2015 Writings

December 2015

2016: An Astrological Overview (12.14.15)
A summarizing look at the main astrological happenings of the year ahead.

November 2015

Knowing Better (11.29.15)
It's one thing to hold a principled stance about a cherished ethic or life-value, but entirely another to use it to justify dismissing or desecrating another person's humanity.

The Saturn-Neptune Square & the Disenchantment in Moving Forward (11.15.15)
The current clash between Saturn and Neptune forces us to acknowledge where wishful thinking or an overly idealistic attitude muddles our judgment-calls and decision-making.

October 2015

It All Starts Small (10.29.15)
Honoring the Nov 2 union of Venus and Mars in Virgo.

That Week is Here (10.14.15)
A personal dispatch from the pivotal week I've been discussing with clients for months, finally the time to proceed with our clear calls-to-action.

The Jupiter-Pluto Trine and Grounding into Practice (10.2.15)
Jupiter's entry into Virgo sets off an earth-sign trine with Pluto in Capricorn, nurturing the diligence, deftness, and strategic focus necessary to engineer practical successes.

September 2015

A Mutable Moment: From Here to There (9.24.15)
Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are now forming a T-square, highlighting the mutable-sign mode of expressing energies of transition.

... And On To The Next (9.9.15)
With Venus direct once again, the astrological climate's aflutter with change, including Saturn's return to Sagittarius, a solar eclipse in Virgo, and a Mercury retrograde in Libra.

Jupiter in Virgo: Magnifying the Specifics (9.4.15)
In Virgo (through Sep 2016), Jupiter helps us idenitify specific steps to take, adjustments to make, and habits to break or set, to increase the precision and quality of the results we attain from our efforts.

August 2015

My Venus-Rx Rough Spot (8.30.15)
My personal tale of spreading myself too thin and taking ill during the latest Venus retrograde.

July 2015

Venus Retrograde Heats Up (7.31.15)
The effects of Venus's retrograde escalate, as it forms a triple conjunction with Mercury and Jupiter while all three square Saturn in Scorpio.

Venus Goes Retrograde in Virgo (7.22.15)
The latest Venus retrograde (Jul 25-Sep 6) presents circumstances which encourage us to reevaluate our relationships, financial habits, and aesthetic choices.

Mercury/Mars Meets Uranus/Pluto: Sharp Confrontations (7.13.15)
When conjoined Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto and square Uranus, we face the likelihood that our assertive words and deeds (even with the most caring intentions) will lead to full-on conflict.

June 2015

The Cancerian Factor (6.25.15)
With both the Sun and Mars now in Cancer, the two biggest astro-features currently impacting us (Venus's lengthy stay in Leo and Saturn's return to Scorpio) are dependent on the Moon's ever-varying influence for their expression.

The Return of Saturn in Scorpio (6.14.15)
Saturn slips back into the murky waters of Scorpio for a three-month reprise, checking in on whether we're still being responsibly honest about our deepest motives.

Venus's Grand Arrival to Leo! (6.7.15)
Thanks to an upcoming retrograde, Venus enters Leo for the better part of four months… and our relational activities take on a heightened drama, situating us in the center of an ever-enthralling tale.

May 2015

Venusian Tangles (5.14.15)
Venus in Cancer ambles into the line of engagement with still-squaring Uranus and Pluto, bringing developments which disrupt or complicate our simplistic understanding of 'caring' in relationships.

Leaving Doors Open, Gemini-Style (5.8.15)
With Mars joining a soon-to-be-retrograde Mercury in Gemini, this isn't the time for decisive calls that shut down the multiplicity of options.

April 2015

Catching our Breath, Chewing on Possibilities (4.22.15)
Following an astrologically crazy March, the current vibe is significantly more grounding and slower-paced… giving way to a May which promises many possibilities, but no critical pressure to make decisions.

The Begrudging Importance of Being Human (4.13.15)
As a combination 'professional astro-scribe' and 'humble participant in humanity', I sometimes find my attentions split between these jobs.

March 2015

Equinox Eclipse Reflections on the Final Uranus-Pluto Square (3.15.15)
An incredibly powerful time to ritualize our next-steps and moving-forwards, as we now begin to conceptualize and create the never-before-seen post-Uranus-Pluto-square reality.

Uranian Fire (3.2.15)
During the most crazy-active astrology of the year, Venus and Mars each conjoin Uranus, setting off both its ongoing trine to Jupiter and the collectively-rattling square to Pluto.

February 2015

The Saturn-in-Sagittarius SUV (2.22.15)
Trining Venus and Mars in Aries, Saturn offers simple supportive guidance to keep you safely and effectively headed the right way.

Mars and Venus Say 'Go!' (2.17.15)
Mars and Venus cross together from Pisces to Aries, then conjoin, our starting-gun for a fiery, self-assertive, action-oriented few weeks ahead.

January 2015

Wandering Around the New Year (1.31.15)
With both Mars and Venus in Pisces, we proceed by feel, meek or tempered with the force of our actions, assessing the astro-temperature in advance of a major energy-shift a few weeks from now.

Catching Up with Mercury Retrograde (1.19.15)
Mercury's retrograde period is a time to let our minds catch up with the active developments and changes-in-circumstance which have most recently happened.

First Tastes of Saturn in Sagittarius (1.12.15)
Now that Saturn's in Sagittarius (through late 2017), we must get on with what really enthuses us, but not so quickly or carelessly that we create avoidable messes by not thinking things through first.