Horoscopes | Week of April 30-May 6, 2007

ARIES (March 21-April 19): A little self-restraint goes a long way, Aries. Like I told you last week, your nerves are being bombarded with loads of jumpy jitters… a barrage of potential anxiety or discontent that'll last through Wednesday's full moon, if not beyond. To keep from accidentally falling out of line with your own integrity, I recommend adopting a humble, practical approach to whatever you confront. There's no need to rise up onto your hind legs, hissing and snarling, just to protect your pride from the perceived (yet not necessarily actual) threat of diminished esteem. Pride just isn't worth the sacrifice to your bottom-line stability. (I repeat… chances are, nobody's really trying to attack your character.) Instead, concentrate on protecting your pocketbook or other symbols that equal having your feet planted solidly on firm ground. Save any 'making your point' pitches for another time. And if you just can't tell your ass from your elbow and fear inadvertently making a mess (which, frankly, isn't a totally irrational fear), cruise smoothly along with the rest of the crowd and hope to escape much notice. When the other passengers zig, zig along with them… rather than zagging, maverick-style. Don't tempt fate by rocking the boat, even slightly.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): In trying to figure out where you stand vis-à-vis a certain special individual, someone with whom you're deeply mutually entangled in the wacky web you wove together… the key is not to simplify. Trust me, Taurus, it ain't as easy you may imagine to determine who brings what to the table. I say this mainly to warn you against thinking you might cleanly extricate yourself from the relationship, without having to give something up. Choosing to declare yourself either more or less independent each has its share of consequences. Granted, if you've got to get out, you've got to get out, no matter the price. But if there isn't a compelling reason to ditch the affiliation, you mustn't romanticize what such a separation promises you. It certainly wouldn't be immediate relief. Whether it's 'stay' or 'go', there will be some interpersonal work for you to do… no two ways about it. That's why you should carefully consider the ins and outs of this complicated intertwinement—before making hasty decisions. How would your situation change if it were just you, hanging out there alone on the string? Be sure you're being honest about how the other person enhances your life… and where you've permitted yourself to drop the ball, knowing there's someone else to catch it. Maybe you are ready to take it all on by your lonesome. Or maybe you'll find you're even more committed to making the coupling work, and even more appreciative of its good sides.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): With Venus still on your side for one more week, it's tempting to believe you can hijack any and every interpersonal dynamic… in order to give you exactly what you want. And truth be told, you do have a promising shot at entrancing and enrapturing each admirer-to-be that you encounter… saying all the just-so-perfect things, flashing that just-so-perfect grin, and essentially capturing their favor 'til they're eating right out of your just-so-perfect hands. Yet, Venus also opposes Pluto in your 7th, which means there's much more to any and every interpersonal dynamic than the surface-level goings-on may immediately reveal. The Pluto factor, for instance, draws out underlying power differentials, making it more apparent if you're trying to control or manipulate another person… or if, in response to your advances, he/she is either blocking you or furthering the terms you set out, due to his/her own power-and-control issues. It also explains why, seemingly out of the blue, your charms may fall painfully flat with certain individuals who may have a deep-seated, difficult-to-voice problem with you (or with the 'you' they've projected upon), bound up in jealousy or shame or unresolved anger. In such circumstances, it's far better not to keep trying even harder—you're likelier to rile 'em up further, as opposed to resolving the subterranean grievances. I should also warn you (again, yes) not to mistakenly apply your Venus-kissed 'people skills' in pushy plays for professional advancement, as a Mars-Jupiter square could leave you seeming disingenuous for appearing too accommodating or 'just-so-perfect'. Of course, when it comes to sexually charged associations (whether overt or still-developing), the 'more than meets the eye' could work to your titillating advantage. Why not test the waters? One good reason: If either of you are already involved with others. Still, it's hard to resist the chemistry… and be left to wonder what might've been.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): Don't start castigating yourself for being lazy or unproductive, should you feel an intensifying impulse to ditch your responsibilities. More than likely, it's just the full moon yanking your chain… luring you away from the confines of your cubicle (or your veal-pen equivalent), and headfirst toward jolly-good goof-offs. And what are you going to do… argue with the moon? For a Cancerian, that will always be a losing battle. So if you can't beat 'em, you'd better just go on and join 'em at your local chapter of The Screw-Around Club—with the knowledge that your membership expires at the week's end. Hang up the 'gone fishing' sign, and go fishing. Grab the kiddies, and enjoy some sort of day-trip adventure or theme-park extravaganza. Give yourself official permission to bum around a bit… perhaps even to come untethered from the day-to-day pressures of 'holding it all together', and to forget about all that stuff. The keyword, to reiterate, is temporary. Next week is a whole 'nother story… and one that's worth looking forward to, as lady-luck Venus heads into your sign to buff up your dusty-and-dulled outer surfaces. This week, then, is a great preliminary entrée into that new world, where you'll have far less legitimate an excuse for frowning and furrowing. With that advance knowledge, why wouldn't you have reason to smile, squeal and stop stressing about your station?


LEO (July 23-August 22): You'll be able to impress people the most by straddling that delicate balance between (1) putting yourself out there and yet (2) not going over the top with it. Sharing the spotlight, rather than dominating it, will bring out the best performances in you and your co-stars. Where it gets tricky, Leo, is once you begin receiving loads more attention (or a 'different' kind of attention, as they say) than everyone else… because, after all, you are special. The minute you respond to the hubbub with a 'hey, I'm special' attitude, however, you'll cross the line—and jeopardize the very goodwill to which you're responding. Confusing, I know. So the key is to think like Goldilocks, as she was exploring the Three Bears' residence: Not too hard, not too soft… not too cool, not too hot… not too pushy, not too prim… just right. A few sly insinuations and overtones are all you'll need to convey where you're coming from. At any point where you appear to be irritating someone you're associating with, halt right there—and focus on observing the other person's mindset, to 'match' his/her energy accordingly. For a little while, you might have to withhold some of the truest 'you-ness', in order to reestablish a happily flowing dynamic. Once you're back in the groove, then you can readjust back into giving more of yourself. Still, balance is crucial. When in doubt, offer the sort of 'official' public statements that would be composed by public-relations professionals: true enough, yet not particularly revealing.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Professional satisfaction and success are waiting for you to grab 'em, Virgo. But if you're having a hard time seeing it that way, or if your career momentum has instead appeared to stall dead in its tracks… you're going to have to drop the sob stories and get out of your own way. Would you believe me if I told you the external developments in your life (or pronounced lack thereof) are deriving from deep within your soul? I'm not blaming you for your situation, so much as trying to inspire you to grab ownership and control over it. And the most immediate and far-reaching aspect you actually have the power to change is your emotional evaluation of whatever situation you find yourself in. If your professional horizons seem hazy, stormy or otherwise crummy, it may be due to private doubts (about your abilities? your direction? your drive?) or disappointments (about past errors? unfulfilled dreams? a painful family history?) you're carrying with you. Whether you want to accept it or not, that stuff leaks through your skin and subtly permeates the energy field surrounding you… not unlike the way Pig-Pen (from the Peanuts gang) has a cloud of dust that follows him wherever he goes. You must believe that you deserve the success, and that it's there—right now—for your taking. You must believe that your past doesn't define your future… that for every 'misstep or 'deficiency' you've confronted, there's a valuable lesson you've learned and a mistake you won't repeat. If you're not there yet, use your partner or best friend as a sounding board to vent what may be holding you back. (Please, though: Don't take it out on 'em.)


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): One sure method of making sure you're getting along with a certain somebody? Don't allow yourself to get bored. The minute you feel forced to slow the car down, in order for you to tactfully manage (or attempt to do so) a very specific issue or concern this other person may have… you're liable to lose your patience, whether or not you actually display it outwardly. Why? Because you're more in the mood to do something bold and stimulating, as opposed to poring over tiny details that bear little relevance to you, but which his or her entire case (for what? why he/she is upset?) is resting upon. If you're hitting a wall in the exchange (even if this wall is only obvious to you), you owe it to both of you to distract him or her from the small crap with an attitude, idea or activity that's way more interesting and fun. You mustn't settle for the 'old couple' or 'friends for so long we sort of hate each other' routine. If there's no special occasion to save you from the same-old-same-old, please invent one. Hatch a big, kooky, out-of-left-field plan to push the envelope. The goal is to peel both your pairs of eyes away from the fine print… and straight toward some spectacle that'll leave you both with fond memories. At very least, you won't be bored.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): I don't necessarily see you taking the clear, easy or straightforward path through whatever interpersonal maneuvers currently have your focus. Scorpios being what you are, I'm sure you'll agree that the road less traveled (that is, with all the bumpy potholes and overgrown weeds obstructing the thoroughfare) is where all the meaty action is… and therefore makes 'all the difference'. Happily resign yourself to the too-numerous-to-count complexities between you. Expect a lack of resolution to string you along for an indefinite while, gripping you with anticipation for the next plot twist, which could prove to be a real shocker or totally anti-climactic. For now, revel in being neck-deep in the mud (it's great for the complexion), without trying to climb out and, getting sucked back in, end up defeated. Earning others' true respect and confidence can be a tricky, protracted affair (or at least it should be, if we're not being sloppily ignorant). Lots and lots goes on under the surface, as you sniff each other out. Do whatever you can to drop any secret motivations or unfounded suspicions on your part, if you hope to eventually win them over. In the end, the make-or-break debate will all come down to trust. Show 'em you're not hiding anything, and you'll be welcomed aboard… though perhaps not fully this week. Be glad for a step or two of 'progress', if such a thing can even be legitimately judged.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Following up on last week, whatever stuff is going on inside you—perhaps unbeknownst to those surrounding you, nor especially directly pertinent to your relationships with them—will surely explain why you might be coming off snippy, salty or sour. If it were not for the unnerving energy coursing powerfully from within, I'd otherwise expect you to connect swimmingly with those you encounter, thanks to Venus's presence in your solar 7th. However, Venus opposes a 1st-house Pluto, which means you're giving off something mighty fierce… and thus accounts for any unusually strong responses (one way or the other) you could be receiving from folks. To put it simply, the ones who'd ordinarily like you are apt to really like you—and those who might find you a tad annoying or 'too much' may now see it as a real problem. As far as the first group goes, if there's been a steamy undercurrent brewing with between you and an intriguing acquaintance, you probably won't be able to deny it anymore. Bat your lashes and play naïve all you want: You've still gone and turned up the heat, whether or not it was done consciously. Regarding the second group, those who may be haters or troublemakers, you may want to refrain from knocking too loudly or repeatedly on their doors… mainly because you have little to gain from it, other than confirmation that you're a pain in the ass. Instead, respectfully sidestep a direct confrontation—not that you don't have a good chance to win, but to keep from burning a potential bridge you might want to build later. Before you go getting all indignantly irate or needlessly nasty, remind yourself of the link between your rocky inner landscape and the possible external fight presenting itself. Know which battle is yours… and which has just floated by, with hopes of luring you in.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Please, Capricorn, may I merely reprint last week's edition, save myself some work and call it a day. Of anyone, you should understand my kind appeal. Due to a double-decker sleight-of-hand routine courtesy of your 12th house, your most basic outlooks and approaches are being interfered with by phantom preoccupations that you couldn't even identify if they were crammed right in front of your face. Well, to be precise, they couldn't be right in front of you because either (1) they don't actually exist or (2) they are invisible and insistently defy clear recognition. Do you catch what I'm saying here? The nagging nervousness and/or amorphous agitation aren't really about anything… or at least not anything you can do anything about. 'OK, sure,' you might be answering aloud, in hopes that your astrologer will hear you over the webwaves, 'but that doesn't make me feel any less bugged and bewildered!' That, my friend, is the sobering truth. The joy you might take from work is under attack from mysterious urges to sabotage your own progress, in some illogical 'fuck you' to the universe. The drive for a bit of harmless social catch-up with pals or interesting-enough-seeming strangers is bedeviled by another drive to chug two cocktails for every one your companions might sip… leaving you way more shitfaced than will foster much of a sensible conversation. And the desire to speak your mind (and maybe even tell 'em off!) is hopefully countered by the looming awareness that you're liable to open a much bigger can of worms than you intend. Sometimes it's better not to do, say or think much of anything. Though your ego might feel otherwise, it doesn't have the full story. Next week, Venus hits your 7th and greatly reduces the risk of losing your way in interpersonal situations. For now, how about grabbing a good book and sitting it out?


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): You're playing the role of 'magic mirror' to the folks who come in contact with you… which means your week's encounters are somewhat dependent on how those folks 'see' themselves. The admirers will see something familiar in your eyes, your manner or your attitude towards life, and are liable to fawn all over, treating you like some divinely blessed answer to their prayers. Please don't let it go to your head, Aquarius, because this reaction is alas not a direct result of your divine blessedness. (Not to say you ain't blessed, baby.) If you want to be both gracious and principled, deflect their projections back onto them—and send the flattering praise back in their direction. Or find a broader, less personal context to contain their comments, and turn it into a meditation on 'people like us', 'the whole group' or 'society at large'. (That'll keep it from going to your head, eh?) But if someone's harboring a beefy personal dilemma, they're also apt to project it on you… and try to make it into your problem, or a problem with you. Be clear on what's their stuff, not yours, and don't take it on. Yet, it's also not particularly productive to start deconstructing their beef in their face, and expect them to suddenly own it. Instead, pick a few very diplomatic, non-committal (and unapologetic, if you didn't do anything wrong!) words to get yourself out of the immediate scene—and then stay away.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): When Jupiter and Saturn trine, as they do at week's end, it's like a 'best of both worlds' mixture in action. Jupiter invites beneficent expansion by broadening our horizons further than they'd previously been, while Saturn helps ground the growth into responsible reality so it'll endure past the moment's fancy. Good stuff, indeed. For you, Pisces, this trine falls across the two houses most widely associated with one's worklife—Jupiter's in the 10th, while Saturn sits industriously in the 6th. You've heard me go on about the 10th-house Jupiter placement several times since it first began in November, as it's the principal reason why your career zone is primed for major development. In short, this is your best year all decade to move beyond your limited conceptions of what outer-world achievements are possible or desirable for you… and start to see your professional life in bigger, bolder, brighter terms. (Of course, with that always comes the caveat: Lucky expansive development doesn't always feel like that at the moment. Oftentimes, it shows up as 'bad luck' first, e.g., getting fired from a job you hated anyway, freeing you up to do something different and better.) Saturn's message in the 6th, meanwhile, is a simple one: You have to diligently toil toward this desired major accomplishment every day (or at least four or five days a week), if you plan on getting anywhere with it. No matter if one holds the world's record for 'Luckiest Mo-Fo in the Galaxy', you still have to put out effort toward what you want, in order to get it. Thankfully, with the trine in effect, you're in a great spot to combine your higher intent and your in-the-trenches discipline toward something meaningful. For this week at least, it comes down to impulse control.