Catapulting Out of the Mud


In our last installment, we covered the 'sparks' created when the intense Mercury-and-Venus-in-Scorpio faced off first in opposition to Jupiter, then in square to Mars. Surely, you picked up on the friction of strong-wills grinding against each other, hanging densely over the past couple weeks, yes?

As I write to you during this New Moon in Scorpio, I'm already looking ahead to what this next lunar cycle holds in store, now that the aforementioned fixed-sign clashes are well into waning away. Following this descent into the battleground of 'getting real', where these discordant truths got cathartically voiced, we once again rise back up to the prouder higher ground… and friggin' move on already.

There's usually a burning release of tension when a planet leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius, a sign that prefers to stay in motion over lingering anyplace too long. And when both Mercury and Venus cross over into the archer's domain on the same day—next Wednesday (Nov 2)—it'll make a marked impact on the general vibe in the air. What would've certainly been taken quite seriously a week or two ago may now easily be shrugged off with a hearty chuckle or a dismissive glance the other way. Yesterday's power struggle diffuses into tomorrow's lively debate. And as long as the churning emotions that underscored any recent difficulties have been put on the table (even if, at the time, it appeared as if an impasse had been reached), the moving-on promised by this new Sagittarian influence will indeed be clean. Not forgotten, perhaps, but definitely progressed beyond.

For the week or so until Mars enters Virgo on Thu Nov 10—its own front-page news, which I'll be getting to in the days ahead—we've got all three of these personal planets in fire signs. If the sluggishness of fixed-sign planets at cross purposes left you slogging through thick mud with every action attempted, then this ultra-fiery interval ought to serve as a handy-dandy catapult… flinging you out of the stuck zone, propelling you toward new pursuits and preoccupations, transferring you to somewhere different in one quick pitch. Fire heats the traces of excess water away, allowing the leftover emotion to evaporate into the atmosphere. Fire cooks off the extra weight, turning albatrosses to smoke, clearing the waste, inviting creativity to flourish.

Shortly after Mercury and Venus enter Sagittarius, they both form harmonious trines to Uranus in Aries (on Thu Nov 3), aspects that assist us in detaching from whatever slowed us down or held us back during October. Mercury/Uranus and Venus/Uranus arouse our interest in 'the next exciting thing', the ideas and encounters that'll inspire forward-thinking jumps in consciousness… and consequently leave us fairly bored and impatient with repetitions of the same tired drama. According to that logic, then, why force yourself to continue trying to care if your attentions have already jumped ship?

It's fair to mention that Sagittarius can get a little sloppy and lax with the details, which sort of makes sense: If you're eagerly hurrying off to where the latest action is, you're liable to leave a few loose threads flapping in the wind behind you. Mercury especially is at somewhat of a disadvantage in Sagittarius (a sign of its detriment), as he often shoots off an opinion or observation before thinking about whether it might hit somebody weird. Even after any unintended offenses are apologized for and forgiven, Mercury-in-Sagittarius would probably do the same thing all over again—better to say it and deal with the fallout than to hold your tongue and leave the unvoiced sentiment to suck up the air in the room.

For these days ahead, while Mars is still in Leo alongside this pair of Sagittarian dynamos, it behooves us to push through whatever residual moods, struggles, worries or entrenchments might serve as excuses not to act… and simply shoot ourselves, cannonball-style, straight into action. Once the hotspot has been identified, no further mulling-over is necessary. Brooding concern is for another time.

And what happens if we get ourselves in further than we'd meant to, only to discover there's a lot of retroactive clarification and organization to take care of in the aftermath of our impulsivity?

Don't stress about that—eight months of Mars in Virgo, starting a couple weeks from now, should be more than sufficient for such detail-oriented cleanup work.