Where in the World is astrobarry Going?


I'm opening my latter-part-of-2011 fate to the benevolent hands of cosmic happenstance…

… and asking you, my dear readers, for your suggestions and help in putting together some exciting plans for my last few months of this year.

Where should I travel to provide in-person astrology consultations, maybe a workshop/talk or two? I am looking for locations, both in the US and elsewhere, with enough local interest in my work that I can nail down a sufficient clientele and/or welcoming venue to justify a trip.

In the past, I have thoroughly enjoyed my working visits to New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Melbourne. I love to travel for any reason whatsoever, but to be able both to cover my costs by sharing those wonders of astrology which I adore and getting to know residents of other places on the level of true intimacy that astrological consults afford… you know, it's just one of those extra-special aspects of this crazy career I've created that I'm extremely grateful for.

At heart, I consider myself a free spirit who, for better and for worse, has created a lot of earthly responsibilities to manage. Though I thrive by my consistent practical efforts, which anchor me into a stable sort of self-sufficiency (well, as 'stable' as anything could be considered these days), I also start to feel pretty stir-crazy without at least one impending travel adventure on my calendar to eagerly anticipate. As of now, I have nothing lined up.

This year has, so far, been incredibly relentless with the responsible attentions it's required of me. At the same time my home is midway through a major renovation project (two months and counting without a kitchen!), I've been simultaneously working on web-redesign projects for both this site and my other entrepreneurial venture. The Sacred Well, the metaphysical shop I co-own in Oakland, CA, has shown very promising growth over the past many months… and between continuing to create and produce our own line of products, developing a wholesale business, and finally launching our all-new online store within the coming week or so (if this link is live, the new site is up), my mind is perpetually occupied with functional concerns. Once the new Sacred Well site is up, I'll be focusing on finishing up the astrobarry redesign, so this site is more technologically up-to-date and integrated with social-media tools. Can I take a breath yet? (Answer: No.)

I need to schedule some exciting adventures to look forward to.

As always, I have my eye on Australia, the country I consider my home-away-from-home. It has been too long since I've visited Sydney, my 'second city' (after San Francisco, of course)… though I also want to go somewhere in Oz I haven't yet been. Brisbane? Perth? I found my '09 vacation to New Zealand interesting enough to contemplate whether I might see clients in Auckland or Wellington. I'm a huge Canada fan, though I've only made it to Vancouver and Toronto so far. And it's been more than a decade since I've set foot in London, unquestionably one of the greatest places ever.

Here in the States, I rarely turn down the chance for a good old-fashioned road trip, which is why anywhere in the West is a perpetual possibility—L.A., San Diego, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City. Further beyond, I've always been curious about the major Texas cities, as my only visit to the Lone Star State was a couple days in Austin (awesome town!) in the mid-'90s. Never been to Minneapolis. Where else? This is a pretty damn big country.

Logistically speaking, the further a potential destination is from SF, the more clients and/or other professional opportunities I'd need to schedule in order to offset my costs. If I can drive there from here, maybe I only need three or four? To fly domestically, maybe eight or ten? Overseas, fifteen or twenty?

Perhaps you are one of those folks who's great at rallying your friends, talking up whatever you're excited about (which, in this case, would be me?)… an owner, manager or organizer of a healing center, new-age shop, or other astrologically appropriate group or business… a media-member, editor or webmaster, with a delicious offer I just can't refuse. I'm open to possibilities that haven't even crossed my mind yet.

If you think your hometown (or anywhere else) is a place I should think about visiting, please feel free to email me a proposition. Specifics help. Suggestions encourage. Even tangentially-related ideas are appreciated, as I'm intentionally seeking this outside input to spur my further inspirations. Do you have something to add?

I'm looking for my next chapter of traveling to happen sometime during Sep-Dec 2011… though it surely won't be my last chapter. I can't make any guarantees about where I'll end up, but please don't take it personally if it doesn't include your backyard.

Thank you in advance for participating in my experiment with actively courting serendipity. How better to use this ultra-Aries astro-clime, if not by directly asserting what I desire to manifest in my life? Is there a place in your life where it might behoove you to directly assert your desires to those who could possibly give you what you want?