Aries Continues to Dominate


Since April began, Aries has unquestionably been the dominant astrological energy, lighting fires under all our butts…

… egging us ever onward despite any dust-ups, bump-againsts or stand-offs we might've had to confront…

… leaving us very little time to stubbornly cling to any upset, to lick wounds or plot revenge, or to, in response, slowly and thoroughly restrategize our next several steps. These days, the next train of things-to-respond-to, decisions-to-make and/or actions-to-initiate is always already pulling into the station before the last one's even had time to chug-chug itself back out of sight.

For folks who typically snag themselves up with protracted resentments, fear-driven paralysis, or long spans of indecision, this astro-environment has surely rubbed irritatingly against the customary bounds of their comfort-zone—in potentially productive ways, if the increased friction has upped the pressure to proceed (at last!).

And if this friction hasn't spurred a faster pace and/or more direct mode of outward motion in such folks, then it's likely created a pronounced sense of internal discomfort: shorter tempers, more panicky moods, more cynical expectations.

When results are demanded from us immediately, we cannot deploy the usual procrastinating tendencies (which are often more emotionally motivated than we freely admit). If we resist the call to heed our instincts (yes, without 'thinking everything through'), we only make life more difficult for ourselves… refusing to let the past go (even if 'the past' was five minutes ago), and futilely attempting to forestall the future's arrival. We've got to radically trust our in-the-moment selves.

Say or do something too hastily? Inadvertently step on someone else's toes? Forget to ask the important questions or confirm the relevant information? Oops! But it's already done, isn't it? Please don't get caught on regret. What can't be fixed, amended, or scrapped? Very few things. (And here's another secret: The 'accidental' incident probably released a hunk of pent-up energy from inside you. Phew, what a relief.)

Mercury ends his 3-week retrograde through Aries on Saturday (Apr 23), which gives us a chance to repair any situations, projects or relationships we might've damaged during this recent frenzy of everybody rushing around, fully consumed with what we are doing—regardless of whether we've noticed how it impacts whatever anyone else is doing.

A common complaint against Aries is its intrinsic self-centeredness, a quality that in itself isn't 'good' or 'bad' but which can blind us to the interpersonal impacts of our actions. A pleasant, well-intentioned Aries reacts favorably to correct her innocent thoughtlessness, once it has been pointed out by the infringed-upon party. What more could we want? However, if somebody under the Aries influence actually doesn't care about other people's well-being (rather than having merely overlooked it, in the enthusiastic rush to carry on)… well, that's a whole 'nother story, isn't it? One glimpse of such willful selfishness provides the makings of a new potential foe.

In this analysis, then, the distinction boils down to intention… and with the intention to be sincerely considerate to others' concerns as well as our own, we naturally attract the sympathy of those who we may've stepped on, overlooked or offended. We all goof. We all get wrapped up in our dramas and neglect to see what's going on with a friend, a co-worker, a family member or our cherished sweetie. A heartfelt apology goes a long long way, especially when it includes the honorable acceptance of responsibility for that certain wrong-doing, though we might not have meant to do 'wrong'.

Though Mercury may be wrapping up his retrograde, he remains in Aries… and as of this past Thursday (Apr 21), Venus is now also in Aries, reminding us this overabundance of initiatory, action-packed, fiery-as-all-get-out energy persists still. Though the Sun moved into Taurus on Wed Apr 20, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus all remain in Aries alongside Mercury and Venus. The astro-climate continues to feature five planets in Aries for nearly another three weeks, until Mars enters Taurus on May 11. (Mercury and Venus follow on May 15.) The time to pause, assess, and regather one's senses hasn't arrived quite yet.

Venus, ill at ease in her detriment in Aries, wants us to be sure we've spoken up for our own best interests in any interpersonal coupling or financial arrangement; she's less of a togetherness-minded Venus, and more frank in how she exposes our self-serving stake. This Venus rewards those who have embraced this latest Aries energy-boon, taken the lead in looking out for themselves and/or jump-started actions that heighten the momentum in areas that most matter to them.

Be forewarned, shy or sensitive souls: Venus in Aries has little to offer anyone who refuses to claim his individual power or differentiate himself in some way. She will zoom right past nebbishes, wallflowers or average Joes. The more daring and obvious among us will snag the goodies during this time. Maybe it's time for that long-overdue injection of courage, then, while the gettin's this good…