Horoscopes | Week of May 7-13, 2007

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Can't keep it down anymore? Ready to take your stand, and to hell with anyone who tries to shush you? The tension is building up, Aries, in a certain situation where your bottom-line principles are likely at stake. And when it comes to principles, there's little room for compromise. In order to stay true to yourself, and to prove that you really walk your talk, you may only have one viable choice. (The others, if they'll leave you feeling like you sold yourself out for a simple solution or a quick buck, aren't 'viable' at all.) I wholeheartedly advocate the resolute approach—that is, the unequivocal decision to defend your sense of pride in what's honorable for you—no matter the immediate 'collateral damage' you might suffer as a result. (Could it be any less 'damaging' than the buildup of regret and disappointment due you, if you go the other way?) But I'd think twice before laying down the law this week, when you're likelier than usual to lose your calm (heh heh)… and lash out without rhyme or reason, but with an extra dash of knee-jerk cruelty for poor measure. That's because Mars, your jewel-encrusted key to self-assertion, has donned a set of mystifying blinders while in the solar 12th. (You may know what you want, but not necessarily how best to get it.) Though the current square to Pluto could rouse your passions to the point they're dying to be expressed, if you wait a week until Mars hits Aries, you'll have far greater control over how it goes down.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Okay, here's the conundrum. At first, I had intended to kick off your horoscope with the following opening: 'Talk it up. Talk it out. Or just plain talk. It doesn't matter where you go from there.' My reasoning? An active Mercury in your sign, forming a mildly energizing sextile to Mars in your 11th… which paints a picture of you exchanging quips, queries, sentiments and stories with your wider community of friends or comrades. Pretty straightforward, eh? Well, not really, Taurus. See, both Mercury and Mars are also engaged in challenging squares (90-degree angles) with outer planets—and therefore you should be made aware of the possible consequences that may accompany your talking-up-and-out. Mercury hits a Neptune square to the 10th, meaning that, as far as your bigger external goals (professional or otherwise) are concerned, the ideas and observations springing forth from you might not be exactly accurate. Great for envisioning what could be possible, but not as ideal for describing what's already there. Mars, meanwhile, squares Pluto in its natural solar domain of the 8th, adding a dense undercurrent of psychological stuff to the social interactions… so where you might've been just harmlessly 'making conversation', your attitude could inadvertently trigger harsh responses. And at that point, it's far too easy to get yourself swept up into larger dramas that have little to do with what you actually said or meant. You can certainly participate at your discretion, along with the plenty of other folks who are also dying to blather on and on, if you're into all that fuss. But if you want to stay out of it, give vague answers to any direct questions—or deflect 'em altogether.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Yes, it's another week, Gemini, and another horoscope about where you're going with your life… about what special role in that great big world out there is appropriately yours, and which isn't. But before we can even attempt to definitively answer such a great big question, we must look at your current worldly situation for any personality clashes that may be distracting you from your purpose. You could be living out your dream career and not even know it, thanks to a demeaning boss, a vengeful co-worker or a team full of incompetents. When I was learning how to drive, I was taught one lesson that I never forgot: When we confront multiple potential threats on the pavement ahead, we must separate the hazards so that we can tackle each one on its own. Otherwise, we're too overwhelmed by everything happening all at once, and consequently can't make good decisions. (As far as driving goes, that usually means slowing the car down.) When it comes to your workplace stress, you can't discern the interpersonal problems from the grand directional questions, as long as you're within spittin' distance of the point of no return (which I suspect you are). But when we dissect the personality conflict, are you the stressed-out one… or are you merely on the uncomfortable receiving-end of someone else's troubles? You'll have to figure this one out—and then take care of the situation, once and for all—before you can get back to building prominence for yourself. And in the truth of this situation, there may only be room for one of you to stay… which isn't such a bad thing.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): As I triumphantly trumpeted last week, Cancer, you're receiving the happy news that Venus is gracing your sign with her presence for the next four weeks. Usually, a visit from Venus showcases your looks in the most flattering light, cushions your utterances in candy-coated scrumptiousness, and draws your way those people and situations likeliest to complement you. What's not to like about that? Alas, for the general populace, this is a week rife with aggressive attitudes and power-hungry showdowns from folks flipped upside-down by their rabid emotions. Will that take away from all Venus wants to offer you? Not necessarily, as long as you're willing to serve the greater good in the role of diplomat. For this week at least, you're our best shot. The mollifying messages that cascade smoothly from your lips will almost surely fall on welcoming ears… though the same words spoken by someone else might just as easily start a war. (There's no accounting for why people hear what they want to hear, wholly dependent on who's saying it, is there?) Use this power, however you can, to mediate the arguments that will rise all around you—preferably before they turn too nasty, since the Mars-Pluto square may drive 'em to take the lowest of blows. Here's hoping your patience and altruism hold out through the New Moon next Wednesday (May 16). Until then, think of yourself as an officer of peace or lunchtime yard-duty, watching over the hyperactive kids as they finish up their last playground quibbles before recess ends and class resumes. Now, if only you could send 'em to detention…


LEO (July 23-August 22): This week's Mars-Pluto square hits you hard and deep, Leo… right where it hurts, and/or right where it feels oh so dangerously good. And if this bears reminiscences of another recent horoscope, then you're definitely onto something. Where romance (or not-romance-so-much-as-physical-sexuality) is concerned, Mr. or Ms. Maybe is eagerly ready to find out how serious your seductive suggestions really are. You talk a good game, but are you really all that? Of course, there are plenty of other equally 'charged', potentially touchy or one-way-or-another motley dynamics that this astrological pressure will push up to conscious view… asking you to affirm to the other person, at last, that IT (whatever 'IT' may be) is or isn't really there. Well, is it? Before you answer, though, you'd better be sure you checked all the nooks and crannies of your psyche. I'd hate to find out you were leaking unspoken traces of a heavier motive… and then denying it ever happened, out of shame or lack of self-awareness. Listen here: If you gave someone the wrong idea about you, then you simply must answer for how it happened—and be prepared to reveal some potentially unsettling truths about yourself. Regardless of the specific scenario at play in your life, the issue at the root of your week is determining how the way you outwardly portray yourself does or doesn't match up with the under-the-surface intimations and implications in your behavior. Do your words and actions align seamlessly? Or are you inwardly conflicted, and only sharing one side of this internal dialogue with the relevant party? Whatever the case, be ready to have your limits tested. And if it goes too far too fast, you'll have to draw a clearer line in the sand—then explicitly address how such a misunderstanding could've occurred.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Before you rip into your 'other half' in the relationship (presumably with your trademark Virgoan 'observations' that skillfully jab with judgment, no unreasonable force necessary)… please stop to consider why you want to do so. Is this really all about the obvious external conflict between you two? Or are you bringing much more to the table than what's actually transpiring in the here-and-now? I ask you this question because, given the astrological state of your week, it's highly probable your emotional reactions to this certain someone are way out of proportion to the events to which they're supposed linked. Something else is going on here, too, wouldn't you agree? Your surest clue to its finer details will come from remembering other times you felt similarly… in situations not immediately associated with this current person. Can you think of some examples, Virgo? With enough inwardly-focused, connect-the-dots sleuthing (a project, incidentally, for which you are particularly well-suited), you can discover the longer-term patterns in your own past that have led you to this moment. (I wouldn't be surprised if family garbage, inherited from one or both of your parent-figures, is at least partly the culprit.) And the only drawback to this discovery? The simple fact is that you'll have to deal with this one yourself, rather than blaming it all on someone else and making it his/her problem. Though he/she may be involved, it's definitely your problem.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): For you, Libra, this is a real 'go-getter' moment. Put in the hard work, and it'll really amount to something… and likely gain you some much-deserved appreciation. But of course, there's a catch—ain't that always the way?—and it comes in the form of attention-hungry pals or high-strung co-workers, eager to hijack your focus. Unless you're satisfied to squander the week's professional goodwill on trivial agendas other people are setting, don't take the bait. The importance of certain petty details has been greatly exaggerated. The necessity of your involvement is, contrary to public opinion, optional. Their worlds will keep spinning, even as you find a pleasant-enough manner of directing 'em to buzz off. (For that matter, a less-pleasant command to fuck off would also work well. Hey, you only live once, and ordinarily you're so dang polite…) The point is that you must decide how you'll spend your precious worktime hours, rather than conceding your energies to whomever makes the biggest racket or dangles the shiniest object in front of your eyes. Allowing someone else to call your shots (because, perhaps, it's easier to just let the loudmouth dominate all proceedings) and then complaining you haven't gotten jack-shit done is, sorry to say, a piss-poor formula for professional success. It's your job to ignore the interferences and tune out the meddling mischief-makers, in order to stay on task.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Being sly, are you? Think again, Scorpio. The astrology we're grappling with this week isn't especially subtle… and neither is your approach to stuff, no matter if you imagine you've covered your tracks and concealed your interests. Rather, you're coming on super-strong, making it nearly impossible to hide your desires. Judging from last week's scope, however, that may not be such a bad thing, since any secretive operations would only serve to sabotage your standing with key stakeholders. In fact, the added blatancy can truly work to your advantage, in romance or career or whatever else you're embroiled in—as long as you don't go for the hard sell or try bullying others into submission. Being direct, even audacious, in asserting yourself is plenty. Infringing upon others' free will to decide as they so choose, meanwhile, definitely crosses the line… and, in fact, has a high likelihood of eventually backfiring, though you might seem to emerge victorious in the immediate scene. Simply present your position or proposition, then give 'em enough space to make the call for themselves. The whole 'positive thinking' mentality certainly holds true, in that if you hold out faithful confidence that it'll turn out your way, you'll help it happen as such. At the same time, if the universe proves to have other plans (to which you're unfortunately not privy), please accept the setback without active, anger-filled resistance.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): As we all know, people who live in glass houses mustn't throw stones… and likewise, before we start making trouble out there in that wide wacky world, we should probably get our own backyards in order. That said, Sagittarius, deal with the unfinished business at home, rather than scouting for new escapades that'll entertain but not force you to emotionally engage. It's too damned easy to play as if you're unaffected by the behind-closed-doors stuff—but on that claim, I'll have to call 'bullshit'. You are affected. You do care. And you may well be ignoring your inner homelife needs, perhaps to avoid the possible interpersonal turbulence that could erupt, dare you risk your 'easygoing' reputation in order to assert yourself. For someone generally so brash and ballsy in life, you're sure willing to let certain things slip when it comes to the elusive concept of self-nurturing. (Why? Does it seem insignificant to worry about your tender feelings?) This week, you'd do well to reaffirm your power on the home front, by tackling whatever cleaning or redecorating project is long overdue… or by simply insisting on peace-and-quiet and settling for nothing less, no matter what means are essential for its maintenance. Sure, battles with family members or flatmates become likelier, when you take it upon yourself to rearrange the living room or deal with that pile of someone else's crap. But should you hold back? Not necessarily. While there may be better methods for making changes around the house than just doing it your way, you've got to start somewhere. Trust me, the other players will let you know if you've stepped on their toes. From there, it's anyone's game…


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): The intricacies of life are under no obligation to you to make logical sense. And isn't that a friggin' pain in the ass? From one perspective, yes, it most certainly throws a wrench into the gears… that is, if you cannot suspend that burdensome need to know. But from the other side, Capricorn, this can be seen as a wonderfulgift. If there's a slim-to-none chance of your stumbling upon the perfect rationale for selecting B over A, then there's no prevailing criteria you 'should' heed in making such a choice—other than because you want to. Arbitrary perhaps. Maybe even absurd. Not, however, wrong… which is the important detail for you to grasp, to release yourself from any guilt for being unable to pragmatically explain what you're leaning toward. Don't bother questioning why you're suddenly so interested in a particular person, place, pastime or guiding direction. Just run with it, and grant yourself full permission to follow whatever fancy has presently snatched your interest. Only later might you discover what this odd curiosity is all about… or it's possible you never will. That lack of official justification shouldn't hold you back, though, from enjoying the time spent on satisfying that curiosity. Indulge those strange fascinations. All that really matters is you're absorbed and entertained.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Is it a crime to look out for yourself for a while? Obviously not, Aquarius (and I certainly don't want to give you the misconception that you don't usually look out for yourself). In the end, the vast majority of us are indeed self-serving. Perhaps, then, it's just that you usually have a more-effective-than-most mode of at least appearing to be concerned with the needs of 'the whole'… if not holding out actual such concern, to the point of actively wanting not to smack of self-interest in others' eyes. But at this point in time, your personal needs or desires are colliding more visibly than usual with what's supposedly best for your group of colleagues or chums—or at least it seems that way. It could simply be a matter of you being more vocal about what best suits you. Or it might be a sincere instance of you diverging from the team path, in order to explore a smaller tributary in a more self-contained manner. For now, it's hard to say anything for sure… other than the situation isn't quite so black and white. In fact, you do possess what you'd need to juggle both (1) what you want and (2) what they want from you. However, the verdict's still out on whether you'll actually order this combination plate—or merely stick with the a la carte option and force yourself to choose one or the other. This week, don't rush into trying to explain this conundrum to anyone else, as the other folks aren't as well aware of the growing disconnect as you. In the act of sharing your internal conflict, you might accidentally dig yourself a deeper hole.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): If you've made it through these last few weeks without popping a gasket, I suppose you deserve a handshake. How do you swallow those impulses, Pisces? Hopefully it's not by convincing yourself that you have no reason to be upset, that you somehow deserve the dissatisfaction, or that you're 'sucking it up' on others' behalf. While you may be displaying a gallant stoicism with those justifications, you're not doing yourself any favors. Whatever your predicament is, you won't resolve it unless you air it out loud. (And letting it supposedly 'fade away' without resolution only allows it to keep eating away at you, tiny bites at a time.) It's true that, to some extent, what you're up against is nothing less than the existing power structure (or some especially intimidating representative of it), and this can seem like a terribly daunting adversary. Well, duh. Nobody said it was easy to stand up for yourself as a renegade, when those in charge would just as soon have you quietly filing old paperwork in the dank storage room, so you don't cause any stink. And if you think they don't already know something's going on with you, then you're underestimating their perceptiveness. (How dumb do you think they are, anyway?) If you maintain the status quo without saying something, you are essentially affirming your willingness to docilely stay beneath the (larger and more important?) thumb of your superiors, no questions asked. Speaking up (and/or acting out?) is your only chance at attaining peace in this current situation. If you're not going to do it, you should start planning your escape… but even at the next place, you'll be pressured to resist utter submission, if you haven't yet learned to voice your grievances.