Uranian Fire


Multiple times over the past week, I've intended to sit down and write you a summary of this blazin'-hot period of ultra-dynamism, but not a single day has unfolded as I'd expected.

Life's twists have been coming at us, one after another… fast enough so we must stay in active motion if we hope to effectively roll with 'em, leaving little time to catch our breath or compose a comprehensive plan. Instinct, desire, and 'I guess we'll just see what happens' are our only clear tools for success.

March features the most crazy-active astrology of any month in 2015. Even I type away to you now, dear reader, I feel antsy, fevered, hurried in my creative process. This feeling reminds me of the last time I was under the gun to provide astro-reporting on this same type of planetary scene: back in September, when Jupiter and Uranus formed their first (of three) trines between their respective fire-signs, Leo and Aries. Please review what I wrote then. It's very relevant now, too… and also aptly describes my current experience under such similar astrology.

This Tuesday (Mar 3), Jupiter and Uranus are at it again, synergistically joining forces for a second trine, increasing the volatility and hyperactivity, rousing us to make sharp self-serving moves which might liberate us from living by anyone else's rules. (They form their third-and-final exact trine in June.) This energy can be incredibly exciting, insofar as greater-benefic Jupiter provides auspicious support to those of us with the nerve to embrace Uranus's nonconformist, status-quo-busting risks. It can also feel overwhelming to those who don't roll as freely with the punches—especially when confronted by someone else whose driving self-interest may threaten to steamroll the whole scene.

Strong self-centered impulses, to press onward in pursuit of satisfying one's own desired agenda, are presently running in full force. With both Venus and Mars still in Aries, we're naturally impelled to act on our own behalf… and, as such, to approach our relational circumstances with an inadvertent, instinctive focus on our side of the story. While such an influence is ideal for correcting any self-effacing imbalances and/or getting one's voice heard loud and clear, it's decidedly less supportive of interpersonal accommodation, reconciliation, or sincere compromise.

And now, during these couple weeks ahead, Venus and Mars in Aries form conjunctions with Uranus, adding an even more abrupt and erratic edge to our self-centered impulses, with the potential to further heighten the feelings of freedom, innovation, and excitement our actions may spur in us—and/or to increase their disruptive impact on our other existing life-circumstances. As each planet conjoins Uranus, it also receives a simultaneous trine from Jupiter, feeding both the speed-of-unfolding and magnitude-of-effect of such developments. Venus conjoins Uranus and trines Jupiter this Wednesday (Mar 4), while Mars takes its turn next week (Mar 10-11).

This simultaneous concentration of fire-sign planets aspecting Uranus is not kind, gentle, or predictable astrology. Rather, it serves a radically destabilizing purpose, urging us to move stagnant energy and reinvigorate our personal will… a call to bust ahead wherever we've been dashed, daunted, or just plain stuck. As part of pushing that process along, alas, this astrology is liable to spark outbreaks of frustration, upset, or outright aggression—for, sometimes, we need those heated feelings as kindling, to inflame us into action. Yet, too uncurbed an eruption of Uranian fire, and we become rebels without a clear cause, acting out rather than acting on behalf of anything useful, lurching way off track, maybe even leaving a trail of destruction as we storm down the warpath. Hopefully, last week's dual trines from Venus and Mars to Saturn in Sagittarius helped keep us on a track consistent with our passions, goals, and beliefs… even if there's only a certain amount of governable control we can effectively exert over these innately undomesticated vibes.

While all this would be headline-news in itself, there's another factor to consider which carries our current forecast over the top in intensity. At the exact same time Venus and Mars conjoin Uranus, they will also square Pluto in Capricorn. Let's not forget: We remain under the effects of an ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto, the defining astrological aspect of the entire 2010s. I have written so much about this Uranus-Pluto square, I'm not going to repeat myself here—check out the article I wrote back in December, which includes many links to prior writings detailing it at length—but, for summarizing's sake, I'll just reemphasize that its revolutionary potency saturates nearly every major life-altering move we make.

Even when we can ultimately channel this wild Uranus-driven astrology to our most desired outcome, there will be collateral consequences, courtesy of squaring Pluto. Longer-term strategies in another zone of life must be reconfigured, for instance, once we take a leap. Our entrenched habits resist being overthrown, and attempt to reassert themselves. Powerful players or authoritarian structures seek to re-impose their dominance, in retribution for our daring to behave differently. Nothing's as simple as 'just doing it', even if that's the very tactic we must take.

This is not a new dynamic, but one we've become laboriously accustomed to since Uranus-and-Pluto's first square back in 2012. Yet, check this out: When Uranus and Pluto meet for one more exact square a couple weeks from now (on Mar 16), it will be their last in the series of seven. Soon, we must begin to creatively imagine life after the Uranus-Pluto square. When faced with critical choices or considerations during these weeks ahead, try to conceive of them in this broader context, as capping off a few years of relentless reinvention and transformation—and make 'em count.