Generational Horoscopes for Mid-2010, Part 2


Here we go with my continuation of 'generational horoscopes', generalized forecasts based on one's birth year. (For Part 1, click here.)

Please note: As I wrote last time, I have not included all birthyears, just those most strongly triggered by the current astrology. What I've written will speak more poignantly to some than to others. If you were born near the mentioned dates, decide for yourself whether the insights apply.

If you were born in 1958-1959…

Born with a supportive trine between Saturn and Pluto, you folks possess a strong sense of personal integrity, particularly when directed toward how to get the 'purest' results from your efforts. The more unambiguously you invest in whatever fundamental beliefs underscore your self-described purpose in the world, the more successfully you'll achieve the goals you set for yourself. The rest of us need to 'watch out!' for you, if your worldly actions are being driven by principle. You can be a virtual steamroller if you need to be… which can be both a highly effective trait and a blinding force leading you to miss more subtle considerations or 'grey areas' altogether.

Transiting Pluto's present conjunction to your natal Saturn (and thus also a trine to natal Pluto) demands you now step into fuller externalized power, at this time, when we need strong leaders who can not only identify longer-term goals but persevere toward their attainment… even if that means forestalling instant-gratification desires (and upsetting those who want what they want) in the process. As you push yourself to embody this role, you'll likely bump up against certain challenging side-effects of the very solid clarity (or is it 'chilling inflexibility'?) that's also such a valuable asset. Some people may not take too kindly to your strict organizing approach. You could find yourself becoming increasingly direct, assertive, even outwardly aggressive, in order to advocate for what you know is right. Should you choose not to consciously embrace this intensification of your public calling, however, you're liable to face increasingly unpleasant influences from 'those above' crunching down on you… until, perhaps, you can't take it anymore. In either case, your feistiness will no longer be contained.

If you were born in 1963-1969…

You mid-to-late-'60s babies hold an undeniably profound stake in the current astro-drama now unfolding before our eyes. After all, you 'quiet revolutionaries' (who I wrote about in length, back in '04, here and here) were born during the historic Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo—the potent upswing of revolutionary spirit, which turned existing power dynamics on their ear and spread a defiant refusal to settle for unfair restrictions on our freedoms, that became synonymous with the cultural brand of 'The Sixties'. As we now move into the waxing Uranus-Pluto square (the 'first quarter' phase of what was planted during the 1960s' conjunction), there's a collective pressure to revisit those Sixties reforms that haven't lived up to their original promise, due to the re-entrenchment of restrictive social pressures or relative failure of initiatives that 'didn't go far enough'. It's your generation slated to play a crucial role in resurrecting this progressive vibe… not only to talk the good talk, but to loudly walk it too.

Many of you first began to really externalize this previously-dormant anti-establishment quality to your personality at your Uranus opposition, a life-cycle transit (when Uranus opposes its natal placement) that we all pass through somewhere near age 41. (The oldest among you went through this starting in 2004, and the youngest are in it now.) Typically, the Uranus opposition is often experienced as a 'mid-life crisis' moment… when we feel we've hit a personal limit, insofar as we're no longer willing to 'do what we're supposed to' or otherwise play according to the rules of tradition or orthodoxy, and (hopefully) decide to break free from others' expectations, and our perception of them, and live the rest of our lives our way. For your particular age-group (born with Uranus conjunct Pluto), this rite-of-passage transit was doubly remarkable due to a simultaneous opposition of transiting Uranus to natal Pluto. This pressure to bust out of confining circumstances came with an extra zing, as if you were not only freeing yourself but making some epic move to topple an oppressive regime at the same time. Meanwhile, those who resisted this fierce pressure to evolve likely endured some version of a painful chaotic crumbling-down not of their choosing. This archetypal energy has to be released, one way or another.

To add additional complications, from 1964 to early-1967, Saturn's travels through Pisces situated him in opposition (more or less exactly, based upon exact birthdate) to Uranus and Pluto—another astro-aspect now recurring in our 2010 sky. I've written at length about the present Saturn-Uranus opposition, a polarizing effect that pits the need to sustain lasting structures (Saturn) against the (r)evolutionary thrusts associated with Uranus. The last time this same aspect occurred was during your birth years. Therefore, your own lifelong experiences of being torn between (1) a powerful urge to reform inefficient or impure work practices, health routines and/or other practical process and (2) an inhibition to fully carry out such reforms, due to questions about whether you're 'just being oversensitive' or a refusal to upset others in the process, are now poignantly in the forefront of your consciousness.

Only, in the mid-'10 version of this opposition, the planets are in the 'reverse' signs of their mid-'60s positions; thus they're now conjoining their 'opposite'. Transiting Uranus's (and Jupiter's) conjunction to your natal Saturn seeks to radically release you from the inhibiting reluctance to proceed with dramatically reshaping your reality. The 'oversensitive' compassion you feel for others (which isn't really 'overly' anything) demands you upset certain other people… if, in fact, their self-gratifying actions are blocking the progress of what'll serve a larger number of folks, on behalf of the greater good. This more universal type of care (you could think of it as 'spiritual'), which is sometimes considered a liability from a limited results-oriented perspective, is quite an asset in orienting your life toward greater meaning. To not bust free of these artificial limits, on behalf of promoting global peace, is to squash your own sense of 'caring' what happens.

Meanwhile, transiting Saturn's conjunction to your natal Uranus (and Pluto) is an invitation to toil hard at constructing longer-range approaches and endeavors that'll capture your more radical, innovative beliefs. That's what I meant earlier when I mentioned 'walking your talk'. It's one thing to be able to see past ineffective habits, bloated bureaucracies and hollow rhetoric to what isn't presently working; it's entirely another to do something about it, in a manner that actually changes how we live. At your present age (which is approximately halfway between your Saturn-returns, at 29 and 58), you've earned enough 'on-the-job training' so you now possess the skills to turn your edgier, more avant-garde ideas into tangible results. Anything less is a sign you're more filled with hot air than earnest labor.

By March 1967, Saturn had moved into Aries, where it stayed through April 1969… imprinting you later mid-'60s babies with an internal frustration related to how freely you're willing to permit your own most immediate, impulsively self-possessed instincts direct you where you need to be. As Jupiter and Uranus now both move through Aries, you'll likely begin to feel surges of self-motivated 'I'm ready to do whatever the hell I want!' action—a dramatic departure from a past of holding yourself back, out of reluctance to be seen as self-centered. Remember: It's hard to genuinely act on behalf of others' interests without resentment until we've looked out for our own interests first. At the same time, as transiting Saturn continues his current travels through Libra, your burgeoning self-possession is bound to bump into the need for interpersonal consideration and conciliation. The lesson here, though, is not to put the cart before the horse: We can't know in advance how our own desires will collide with someone else's until we actually assert what we want. If instead we try to anticipate the necessary compromises in advance, rather than just figuring 'em out as we go, we're merely being indirectly controlling.

For many of you born late-1968 through mid-1969, transiting Saturn's challenges carry an even more personal weight, as your natal Jupiter is also involved in this push to 'make it real'. Some of you were born with a natal Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (in late Virgo), while others of you have a natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (in early Libra). This means your ability to reap the bounty of opportunities in your life is directly tied to how willing you are to either assert your personal power (Jupiter/Pluto) or express your individuality (Jupiter/Uranus). The potential rewards for you folks may be even greater… but the potential pitfalls, should you resist fully integrating your intense strength of force and will (Pluto) or your intrinsic spirit of independence (Uranus), can be similarly extreme. If you don't grab the reins, you'll find yourself all twisted up in 'em, tied down and/or held back.

(Part 3 coming soon…)