Horoscopes | Week of March 26-April 1, 2007

ARIES (March 21-April 19): You're richer than you might realize or remember… so long as you count all the valuables that money can't buy. With all you've got, stop focusing on everything you still don't have but wish you did. Otherwise, you'll remain blind to the piles of wealth already around you. On the other hand, though, this exercise in revisionist accounting is one best conducted modestly… as opposed to acting like the equivalent of a decadent corporate bigwig or a blinged-out rap star and drenching yourself in visible signs of your affluence. Though (as I stated earlier) you're rich in all sorts of material and behavioral treasures and traits, I wouldn't recommend brazenly displaying that fact. It won't particularly endear you to others, whether they'll be jealous of your confidence or overtly (and unnecessarily) competitive with you. In fact, if your wallet's running dry in actual cash, you'll want to find other methods for exchanging goods and services that'll put your other kinds of wealth to fruitful use (that is, in earning you some actual cash). But who will want to count out their dollars to a flashy or cocky braggard? (I guess there are some who would—not many, though.) No, Aries, they'd probably prefer it to feel like an even exchange… not just even in what's being exchanged, but in the overall 'level' or 'position' of the folks doing the exchanging. Appreciate to the fullest what you've got, without pitting it against how much someone else has. That way, you're likelier not to alienate any individuals who'd otherwise be adding to your bottom line, one way or another.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): With your ruler Venus currently moving through your own sign, one would think you'd be exuding a profound earthy beauty that captivates everyone who crosses your path. Well, are you? I sincerely hope so, indeed. But if you ain't feelin' your most tiptop gorgeousity, there's a good astro-reason to explain it—Venus squaring off against Saturn in your 4th. A Saturn square indicates that something may be blocking the full expression of Venus's glorifying good-graces… perhaps preventing you from enjoying the burst of radiance and charisma usually associated with a Venus-in-the-1st transit. And Saturn in the 4th points us back to your private emotional condition, as well as its originating roots in the environment where you were raised. Those nasty things you say to yourself when looking in the mirror? They are direct descendents of those criticisms you heard from schoolyard bullies or, even worse, bullying family members. You then internalized 'em… and let 'em mess you up. From this current 'more mature' vantage point (ahem), however, you can see clearly how those cruel comments were more about their insecurities than yours—and hopefully use that as an impetus to leave the internalized version (i.e., the cruel self-talk) behind you, back on the playground or in the childhood family home. On some level, you know you downplay how beautiful and magnificent you are. So now, admit it: You're hot stuff, baby.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Please don't fool yourself into thinking your prospects (romantic? professional? housing-related?) have dried up. Good stuff is most definitely brewing under the surface, finishing up its invisible incubation process so it'll be nice and ripe by the time it pops into view. But for now, you're in a momentary holding pattern. And things could certainly be worse than that, right? Patience is where it's at, even if you're hungrily hankering for more action now. You'll sabotage this embryonic stage of development by carelessly switching tracks, flipping directions, or hanging up the on-hold phone call before somebody picks back up. Don't distract yourself with confusing alternatives or addenda. Stay put, light some incense, and chew on the piece of gum already in your mouth. Pray for the strength to push your pending creation all the way through the birth canal, though the labor may be long and drawn-out. Meanwhile, throw another chunk of your immediate efforts into something that's already been defined as part of your current life (that old stuff still needs to be sustained, while you reach toward the new beginnings). As far as the suspended-in-air prospects go, give 'em another two or three weeks. Looking back from there, you'll wonder why you were ever concerned.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): I fear, my dear Cancerian, that if you resolutely followed last week's advice to look out for your own interests, you might've gone too far and shut out all external influences. Well, did'cha? There's a paper-thin line between (1) maintaining firm, healthy interpersonal boundaries and (2) withdrawing behind your hard crab-shell, which is the emotionally reactive version of boundary-setting. 'What's the difference?' you might ask. Mainly, it's in your conscious attention to where exactly your line-in-the-sand should be drawn—in advance of getting triggered or feeling threatened, when your sensitivities kick in and may lead you to find the nearest sandbox in which to bury your head. Having good boundaries means not having to evaluate the potential threat to your comfort level on the spot… but knowing ahead of time what you will and won't allow, and applying that guideline consistently across the board. I bring this up now because too strict a boundary (i.e., freezing everybody out) will prevent you from the rockin' fun due to you, if you allow Venus in your solar 11th its need to surround yourself with other human beings. Your freaky friends and warm-hearted companions are eager to drag you out of your hunker-friendly bunker… and to convince you it's okay to give the worries a rest, at least for an evening or two here and there. They'll kick you in the butt for taking things too seriously, and can help shift you out of constant problem-solving mode. You're not 'irresponsible' if you choose to lighten up and get your party on. And anyway, too much heavy thought will give you wrinkles.


LEO (July 23-August 22): Professional blessings, public adoration, and externally-expressed admiration are yours for the taking this week… so long as you can put any bad blood or hurt feelings behind you. Don't make it personal, when it serves you (and other people) far smarter to accept the good graces where they come, rather than dwelling on past tensions or disputes that are only relevant to the present-day as long as you hold onto 'em. If any unresolved bullshit is lingering with a co-worker or key player in your outer-world life (i.e., the community, your professional network, your mentors or minions), break the ice and address it directly—the more humbly, the better. You can be well loved, widely respected and self-evidently successful in spades… but you're still no more (or less) of a plain-ol' human being than anyone else. That's why it'll boost your credibility to own your own part in the dangling discomfort explicitly, without expecting the favor to be returned. It automatically puts you in a powerful position—not by taking power away from or over anybody, but through accepting yourself, prior lapses of judgment and all. The resulting relief from having spoken your responsibility-taking will breathe new life into all you're attempting to achieve. No longer need the interpersonal dynamics overlie (and potentially dampen) your activities and ambitions. The dead dogs can finally rest in peace.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Hold the torch high in your hand, and steward its flame for warming and illumining your soul. The 'flame' is your belief in something—a higher power, a baseline ethic, an important purpose to your life—that, due to your passionate commitment, will burn hot and bright for the duration of your earthly existence. It's why you keep on keepin' on, even through times of disillusionment or stress. Your soul needs the heat and light at its dim or doubtful moments, to remind it to stay inspired, though elation and ecstasy are always fleeting. No one will guard the hearth-fire in the middle of your explorations except you. Dance around its circumference, never peeling your eyes off the center, to refocus you on what matters most… to you. Don't get jealous of pals who live larger than you, never seeming to worry their coals will sputter cold tomorrow if a back door's left open at the height of some magical impulse. Ask to be taken under the wing of someone far more spontaneous and trusting—not to change your colors completely, but merely to flirt harmlessly with the rowdier side of life. It's okay to hold your breath, shut your eyes, and take a tasty mouthful of carefree impulsivity. With your core system of meaning grounded deep into the earth and in your heart, continuing to burn by virtue of your pledge to protect it, you are free to let your hair down and run wild with the herds… never to fear losing who you are.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): Your benevolent queen Venus will reward you for sniffing beneath facades, delving into uncomfortable corners, and refusing to accept seemingly innocuous face-value versions. Your prize? A heightened sense of depth to your interactions, which could surprise even you with how much more you'll get… if you're willing to work a bit harder. But that means you'll have to disregard the ingrained rules of decorum you were faithfully taught… and risk being seen as loud or proud, pushy or petty crude or outright rude (whatever's the worst you can think up), simply for butting against the safety-gates of civility. And it might entail holding your own against peer pressure, by recognizing what's being preached by the community or your group of friends just doesn't speak to you on a gut level. So if you really like someone and/or want to get to know 'em better, you definitely shouldn't settle for the answers that seem too good to be true—and few people like to be pressed for specifying details or challenged on the full truth of their answers, at least at first. If you want to foster one of those epic connections you'll remember for decades, you've got to show the other person you won't freak out when touchy subjects come up… then hope that he or she is the same way. No real relationship is pretty and seamless all the time. If you want to sustain that appearance, try hooking up with a mannequin. They eat light, look great in clothes, and never talk back.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Love (or something like it) is blooming all around you, gifting you with a delightful ability to appreciate others more easily (and less critically) than usual. Of course, you'll have to look away from your slate of busying responsibilities—and the corresponding 'climb to the top' that compels you to persist. Or is it that your tireless career efforts are finally starting to bear fruit, a direct effect of your own sweat-'n'-tears… and now you're feeling frustrated by the energy you're forced to waste by putting in 'face time' with clients or colleagues, playing faux-friendly 'love ya, mean it, bye' games? With Venus squaring Saturn from the relationship (7th) to the professional-acheivement (10th) houses, your desire to bond and your drive to succeed are in each other's ways. But which is blocking which? That, I suppose, depends on what you're most eagerly trying to do… and what seems like an inconvenient obstacle to that. But both these sides of you—the person who loves people, and the ambitious workhorse—need their due expression. Therefore, your lesson for the week is to stop pitting them against each other (which is, after all, pitting yourself against yourself)… and admit you'll need both (1) worldly success and (2) loving supporters to share it with, if you want to be truly happy. Romantic intrigue awaits you, if you're open to discovering it in strange settings or somewhere you're least likely to look. And if you're out later than planned, your work will still get done. Don't mistakenly assume, however, that this exempts you from the kissy-kiss requirements of being kind and considerate to those you work with. Save a smooch or two for them, too… but hold the tongue.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Okay, look, Sagittarius… I just gave you a week off. What more do you want from me? If it's another pardon from what you're 'supposed to be doing' that you're cruising for, you can forget it right now. Shut off the TV or whatever other inane chatter is numbing you out, and get to work. Would you believe me if I said you might actually enjoy the sense of productivity you'll whip up, once you hop back on the horse and start to gallop? Well, it's true. Knocking items off the big board is fun. Where you're liable to face trouble (or sheer paralysis) is in the process of listing everything you still haven't done… as if each unfinished task threatens to cancel out whatever you do end up doing, leaving you to feel as if you're not getting anywhere. So, simply stop looking at it that way. Quit stressing about what you won't be getting to this week. You can only do as much as you can do. As long as you're putting in a sincere effort (and can cross out at least one or two completed tasks) each workday, feel free to let the rest of it dangle—without running over it again and again in your head. I know you're a master at the wide-focus view of life, which has a tendency to keep you questioning which priorities are highest on the list (and which seem like a waste of time). But sometimes, that perspective is a mere distraction from getting your shit done. Sometimes, you've just got to start somewhere (anywhere!), sound the whistle, and serve.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): This week, Capricorn, you're divinely intended to have a jolly-good batch of satisfying pleasure… without ever permitting the vibe to become unnecessarily gnarly, just because some person or situation threatens the light-and-breeziness with expectation or insistence. After all, it's the very threat of such burdensome complications that sometimes stops you from playing freer and easier than you do. Who wants to agonize about 'possible ramifications', anyway? If romance is on the brain, keep all flirtations loose and suggestive… rather than going all the way or grilling 'em about the future. If already coupled up, hold back on making demands. Now is not the time to push for cohabitation or set a wedding date—you might scare off the other party, even though he/she may actually want the same things you do in the end. As far as career is concerned, just keep whistling while you work… and try not to make big deals about little things (which, as you probably know on a deeper level, aren't about the little things at all), to avoid going toe-to-toe with a colleague who's got a much different investment than you. Whenever possible, postpone interactions or involvements that are likely to strip your smile away and leave a grimace in its place. Grimacing is not what Venus has in mind for you. No sirree, Bob… this is a perfect (and perfectly brief) occasion to prove (to yourself more than anyone) that you can be as casual as the next guy or girl. If you're not giggling like a schoolkid at least once a day all week, you're altogether too serious. Get on the floor with the kids (if you aren't a parent, ask a friend to babysit hers), and start stacking colored blocks and goo-goo-ga-ga-ing happily. Then we'll see how serious you are. (Fingerpainting works well, too.)


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): On the other side of a potentially odd and/or confusing prior week (see also: Mars conjunct Neptune in Aquarius), you likely need to refresh your being with a healthy dose of self-nurturing care, in whatever manner leaves you feeling the most at ease. For many of you, this should probably include a few quiet days and/or nights at home, away from the demands of grand-plan maneuvering or global-level involvements. Before you're anything else, you're little old you… that same weird kid who sometimes (or often) needed to play by him/herself, in order to indulge the strange pleasures and pastimes that didn't seem to interest anyone else. Aquarius, you still need that weird-kid alone time—and you always will. However, to satisfy that basic requirement this week, you might have to renege on an already-made interpersonal commitment… which obviously isn't likely to please the person to whom the commitment was made. But if that's what has to happen, in order to look out for your own sanity, then so be it. Of course, you should probably promise to make it up to 'em later, once you're feeling up to it… and then follow through, sooner rather than later, in a way that'll prove your act of flaking wasn't about him/her personally. Still, your inner peace needs to come before other people. 'Inner peace', incidentally, is a big fan of healthy-but-yummy food, emotionally moving films, and stress-busting massages and bathtub soaks.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Lately, in my horoscopes to you, there's been a heavy emphasis on major self-reinvention strategies… a trend which will continue here, on and off, as long as Uranus is lodged in your sign (another 3+ years). To reiterate, on the big timetable in the sky, this is one of the ripest periods for radical risk-taking you'll ever experience. However, you can't pressure yourself toward revolution every single day of every week, or you'll be left with nothing solid to hold onto while the branches keep shaking. This week, for instance, is an opportunity to try out bits of 'the new you' without making a big deal about it. No need for blaring trumpets, royal proclamations or other attention-grabbing pageantry today. Be on the lookout for chance run-ins with age-old and/or rarely-seen acquaintances, as well as warm introductions to friendly new faces who may or may not prove to be enduring influences. These are more than mere distraction from the daily grind—though that in itself would be welcome enough, eh? They're also test runs, in which you get to play around with assuming alternate personae… with relatively few consequences for your everyday relationships. After all, when you're just meeting someone or don't see 'em very often, you can be whoever you want to be—and they won't know any difference from who you were last week, or who you'll be next. You can focus on full-and-total embodiment of identities, character traits and communication styles in those moments… though, in your 'real' life, they may still be in development. The only way these uncomfortable stretches will ever develop into familiar parts of yourself is through practice. Think of this week as spring training.