from those who truly appreciate us for what we give.

How's that for a tantalizing description?

To take advantage of this planetary gift, we must let our modern jaded-disenchantment guards down. We must believe in the possibility of attaining seeming impossibilities. (Goodbye, overly critical analyses; we won't dismiss you forever, just set you aside for the time being.) We must fearlessly imagine what has not yet come to pass, inviting it to begin shaping itself into being. And we must be ready to proceed on scintillating vibe, for the most promising opportunities may look strange or unfamiliar—perhaps even like a resounding 'nothing'—yet their feel holds a noticeable zing. We must embrace excitement, with all those question-marks still dangling mid-air.

A conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces, the most favorable of all signs for this event to occur within, doesn't come around every day. (The last one happened back in April 1998, nearly a dozen years ago.) It's an event of epic prospects, a frame within which exquisite art (and 'an artful life') can be strung together just so, in apparent violation of the laws of basic mechanics (though totally in sync with the quantum-level variety). Under its spell, we appreciate the 'could be's. We veer closer than ever to adopting the appropriate disposition for pursuing dreams, proceeding by epiphany, faithfully following the call of Love or Spirit or Rightful Deed.

But neither Venus nor Jupiter is known for making things happen. This 'best' of astro-influences isn't likely to hand-deliver the big Publisher's Clearinghouse check for millions, the tall dark stranger or the coveted career opportunity… though there are those rare exceptions (and, in this case, if you're hoping for one, you'd best have a prime natal placement right around 7 degrees Pisces). It merely cultivate an ideal environment for such developments to transpire—if we take some particular action to help it along and if our procurement of the 'special delivery' will assist us in furthering our spiritual / compassionate / service-oriented work in the world.

See, that last part? There's the catch in attempting to utilize such a benevolent blend of Piscean energy for our own gain. Pisces is perhaps the least self-serving sign. Often, what best 'serves' a Piscean self's personal satisfaction is being able to help others… whether on a personal-relationship level, through surrender to a higher cause or force, by creating beauty from the junk of everyday life, and/or in sharing the emotional burden of celestial suffering. But without a worthy vessel for its boundless loving-kindness, Pisces is lost at sea. That's how Pisceans fall into their reputed martyrdom, sacrificing every last bit of selfhood on saving their troubled partners and friends (when nobody can save those souls but themselves), tirelessly toiling on projects doomed to go nowhere (because the idealism isn't properly balanced with realism), or refusing to acknowledge the 'help' they're offering merely enables unproductive practices to continue (since, sometimes, the best help comes in the form of a big fat no).

Can we swim through the waters of belief… yet not fool ourselves into believing in the tempting-sounding untruths or impossible wishes our egos may yearn for (though our 'higher selves' deeply know just aren't 'right')? Can we uphold dreams without ignoring realities?

This Venus-Jupiter conjunction is a heaven-sent occasion for setting intentions. Playing by the Pisces rules, you'd therefore be smart to speak directly to the heavens (and to whom-/whatever you believe dwells there) with your intentions—with the pure-hearted expectation that of course your words are being heard. Say it aloud. Pray it with every ounce of your being. Construct gorgeous ritualism to honor your connection to the whole enchilada. Turn whatever the raw-materials of your current life-situation are into a rich-in-beauty translation, a collage of the meaning you most want to attribute to it… and in the process of transforming your life into art, your artful eye will then re-refigure your art back into a manifested life. You'll exist just as you've conceived of your existence. But you've got to believe.

Love and money are the two most popularly adored domains of Venus, so these concepts (in their myriad of personal examples) are the best spots to aim your intention-setting. Don't forget to engage with the 'service to something greater'. Your paean to amour cannot be a one-sided catalogue of what you desire to get from some delicious lover. Be explicit about all you're jonesing to offer. Your request for moolah shouldn't be a veritable shopping-list of consumer goods to cram your closets with. Genuinely promise to use the profits to help alleviate a certain piece of suffering that's not your own. The universe (or whoever's pulling the strings) does seem to respond to those who'll gladly lend a hand in doing its work.