Venus, Direct in Libra


After six weeks moving retrograde through our skies, Venus finally returns to direct motion on Thursday (Nov 18).

Though Venus spent the bulk of her retrograde in Scorpio (a sign where she's in her detriment), she's been back in her homeland Libra for just over a week now… and remains there until she reenters Scorpio on Nov 29.

As I previously reported, this brief return to Libra provides Venus an opportunity to re-attain the peace in situations where her retrograde stirred us to revalue our affections or allegiances. Venus in Libra eases our knack for reaching mutually satisfying interpersonal agreements, helping us align even the most contrary mindsets into some compromising truce (whether sturdily authentic or tentative and fragile). After a lengthy preceding two months in Scorpio, during which a disquieted Venus has been scratching away with suspicion at those relational dynamics that seemed too smooth to be secure, we ought to welcome her revisiting Libra as our moment to mend broken fences—or, if no mending is in store, at least to part ways graciously.

These past couple Venus-in-Scorpio months have emphasized the shadowy underbellies of interpersonal relationships, raising the specter of any disavowed desires or other undisclosed matters that could no longer be held down or avoided. Dissatisfactions dug their way to the surface. Envies had us wondering whether we too might nab something like what they've got, instead of continuing to settle. Maybe we flirted with—or fully consummated—deliciously problematizing connections, such as a romance with a co-worker, a good friend's main squeeze, or a 'side lover' to supplement our primary partnership.

Did we ultimately 'leave well enough alone', responding to temptation by recommitting to what we already have? Or could we not resist this 'something more', and now must contend with immediately destructive consequences as part of our journey to a deeper renewal?

Venus's retrograde teaches us not to become blind to our ever-changing relationship needs, having gotten too comfortable in our interpersonal habits to notice our affections have grown lifeless, our behaviors automatic and unexamined. As part of its teaching methods, Venus-retrograde will often throw 'complicating factors' in our path: a cherished paramour from days gone by (is the spark still there?); an eerily ideal version of your 'perfect catch' (but does the reality live up?); sudden interest from the acquaintance who never gave you the time-of-day before (so why now?); an opportunity that requires you to act quickly and independently (and what about them?).

Despite appearances, this lesson is less about the specifics of what is being chosen, him or him, here or there, now or later. The meatier self-awareness comes from the questions we ask ourselves in the process of trying to choose—what are our most important priorities? what have we been missing out on? do our prior choices no longer serve us? Even if we decide to stay where we are, reconsidering the reasoning behind our values ensures we are up-to-date with our alliances and alignments. Habit is simply not a sufficient reason for involving one's self in a relationship.

With Venus direct in Libra, we can more deftly put this self-awareness into play by seeking to rebalance our standing arrangements with these newer insights. The two weeks ahead offer our best chance at getting others to understand where we're coming from, now that (1) we have a clearer notion of it ourselves and (2) we're bringing that Libran combo of sweet-talkin' lips and an eye for fairness to the proceedings. Cordial exchanges over complicated subjects, which would've been inconceivable a mere month ago, are momentarily favored. Under this influence, they'll actually be impressed with your willingness to treat them maturely, as adults equipped to handle whatever truth you present them with, so long as it's done respectfully. Since both Mercury and Mars will be in Sagittarius throughout this period, the candid 'out with it already' approach works better than trying to soften the blow by dragging out the talks with excessive qualification, justification or excuse-making. Don't insult their intelligence; just give it to 'em straight.

Of course, while the Libran imprint will help grease the interpersonal gears through any friction-heavy rectifications or readjustments, it won't magically resolve all the fallout tensions. For those who faced more startling wake-up-calls in discovering where their heart's loyalties really reside, the process of revisioning their lives so they better mesh with their genuine inclinations can't unfold overnight.

And after all, Venus is due to return to ill-fitting Scorpio for another several weeks, not to reach Sagittarius until Jan 7 2011. So even if we do take advantage of this small window of Venus-in-Libra's easing of interaction, there's still the next unforeseen complicating development—or is it simply a further continuation, beyond what's currently observable, of already-in-motion complications?—to integrate…