Saturn Ties Up Loose Ends


In the 'hot spot' of this momentous mid-2010 astrology, Saturn has progressed forward again into Libra… where, in the sign of his exaltation, he again asks us to look both ways in our commitments to others before dashing off, according to self-stimulating impulse, toward whatever's captured our latest interest.

Saturn-in-Libra's well-considered uprightness, of course, remains in sharp opposition to the emancipatory itch fueled by provocative pair Jupiter-and-Uranus-in Aries… which exacerbates a polarizing split between endurance and radical life-changing discontinuity that's been obvious since 2008 and more intense over these last few months.

Saturn and Uranus, in fact, just recently hit their fifth (and final) exact-peak of opposition this past Monday (Jul 26), once again framing, in sharp contrast, the tradeoffs to balance. Only this time around, the opposition is across that first cardinal degree—0 degrees Libra and Aries—whereas the prior four peaks occurred across Virgo and Pisces.

At this most active point in the whole zodiac wheel, the latest version of the Saturn-Uranus opposition is more firmly driven toward initiatory moves than its predecessors. The present dialogue bespeaks of our necessary willingness to spark a revolution through courageous first-steps… but not without also taking the diplomatic responsibility for reviewing the potential impact of our intended actions on other affected parties.

Even with the most progressive intentions, too unilateral (that is, self-centered) an attitude will likely hinder our results with the distracting disruption of ego clashes, due to our having ignored or disrespected other stakeholders' insights or authority. Naturally, there are also dangers from slipping too far the other way—i.e., getting caught up in circular negotiations that seem to 'respect' feedback from all sides, but not actually moving forward in any direction. But given the uneven odds between reasonable Saturn and the disorderly-duo of Jupiter and Uranus (a 'two-against-one' dynamic), the calm-cool-and-collected diplomacy is likelier to be soundly overpowered by spontaneous assertion of impulsive action.

For a short time, however, we will have both Mars and Venus on the Libran side, tossing their support to Saturn as a temporary means for evening out this playing field. Mars enters Libra on Thursday (Jul 29), followed by Venus next week (Fri Aug 6). As a result, each of them will form a series of aspects to the cardinal-climax planets—a conjunction to Saturn, oppositions to Jupiter and Uranus, and a square to Pluto. Mars completes these aspects from Jul 30 through Aug 3, while Venus passes through hers from Aug 7 through 9.

These next two weeks, as a result, pose our most favorable opportunity to counter any excessive rebelliousness with considerate compromise-promoting and coalition-building. If we care to include alternative viewpoints and outside feedback—both to promote healthy relationships and for a better-thought-out final product—this is our best time to do it.

Soon enough, Saturn will drift out of orb from the center of this cardinal-climax T-square. Following his last opposition to Uranus earlier this week, Saturn forms his final of three exact squares to Pluto on Aug 21. And while Saturn will still oppose Jupiter one more time (after an exact peak on Aug 16) next March, by that time he'll no longer be as integrally affected by Uranus or Pluto. Meanwhile, Jupiter and Uranus both slip back into Pisces for their second and third exact conjunction, where, unfettered by the close opposition to Saturn, they'll be likelier to 'go off the deep end'… at least in terms of not fully grasping what the potential after-effects of their idealistic risk-taking could prove to be before leaping onward anyhow.

In the short term, then, Saturn's 'obstruction' to the Jupiter-and-Uranus-powered propulsion toward big (excessive?) gestures of anti-establishment (anarchistic?) defiance can be seen as a potentially constructive moderating force… an invitation to tie up those collateral loose-ends, which are liable to become whipped up into a frenzy once their originating status-quo cords are cut, before they have a chance to do harm. One simple give-take agreement, integrity-upholding conversation, or justice-hinging footnote to examine could make all the difference. Once Saturn's out of range of the T-square by September, its counterbalancing voice of moderation will have less sway against Jupiter/Uranus's radical surges of contrarianism.

For the next week or so, until Venus enters Libra on Aug 6, the cardinal-climax planets are being disposited by Mercury in Virgo—a clear sign that any moderating maneuvers ought to be hitched onto reliable facts rather than mere personality preferences. If you hope to deescalate any seemingly out-of-control impulses or runaway trains, you must indirectly argue your case using rational discussions of relative efficiencies and efficacies… as opposed to vying for power based on reputation, passion or abstract 'experience'. Let the tangible data speak for it. Making the potential conflict impersonal, for improved results for all parties who just want the best job done, is less threatening to delicate egos.

From Aug 6 onward, Venus in Libra is the dispositing caller-of-the-shots, shifting the emphasis toward our people skills… and away from too strict a reliance on cold hard facts. Once we've already shared the information, we don't need to keep repeating ourselves. At that point, a dose of interpersonal appreciation—only the authentic kind, of course—is the sugar that'll effectively sweeten the deal. Aren't you willing to go the extra mile, to show someone you understand their perspective and honor the relationship between you two, in order to cinch a 'win-win'?

For your story to be convincing, however, you must genuinely care if they gain something, too. Invest enough energy in your interpersonal interactions, and you'll easily discern who actually wants you to benefit… and who's, in fact, a sweet-talking bullshit artist, ready to tell you anything to get you on their side (and out of their way). With both Mars and Venus conjoining Saturn in Libra, be ready for disingenuous relationships to reveal themselves, in all their hollow splendor and superficial glory, for what they really are.