Horoscopes | Week of March 5-11, 2007

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Fire, fire, everywhere this week! Your life-force flames are popping, crackling and jumping high… spreading into new territory, not yet laid claim to by your trailblazing explorations. That's adventure for you—exposing you to people, places and episodes never before glimpsed (or at least not from this particular angle), so, as a result, your horizons broaden and your experiential wisdom expands. By its very nature, you cannot know what you'll find when you get there… or even where 'there' is. If it's uncharted land, you mustn't expect a government-approved welcome sign or civilized facilities to greet you there. No sirree, Aries, this is a make-it-up-as-you-go-along segment of the trail. If you feel somewhat alone, as if nobody can quite see what you've gotten yourself into or provide a handy set of step-by-step instructions… if you're a bit jumpy, since you can't determine quite how close you are to getting lost, how far you've drifted from home, or how deep the treasure's buried… and if all this 'huh?' also kind of stimulates your body's adrenaline manufacture… well, you're in a helluva good place. As long as you pack a heavy-duty supply of courage, you can live off the land and pick up whatever scraps you need along the way. Nothing wrong with hunting for shortcuts, either. Here, a little bit of haste or irrational risk won't do you any harm—just be sure to make the most of it. And what about the cautious folks or confining situations that require you to calm down, gather your patience, and proceed with way too carefully? Don't bother messing with 'em. Who has time for that?


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): As much as possible, Taurus, place yourself in other people's hands this week… simply because we don't want you having to worry about taking care of the mundane drivel. As far as the vast majority of stuff goes, either someone else can handle it, or it can wait. Please don't think of this as an impediment, Taurus—for, heaven help us, we're all aware that you can take care of yourself just fine—but rather as a freeing-up of time and energy, so you can open up to whatever you wouldn't ordinarily take in. With the obligation to 'be the practical one (as always)' temporarily lifted, you'll be more easily able to enjoy the best of what your week has to offer—daydreams and distractions, pretty rocks and flowers along the path, clouds in the sky or in your head, and innumerable other things of pure beauty. More than anything else, this is about being receptive to inspiration, which usually only comes for a visit when we create an inviting arena in which its magic can work. And that can't happen when we're busy corralling the day-to-day details into a manageable heap. The image that's coming to my mind is one of those 'trust walk' exercises, when people are partnered off so one can be blindfolded and led around by the other, forcing her to give up control… and focus on the messages perceived by the senses other than sight. While I don't think you need to sheathe your eyes in order to receive inspiration from your senses, it does help to have others along to relieve you of the trappings of 'ordinary life' and escort you into this different reality. In fact, what promises to be enchanting when you experience it out in the world also threatens to become unhealthy if you stay wholly self-enclosed, alone at home. Rather than courting inspiration, too much isolation instead tempts your imagination to come a bit unhinged. Remaining connected to other people, however, keeps you safe and sound.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): A swelling trine of planetary energy in your 'social relating' houses make it a glorious week for giddy gallivanting, palling around with the peeps, and guiding the Fun Parade down the nearest Main Street. You're liable to be everybody's favorite frolicsome friend this week, which has its definite advantages—so long as you don't overcommit schedule-wise, to the point of having very little to offer any one person. No one wants a watered-down version of you. They want big fucking chunks, Gemini. So how, then, do you juggle all the well-loved chums who want their fair share… and not extend yourself beyond a healthy stretch? Instead of keeping all your social selves separate, try introducing one set of amigos to another. Bring a companion along to every event. Tell multiple people to meet you at the same place at the same hour, and let the impromptu mingling run away with itself. Not only will you save your energy by seeing more folks in less time… but hell, you get to be at the center of it all, too. Meanwhile, you're also fulfilling a service: giving your friends an opportunity to expand their social scene. Not everyone finds it as easy to meet new people as most Gemini souls do. What comes as second-nature to you may be wrought with much anxiety for others. You can help the social gears stay greased by popping in and out of conversations, just enough to ensure the rest of 'em are gabbing comfortably with each other. And maybe, just maybe, your social-director efforts will bring together the next hot couple or a pair of new best friends. The only thing to worry about then is what'll happen if the fresh duo compares notes on you. Oh, is that why you haven't brought your different scenes together before?


CANCER (June 21-July 22): With two of the 'luckier' planets (Venus and Jupiter) joining their wonder-twin powers from two work-related houses (your solar 10th and 6th, respectively), there are fantastic opportunities abounding all around. But that's an entirely different thing than imagining neatly-typed offer letters, fat raises or sky's-the-limit promotions being dropped at your doorstep, yours to collect by simply opening the front door when the buzzer buzzes. Alas, that just isn't how Venus and Jupiter work. They merely magnetize fortunate possibilities to you with greater ease… so that you can then catch one of the flying balls with both hands and run for the goalposts. Hopefully, Cancer, you'll recognize the riper-than-usual promise of fortune when the golden chances present themselves this week, even if it's nothing more than one new assignment or a widened perspective on your current situation. When it comes to how you're using your disciplined diligence and physical prowess on a given day, you're at a particularly well-suited point to actually achieve something that'll make you proud. However, the juiciest shots must be jumped on right away, as opposed to ambivalently weighing the pros and cons for a protracted time-span… or you just might miss 'em forever. You're a master of intuition. Therefore, you should know—within the very first few minutes—whether what's being laid out is a dream-come-true or a dead-end-dud. Act on that instinct, on the spot. And while claiming a front-row ticket won't excuse you from having to follow up with the necessary hard work to secure your seat, you should be somewhat suspicious if this 'opportunity' hinges on whether you must drop some more dollars into it before getting anything back. You don't need to pay anybody off to prove yourself worthy.


LEO (July 23-August 22): Thanks to a harmonic triangle between Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in fire signs, you're in a splendid position to take huge bites out of life… and worry about how to swallow them later. Whatever it is: If it spurs optimism or generates an uplifting body-buzz in you, Leo, then find some way to make it happen. And if bores you to tears or leaves you feeling just a little dead inside, please plan your escape. (This applies to your love matches, too.) Because that so-familiar-it's-like-beating-a-dead-horse Saturn in your 1st is part of this bright astro-configuration, this is more than merely a chance to have a good time. This is a serious responsibility to yourself, to ensure your life is stimulating your soul—and to make the necessary adjustments, if it isn't. Leo is the sign of effervescent vitality, which, at its best, captures a purity of self-expression that's potent enough to make so many others jealous (a la 'Oh, those damn Leos think everything is about them!') If you aren't living in a way that's true to what brings you joy (rather than how you imagine the royal 'They' would want you to behave), then you're not being a healthy, self-actualized Leonine individual. It's got to make you happy, or it's just not worth the fight. 'Happy', though, is a deeper state of being than momentarily appeasing whatever hunger crops up in an instant's desperation to be filled up with something… only to discover later that the 'quick fix' only makes it worse later. So this week's advice isn't intended to wave you through all decision-making with a carte-blanche 'whatever you want'. Be more sincere and long-range about it. Instead, think of it as being whoever you want (as long as it's really you)… and doing what it'll take to fully embody that role, head to toe, day in and day out.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): We're still only midway through the eclipse zone (not wholly unlike 'the twilight zone', really)… and as I already mentioned, you Virgos are being gifted an especially knotty clump of mixed feelings that are too tumultuous to resolve overnight. Yet, as the applicable 'emotionally charged situations' present themselves, you'll be hit with a gut-level wallop of truth during the split-second it's all happening. These are powerful nuggets of future transformational potency, which you'd do best to file away in an easy-to-find section of your mind, rather than caving to the notion you must act on 'em right away. Use the moment to capture snapshots and imprints. You'll need 'em later. Once you step out of the ring, you will be highly susceptible to unstable—and potentially toxic—afterthoughts, such as late-onset guilt or (totally useless) regret. Of these, you should be most skeptical. No matter how formidable a force you may be fighting against, you must insist your brain quit overanalyzing what's already transpired. Your inner peace is on the line. Trust your astrologer: Too much self-referential circular logic, of the type you're liable to concoct if left to your own internal-processing devices, is a dangerously confusing thing. You'll drive yourself crazy playing and replaying, slicing and dicing, putting the pieces together and then discovering the picture they paint doesn't quite match the image on the box. And besides, what's already done is done… at least for the time being.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): As you delight in the week's stream of sociable convivialities, which will suck you into its smooth undertow of acquaintance-making and symbolic-kinship-sharing, you can't help but find (and/or strengthen) at least one or two significant interpersonal unions… with the promise of later proving to be important benchmark-type relationships, whether you become attached at the hip or merely see each other on a handful of occasions in your whole lifetime. Be on the lookout for these beacon-of-light connections. You'll recognize them by how, without it seeming anything but casual, they innately expose you to a fuller range of possibilities that you might not ordinarily perceive, were not for them. It's as if you simultaneously feel so like-minded and soul-similar to this enthralling individual—yet also detect (and maybe even envy) in them a more brazen curiosity, a no-holds-barred ambition or lighter-than-air joie de vivre that you could learn something from. I repeat: You may never see this person more than once or twice ever, or might never peel yourself away from her/him again, but in any case, the meeting can change your life. Are you brave enough to call it as you see it, and pursue its full potential… no matter if your current batch of unwelcoming friends or a suspicious spouse resent your attempt to try something different? Your long-term happiness hinges upon whether you feel free to draw new people and experiences into your sphere—while still maintaining the appropriate rapport with who and what is already there. In other words, you'll want (1) your old pals and (2) your new best friend or hot-'n'-spicy loverboy/girl to get along well. Though the ultimate verdicts are out of your hand, make sure you do your best to keep everybody mixing, so they can feel each other out. Use your people skills to ensure the chit-chat flows, and no one is left out. And if one of your 'ol' standbys' opts to give one of your 'fresh faces' the cold shoulder, call 'em out on it… after the fact.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): The planets have woven you a very productive (and lucky!) workweek, if you play your cards right, Scorpio. The winningest behavioral combinations will blend (1) a joyful satisfaction in checking items off the ticker-tape to-do list, since it feels damn good to whir with efficiency, and (2) a seamlessly businesslike attitude toward bosses, clients, co-workers or anybody else who's apt to judge your capabilities based on the image you present. Though your usual process of bulldozing through the work-piles may include moments where it appears as if you're 'losing your shit' (I know, I know… it's just your passions bubbling forth), you'll have to moderate (or severely limit) the amount of frenzied overexuberance that leaks out from your closed office door. The Powers That Be don't need to see that stuff. You won't gain esteem by flaunting your whirling-dervish, Tasmanian-devil spin-cycle shenanigans at the board meeting—if anything, you could lose some. But remember: This is a lucky!, as well as productive, workweek. There's absolutely nothing wrong with your unique manner of producing the excellent results you've become known for. Do what you need to do. Just place equal importance on the image you're projecting to the folks who can make or break your chances to earn more money and recognition in the future. Appearances do matter. If you can remember that, your payoff this week is likely to bring an amazing sense of accomplishment… as well as the pay hike, the key to the executive washroom, or whatever other tangible accolades equal 'success' to you, later if not sooner. Still, take it one step at a time, and with a consummately professional smile of cordiality stapled to your face.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): A groovy grand trine, specially presented for your benefit by benevolent benefactor Jupiter, deems you to be the week's luckiest duck. And what a vigorous, activating week it is, too! Sandwiched between two eclipses and a momentum-generating helping of the fire element… let's just say there's lots of movement. You have the enviable position of effortlessly attracting enough good vibes to land a principal role in setting the agenda for where that movement's headed—both for yourself and for those who are under your spell, thanks to Venus working her magic from your 5th. Love could indeed be in the air, if you've stumbled upon a strong-willed sweetheart who won't shy away from your sturdy one-two punch. You'll know you've met a worthy match when he or she puts up a bit of a flirtatious fight, rather than swallowing your ultra-convincing opinions (or are they just loud and pushy?) without batting an eyelash. Even if romance isn't the domain where your beefed-up becomingness is unfolding, the same advice applies: Flock to the folks who will gladly and confidently partake in lively back-and-forths on any topic, without letting you get away with being a know-it-all. With your instinctively direct manner and swaggering demeanor, you can't constantly watch your words, worrying that something you said off the cuff will offend the sensibilities of those 'delicate flower' types… especially if you have other stuff you want to spend your energies doing. The right companions will bounce off you with a healthy tension that heats you both up—in the most delicious of ways.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Your simple equation for a happy week? Peaceful, quiet respite + good boundaries = soul-nourishing splendor. Don't kid yourself, though. It won't be so easy to achieve that 'sanctuary' experience. You'll notice the second ingredient was 'good boundaries', which will be essential right now, as everyone around you is totally wound up and ready to march manically and maniacally into your personal space, whisking up drama as naturally as horses kick up dust on a trail-ride. But what's going on with them is not what's going on with you… and it needn't become one-and-the-same, just because they want to draw you in. Good boundaries, indeed. You may actually need to speak in super-sharp, possibly-snippy sentences, in order to convey your own stance and get the necessary distance. In the very-short term, your directness might even sting their feelings. You'll help counter that effect by continually reiterating to yourself an intention of looking out for what you need… as opposed to thinking of it in terms of how you're shooting someone else down, causing them distress or resisting their advances. Focus on yourself, and the escape you're yearning for. Even if you do injure someone's pride by refusing to participate in their hysteria, it'll eventually pass. This, after all, won't be one of those epic instances of 'wronging'—no matter if they see it that way from behind their lens of theatricality. It ain't all that. The quicker you get your truth out and move on, the sooner you can start relaxing.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): The social forces are spinning in rapidly stimulating circles, seducing you into bringing friends or like-minded allies along with you wherever you go. This week, Aquarius, it's all about community. But before you attach too many serious connotations to that word 'community', stop and reinterpret. Think of it as 'a group of people who've found some compelling reason to hang together'—then invite everyone for a night on the town, an ethnically interesting potluck dinner, a wildly productive brainstorming session, or any excuse to be around the folks that get your tail wagging. You're in a particularly good position to pursue new acquaintanceships, too, with anybody who looks even mildly interesting. You never know who they'll end up being unless you spend a few minutes picking their brains in a way only Aquarians can (e.g., disarming any self-conscious bashfulness, flaunting your own oddities, asking interesting questions about how they ended up here). With all these amazing social possibilities, however, you certainly bear the potential of spreading yourself too thin… and missing out on certain significant moments of sharing with the one or two people who've already proven to be important. When you're loving everyone equally, you're not loving the special ones more specially. Sometimes, it's okay to discriminate, as in granting privileges to those who earned 'em. Naturally, the threat of overlooking an important relationship looms largest in the love zone… where, if you're coupled up, you'd damn well better include your honey in all the fun, or have a damn good reason for freezing him/her out. Otherwise, why wouldn't your other half get moody or suspicious? (Does having him/her around cramp your style?) As I pointed out last week, you shouldn't practice bad relationship manners—unless, of course, you're prepared for the fallout. Your darling mustn't take a backseat to socializing. And if you're single and looking, make sure your friends don't take up all your energy. Reserve some for the wandering eye of flirtation, or nobody will know you're available.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): We'll begin with a recap from last week's scope: These next few weeks will be anything but stable. From there, our next stop is: All bets are off. And stick around for the final destination, where all the best restaurants and hotels are waiting for you to show up: Why the hell not? See, Pisces, once enough of those cords tethering you to 'the way things are' have been snipped and their loose ends are flapping free-and-frenetic in the open air… it opens a huge space for you to stop giving a shit about whatever your justifications have been to bother giving a shit, and you can just fly, with nothing holding you back. In particular, this nausea-inducing sense of freedom is best deployed professionally, for (need I say it again?) these are fabulous career times for you. There's huge potential to boost your income and affirm, to yourself and others, your ability to do great work. But the key is to remain out there on the ledge, as unattached to one outcome or another as possible. You do your piece, loudly and smartly and consistently, and the universe will toss the other pieces out at you, bird by bird. If unexpected opportunities arrive, by all means, grab 'em. (Please hold the excuses for why, though you'd absolutely love to follow this dream-train, you can't. What are you, crazy? This is the opening you've been wanting so badly.) And if a situation appears to be ending, don't clutch to it, desperate as a love-sick schoolgirl who can't handle the fact that her boyfriend might want to screw around when he moves off to college. Let it go. It's not your only chance for whatever you think it might be your only chance for. This existence we call life works in mysterious… no, screw that, absolutely bizarre ways, which we can't always understand as 'liberating' when they're ripping us apart and leaving us as scrap metal. Still, believe me: This is your liberation happening.