Horoscopes | Week of March 19-25, 2007

ARIES (March 21-April 19): These are fiery times, as I've told you before… which can tend to charge you up real good, but often leave those with slower (or more temperamental) constitutions behind in your cloud of smoke. With your ruler Mars conjoining Neptune in your solar 11th, though, you'd do them all a huge favor by helping them along, so they can cruise more adeptly at this accelerated speed. Currently, you've got leader-like initiative in spades—plenty to keep you carrying on with your projects or passions, and still leave you with enough to share in the form of altruistic booster-shots. Think of the people who are far less likely than you to speak up for themselves: shy friends, the underdog co-worker, the lesser-fortunate folks in your life. They can benefit greatly from having you on their side, loudly looking out for them and demonstrating ways they can assert their wants without risking their livelihood. Sometimes, we all need a good push from someone who believes in us. This is an ideal week for you to be the loving pusher. Not only are you the one with the goods to be most effective… it's also the right thing to do. Consider what's best for them (from their perspective). Then do your part to help make it happen.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): What you're doing out there in the world this week, Taurus, is larger than you. Its scope goes beyond what you can currently understand, with fortuitous ripples extending far outward and affecting more people more deeply than you may realize. That's why you want to make sure you're investing your energies on behalf of an organization or cause that's worth your dedication… as opposed to merely bowing down before a tyrannical superior and doing what he/she tells you, just because it's easier than fighting. While that doesn't therefore mean it's a week for fighting, it is important to check in with yourself about why you work so hard—is it because you strongly believe in what you're doing, or because hard work is 'just what you do'? If you're fairly satisfied that you're barking up the right tree (or at least not a wrong one), then pour extra amounts of energy into these achievements-in-process, even if you won't see an immediate direct benefit. You're setting an amazing example in your commitment to meaningful effort… an example that won't go unnoticed by those impacted by it. Watch out for letting secret resentments toward lazier or less skilled cohorts seep out in your interactions. (It's possible you won't even notice it's happening—until someone snaps back at you.) Remember: What others are doing (or not doing) in this same context needn't affect you so much. You're each on different paths. Worry about staying on the right one for you, rather than assessing the righteousness of anyone else's.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Seeing the value in every possibility isn't always a good thing. After a while, being too easygoing or relativistic can work against you—especially in important relationships—if you're perceived as straddling the fence or playing both sides. One of the ways people get to know each other better is by disclosing their beliefs… and then telling the stories or explaining the background thought-processes that led them to believe this or that. But as long as you're merely asking the questions, listening to their responses for a cue and then joining along with complementary comments, the only thing they're learning about you is how well you can match, mirror or mimic. And if you insist on staying neutral, you may be giving the other person a very wrong idea about you—or absolutely no idea at all, leaving them to read between the lines or shut the book altogether. Believe me, Gemini, the omissions you allow now will come back to haunt you, should you eventually grow closer to this particular individual under false (or only partially disclosed) pretenses. Is it fair, for instance, to continue dating a guy who doesn't want kids when you deeply desire to become a parent (or already have a couple little ones at home with the babysitter)? Are you hoping he'll change his mind once he's fallen harder for you? Bad move. You save everyone valuable time and energy by being upfront about your guiding life philosophies, rather than purporting to be 'cool with anything'. Your wannabe sweetie or potential new-best-friend may actually prefer you to state your preference, instead of defaulting to, 'Whatever you want is fine.' The truth is, Fine isn't particularly deep or true… nor, in the end, is it enough.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): Be on the lookout for blurry psychological boundaries… which, frankly, aren't the most unusual occurrence for you water signs anyway, but which threaten to come with messier-than-usual consequences this week. With Saturn in your solar 2nd still an anchoring influence in your life (should you heed its self-disciplinary call, that is), the most important theme once again is looking out for the security of your own interests. If that means extricating yourself from situations that flirt too dangerously with total confusion between what's yours and what's theirs, then so be it. And if that means facing their projected unpleasantness (in the form of personal attacks) simply because they are more likely to reap rewards if you remain entrenched, then don your armor and suffer their strikes bravely. Think of Gandhi or MLK, and don't drop your vibration toward violent vengefulness. Of course, that train of thought is 'worst-case-scenario' thinking, which can be helpful in preparing one's self but mustn't be left to shape your expectations. The core of the message is this: Anyone who knowingly pressures you to do something that makes you uncomfortable is not a tried-and-true friend. If it feels wrong, trust your instinct and refuse to participate. Why jeopardize your security over it? You're not doing unscrupulous people any favors by begrudgingly going along for the ride, covering for their ethical lapses or opening your arms to catch 'em when they fall—you're just unnecessarily involving yourself in a big fat mess. But if you're already involved, it could get momentarily messier if you're headed for the exit… though that shouldn't stop you from continuing on your way out.


LEO (July 23-August 22): With Mars joining hands with longtime 7th-house resident Neptune, your drive toward grand romantic gestures in your principal one-on-one relationship(s) shifts into high gear. That would explain why you're moved to show your feelings through some definitive action… rather than just saying something sweet, with nothing to back it up. Now, 'romance' in a relationship needn't be read as specifically mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey stuff—though that amorous interpretation certainly applies. In the broader sense of the term, though, what's astrologically favored is any outward demonstration that you are able to see beyond the mundane surface-level differences between you… to a more idealized version of the union, one that provides you both a sense of sympathetic belonging, enough to trump the gaps and upraise this merged unit to new heights. Thus, this influence may just as likely impact a close friendship, a business partnership or other creative collaboration. Of course, the love zone is a most obvious place in which to flaunt your stuff—soft lighting, sensual music, strawberries and champagne, etc., all will work well to get your main squeeze (or hoped-for honey) on your same page. However you choose to play it out, please make sure you're not using your creativity to present an insincere image, pretending to be someone you're not in order to impress. (Saturn is involved here, too, on his familiar mission to keep you honest.) Should you go overboard with the romantic theatrics, to the point where your real intentions get clouded by the goo… just remember, eventually they'll see right through you. Be romantic all right, but only with genuine feelings to back it up.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Please ignore the little devil who's whispering sinful thoughts (or unsupportive self-flagellating hoo-haw) in your ear. That's a voice from another era or a lesser-developed you… one that has little accurate feedback to provide your current incarnation, Virgo. Instead, listen only to your well-intentioned conscience—that's the other guy with the white robe and halo (or perhaps he looks like Jiminy Cricket)—and stick to a squeaky-clean set of choices. For this week at least, you'd be far wiser to stay on the straight-and-narrow… no matter if you feel tempted to stray from your 'supposed-to's and drink from the bottomless barrel of proverbial moonshine. Late nights and boozy benders will hit you much harder than usual (which you might not find out until the next day), and only serve to fuel the irrational urge to beat up on yourself. Ditch the work, drown your sorrows, and pretend tomorrow doesn't matter… and now you've just given yourself the exact excuse you needed to prove you're a loser. Of course, you're not a loser. You're merely a human being, coming down from a month or so of facing off with eclipse-heightened reminders, reminiscences and resurrections… and yeah, it took a toll. But bring yourself back to the present day, where you're living now, and it ain't so bad after all. Have you forgotten what you were doing before this recent batch of stuff landed back on your doorstep, after you thought you'd tossed it down the garbage chute? Spend the week getting back on track, one tiptoe at a time, by returning to diligent duty. Run through the items on your schedule, and get to some of them… all the while being kind to yourself if you're not in the mood to get to all of them. As long as you're doing something practical with a fair portion of your time, you'll creep yourself back to a happier point. Skip the escape routes, though—they all end up in the same place, but with more or less of a hangover.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): Like waving a red cape at an unsuspecting bull, the planets are beckoning you toward blind pursuit of the best kinds of fun… and you are (or should be) only too happy to charge at the moving target. This is no time to sit on the sidelines, afraid to play because your shoes might get messed up or you don't know all the rules. Lose yourself—and your acute self-consciousness—in the frolicking, Libra. But along with that, you must also stay aware you're losing your sense of control… and any clear understanding of where the true source of the enjoyment resides. For example, your good times may come as a result of the company you're keeping (that hunky he-man or luscious lady on your arm), which might lead you to believe that he or she is the actual key to having fun… and therefore your perfect match, your only chance for happiness, or some other idealized nonsense that goes overboard. There's no reason to attribute everything (or even anything) to a single reading (or any reading at all). Just enjoy your week as it is. The person who's pushing all the right buttons may not be as amazing as he/she seems. The thrilling experience might not be as thrilling, were it to happen at a different time. None of that should dampen the parade, though. Meanwhile, a do-gooder pal could try to 'save' you from your delusions by focusing on all the downsides, pitfalls and problem areas… which is no less reliable a read on the situation than 'everything's perfect' thinking. The truth lies somewhere between your fantasized perfection and your friend's protective suspicions—it has its good and bad points. For now, who cares? As long as you're not accepting any spur-of-the-moment marriage proposals or otherwise signing away your freedom, revel in the blinding whoopee.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): The quality of your week is highly subjective, Scorpio… and by that, I mean you'll have a difficult time getting any distance from your own highly-emotionally-invested take on the events occurring. The way I figure it, then, you'll save yourself a huge headache by acknowledging this notion early and often… and sidestepping any exchanges where you'll be expected to convey a calm, detached or wholly 'factual' account of your perspective. Whatever it is, you'll care way too much to come off calm or detached. That, incidentally, is not a problem for you personally—only for those who've gained and sustained their power by assuming the 'rational' guise societally deemed most 'appropriate' for business or similar such dealings. So stay away from those folks… and the situations they're liable to bait you into entering, before you have a chance to realize you're being set up as the 'irrational' (i.e., overemotional, hypersensitive, hysterical) one. Instead, pour all your energy into your home life, so you'll have a truly comfortable place to decompress from the outside world where you're supposed to act like you don't care so much. You work too hard all day to spend your off-hours somewhere that doesn't soothe your soul. Scan your household, and commit to tackling, once and for all, the one sorest spot that's spoiling the whole vibe. Sure, it may require more effort than you want to spend when you're supposedly not working—but by continuing to put it off, you're essentially telling the universe you don't deserve comfort at home. Once it's said and done, though, you'll thank yourself for weeks after… and you won't believe how amazing it feels to kick off your shoes, put up your feet, and genuinely take a load off for the first time in a while.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Yet again, Sagittarius, you get the winning horoscope from me (now don't forget to thank Jupiter for blessing you in '07), so here goes: You have divine permission to indulge whatever detours you stumble upon this week, for the simple purpose of ensuring you find life interesting… because, if you're really into what you're involved with, your engagement will be infectious. Therefore, for a week, you may forget about feeling guilty when a moment's lark pulls your attentions away from what you're 'supposed to be doing'. There's plenty of time to let your friendly chit-chats sprawl on as long as you want. Click all the extra links, to gather all the extra information—not because you need it, but just because you're curious and you'll never know what you might find when you get there. Stop watching the clock. Everything needn't be so urgent or hurried. And think of all you'll miss by rushing along to meet the deadline… in the process, overlooking a major hole in the final product that you would've gotten to next week, once you'd satiated your drive for distraction. Make the time to dawdle and drift. Wander into every store along the block, for perhaps there's a special item or an unusual bargain or an old tale to be told by the shopkeeper lady who you've known forever but never really gotten a chance to know, you know? Plus, there's at least one pulpy magazine with your name on it, waiting around to be browsed through and giggled with by you. Don't leave those trivial tidbits hanging. This week's message was brought to you by the Wandering Mind Society: 'A mind is terrible thing to waste on being single-minded.'


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Be watching out for 'get rich quick' schemes, Capricorn… not only to cover your ass in case what seems too good to be true actually is too good to be true, but also because you might really find a way to get rich quick. That's right, all that glitters may not be gold—and then again, maybe it is. Who's to know? It's hard to separate the real deal from all the hype. Still, there are some real deals out there for you to collect on… if you're willing to take a chance on what seems like a great investment. The payoff may not be immediate, though it could indeed be huge. Logic will serve you far less dependably than will your bodily senses, which are liable to spread a buoyant tingle across your skin when you're onto something good… or cause a tangled knot in your stomach if caution is required. More importantly than that, the most profitable opportunities are those that'll clearly provide a genuine benefit (beyond mere economics) to the larger community. If you won't be contributing anything meaningful, beautiful, uplifting or transcendent through your involvement, then it won't have Neptune's blessings guiding it along to higher fruitfulness. (That should get you thinking about why you're here on the grand scale, not just what you're doing this week or month.) If you're unsure about whether you've found a diamond-in-the-rough or a dirty rhinestone bead, then bide your time for a couple weeks so you can gather outside opinions. But if you're going to listen to other people on this, ask at least three.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): The joining-together of Mars and Neptune in your 1st house, Aquarius, speaks volumes about how much prominent, pointy and protruding energy you're wielding this week… and how rather clueless you may be about the whole thing. But being clueless doesn't deem you blameless, so beware of how forcefully you may be coming off. You might not even notice, until your better-half or a dear friend gets all pissed at you for being pushier or more self-centered than usual. All week long, you'll have a tremendous impact on whatever scene you enter… not because of anything specific you're doing, but due more to the general vibe you're carrying with you. If you're in a good mood, you'll quickly spread that love to every corner of every room you enter—and you may expect others to greet you accordingly. But even if you're not intending to be bratty or domineering, if that's the aura you're projecting, you will infect those around you with it… and they'll let you know by treating you as if you're a walking embodiment of nails-on-a-chalkboard. However it goes, though, you're still responsible. The minute you start receiving unpleasant reactions from people, you'll want to stop short and look at what you're sending out to them. If you still can't see your part in it, ask a third party to step in and mediate. (And if that person snips at you, you'll know for sure that you're drawing it to you.) On a positive note, if you use this influence to enthusiastically lead others in a particular direction, you've got some major planetary help. (Let's just hope it's not toward unnecessary conflict.)


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Not sure exactly what's going down in your life? By now, Pisces, you should be used to me telling you that it's a good thing… and believe it or not, it's an especially rewarding position to be in right now. For your own highest advantage, I hope you become so laden with the chaotic unintelligibility of your current situation—no matter which way you turn, the details just won't arrange themselves into a single coherent analysis, right?—that you reach the point of simply not giving a shit about what makes sense. Only then will you hit the liberation I spoke of two weeks ago. You need to reach a crisis-point with your logical mind before you'll be freed up enough to dream about what could happen next… without coming up with 'rational' reasons to shut down the process before the vision has a chance to emerge. An integral part of dreaming is the intentional suspension of disbelief, which is a cordial invitation to ignore the practical objections that may crop up (at least for the time being) and simply feed the dream as if practicality were irrelevant. Trust me, if you incubate the dream for a while so that it expands from a few measly cells to a fetal version of 'the real thing', then you can worry about addressing the practical details—and at that point, you'll find them not nearly as mammoth as they seem in the dreaming stage. In the meantime, you should still give your logical mind its proper respect… by hijacking it from blocking your dreams, and reassigning it to your day-to-day duties. Regular effort made every day toward one's own responsibilities is a valuable discipline. And once your dream is fully ready to implement, you'll be glad to have developed it so well in advance.