Horoscopes | Week of January 29-February 4, 2007

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Be soft and sweet, dear Aries, for you know not what you do or how strong it may come off… at least not at this specific juncture. And yet, it still qualifies as a 'get ahead' week in the workplace, if you go against the usual habits and embrace radical new practices. The line between 'big payoff' and 'big pain-in-the-ass' comes down to how patiently and pleasantly you convey your fresh outlook. For instance, co-workers—and, in particular, your superiors—may have no friggin' clue what you're trying to show them, and you'll have to grab the lead and teach 'em a thing or two. If you're nice about it, they'll immediately see how your grabbing-of-the-bull-by-the-horns will make their lives so much easier… and they'll want to kiss your feet in appreciation. If instead you posture as if they should've already known (a la: '…and I have to do everything around here!'), then they will block your suggestions, no matter how right-on or potentially helpful they may be, and fight back with muscle and might. Appreciate the diversity of people involved, and how each individual may require a different approach and/or a longer time to get the details straight. Don't push. Just make the risk-taking and change-making look so easy and fun, they'll want to push themselves.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): You'll pull off a magnificent victory—not just for yourself, but for the whole gang—by daring to say what no one else will. When you can clearly see what's best for everyone (and it appears as if the rest of 'em are missing the main meat-o'-the-matter), why wouldn't you point out your observations? If you're not intentionally trying to step on toes, then you should go ahead and spout your findings. As long as you're speaking out for what's fair and right, everyone will win. Watch that your tone not accidentally (or not-so-accidentally) verge into a harsh or demanding pitch, for there's nothing to gain from such not-nice naughtiness. After all, you yourself are a member of the very group you're trying to assist… and thus should treat every one of them just as you'd want to be treated. That said, don't mince your words and flirt with avoiding the main core of the message that desperately needs delivering. They need the message, and you're an ideal messenger. Your growth-lesson in this exercise comes from deliberately broaching the uncomfortable, with the belief that truth will set you all free. Bravely confront the emotional reactions they may unfairly hurl at you as you begin speaking out. These will quickly pass.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): This week's links between your 7th and 9th houses urge you to heed your inner moral guide when it comes to all interpersonal relations. (He's the cartoon figure above your head wearing the white robe and halo, not the one with pitchfork and horns.) I'm sure you wouldn't want to become one of those folks who claims to hold high standards for how to treat others… then falls short of them in your own life. Now's your chance to practice what you preach. Take this opportunity to treat your relationship commitments with the utmost seriousness. And if you actually walk your talk, you'll come out the other end smelling sweeter than a bouquet of sweet-smelling flowers—though the instant of 'taking a stand' (whatever that'll mean to you) may feel nerve-wracking to the nth degree. If your behaviors contradict your belief system, however, folks will perceive you as a giant flake whose word is as good as chewed gum on a shoe-bottom. This inner tension between impulse and integrity takes on greater import in the professional realm, where good-luck factors would seem to indicate an easy go of it. But if you indiscriminately accept whatever shows up—without considering whether it'll set you up to act dishonorably toward someone else later—it'll bite your butt. Effortlessly receiving 'fortune' isn't always the luckiest thing you can do.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): This life is far too short to be left wondering, 'What would it have been like if I'd actually tried that?' Even as terror rises when you consider taking that one step way out of your comfort zone, you must know it won't kill you to do it… sure, maybe a quick fright, a moment's embarrassment, or a bit of that uncomfortable feeling of having no clue what you're doing, but none of those are fatal conditions. And don't waste your brainpower on generating a list of appropriate, respectable reasons to go for it (or hide from it) either; this is not a case where reasoning skills make a hill-o'-beans of difference. There's either courage in your heart, or not. (I want to believe there is.) And you're either willing to risk comfort for evolution, or not. (Comfort, by the way, will always be there when you get back.) All in all, it's worth going out for the adventure—whatever qualifies as such in your current situation—though it may make you a little crazy. Bring along a trusty supporter, your main squeeze or your most daredevil pal, and they'll surely look out for you… while they also (hopefully) goad you further into the stretch. Don't let nerves get the best of you, or lead you to snap at your companion. It's these kind of gambles that keep life interesting. Feel free to squeal with excitement.


LEO (July 23-August 22): Last week's scope is still madly relevant, Leo, with planetary hoopla continuing to light up all three of the main relationship houses—the 5th (falling in love), the 7th (building a partnership) and the 8th (going deeper, and getting down-and-dirty). In addition to that is Thursday's (Feb 1) full moon in your sign, which adds to the excitement by bringing all your less-conscious and/or only-partly-disclosed feelings to the surface. Under such an influence, be sure to pay close mind to whatever 'little shit' triggers an odd reaction in you: There's something psychically juicy there, for you to spend more time pondering after the moment's passed. Key to getting the most out of your important relationships—primarily the romantic-love ones, but also relevant to friendships and professional collaborations—is not trying to hide what comes up. This week, the Sun forms a conjunction to wounded-healer Chiron in your 7th, indicating a fundamental significance to owning all your parts (e.g., the flaws and imperfections, the childhood scars, the gaping spots of raw meat) in partnership to others. And with an added sextile to Jupiter in the 5th, all sorts of growth and expansion in your ability to express yourself through love and creativity is promised when you display these bald-faced vulnerabilities. Your declarations and divulgences will hit the other person in his/her soft spot… and make him/her wilder for you than ever. However, on the off chance this shot at total honesty backfires, take it as a sign you've been barking up the wrong tree with this lad or lady. In this love-happy climate, your Mr./Ms. Right is somewhere else nearby.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Right off the bat, you should detect a mood-lightening in your relationship world, with Venus and (as of Fri Feb 2) Mercury moving into your 7th. Where before you might've lacked the appreciation and patience for others' irrationalities, now you can find the heart to handle 'em. Or at least I hope so. But despite the 'good' influence of Venus in drawing peace-love-and-understanding into your one-on-one dynamics, there remains a certain volatility I hinted at last week. With Mars in your 5th, you must work with the instinct to put more of yourself out there… even to 'make it all about you' more brazenly than you usually might. Otherwise, plan on feeling angry or resentful of those who're having a more playful, entertaining time at life than you. And with that Mars waltzing along in sextile to Uranus in the 7th, the anger will likeliest be directed at your primary life-partner, in some low-vibration attempt to shake things up. There are far healthier ways to play this energy, though… such as rebelling against the expectations of your sweetie or maybe-baby, and suggesting a ridiculously uncharacteristically wild-and-crazy idea for a date-night or togetherness-activity. Buck the trend with totally unpredictable behavior, and it'll get the sparks flying, for the first time or all over again. And if you're really into pushing the envelope (and I suggest you should be), then try creating an alter ego for a little role-playing scenario… some character you become to act out rowdier urges that might otherwise fluster your blushing Virgoan ego. This sinful twin is sure to say and do things that could even shock you.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): Why get fixed into place, when you can dabble, light as air? Why overstay your welcome, when there's a hundred other more inviting destinations and discussions, each with its own morsel of value? Enjoy doing it your way, if it'll get it done… and if somebody has a personal issue with that, explaining the 'doing' without going into the 'personal'. (And no one says your way has to be best, whatever the criteria of that might be… just yours.) Have faith you can deliver the message better than anyone, to build enough consensus to smooth their puckered expressions… and yet remain unaffected by their moody reactions to each other. It's about fulfilling duties and completing tasks, in a way that buys everyone the freedom to leave that crap behind once it's fulfilled or completed, knowing that good work all day (or night) allows the mind to wander to its own pursuits on the off-time. Use your charm while on the job, in order to make it easier to release the burden once you clock out. Too much fun is to be had to carry stress away with you. Too many kind-hearted, self-actualized party pals exist to bother wasting effort on cooing at the angry caged-animal types. You're only one person, with a set number of hours in your day… and you should get to decide how exactly to spend a decent portion of 'em. At the faintest sign of avoidable trouble, flip your head and glance over at something less likely to erupt.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): This isn't the first time in recent weeks, Scorpio, I've found you sort of slipping between the cracks of multiple astro-influences… making it harder than usual for me to provide perfectly reliable blanket statements about your week. There's the 3rd-house Mars playing well with 5th-house Uranus, promising you some hardy-har-har attention if you bring the 'live wire' part of your personality out to play, cracking up your chums (and potential love-matches) with witty quips and side-splitting one-liners. Then, you've got the Sun-Chiron conjunction in your 4th linked to Jupiter in the 2nd, which indicates the ability to take care of your own emotions in an especially compassionate manner… ultimately boosting your sense of security (and adding to your knack for drawing wealth). I guess a good way to interpret this is by reminding you that there's no need to put all your week's eggs in one basket, insisting on either extreme of total introversion or sociability. Another direction is to point out what isn't particularly favored this week—dramatic actions or developments in either the primary-relationship or outer-world/career section. That doesn't mean nothing's happening, but it implies not to make either of those your main focus. That leaves you to divide your time between entertaining encounters and tender private moments, neither of which need to take priority over the other. And if you end up feeling a tad scattered or schizophrenic, hopefully this horoscope helps explain why.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): If I'm reading the 1st-/3rd-house action in your chart correctly, Sagittarius, then your input and involvement is required (or at least strongly desired) in several still-dangling conversations and considerations on a variety of topics of mild-to-moderate interest. Don't disappoint the allies, acquaintances and incomers who simply want to pick your brain… but, likewise, don't misgauge or overemphasize what they actually need from you. Make tentative, speculative comments—without stating them as answers or facts. And that's not because what you're saying is wrong (nor is it necessarily right). It's just not your proper role to take over. You're an informative correspondent, a contracted consultant, another voice among many rather than the guiding light of salvation… at least in the situations you'll face this week. So while social interaction and lively discussion is encouraged by the celestial climate, its principal value to you is in the circulation itself—not the product or end result, which is wholly their concern. And even as you're still wrapping up those already-committed-to exchanges and engagements, you'll already begin to feel the tides a-turnin' away from these external affairs… and toward a craving for the peace-and-quiet of home. That's Venus now nestled in your 4th house, where pleasure is best found privately. Forgive yourself for wanting out of certain of these social commitments. If you do a good job in a few of 'em, grant yourself permission to opt out of a few others. You can't be expected to do everything.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): A 1st-house Mars like the one you're now hosting, Capricorn, is a friend worthy of your thanks… as he's bestowing upon you a nice-sized bump of initiative and pluck, which you can use to whatever advantage you desire. In-the-moment self-assertion should be much easier, without your need to try as hard to get your point across. It'll deliver itself naturally, automatically. It's also a great placement for leadership (more by example than proclamation)… and when we include its sextile to Uranus in your 3rd, you're also set to take the reins in getting other folks to think about things differently, whether it's at home, on the job or over dinner with pals. Remind everyone who thinks he's got his mind made up: There are always more alternatives to examine. Then, toss one or two on the heap… without the slightest bit of attachment to whether they applaud or sneer. Your duty for the week is to serve as creative complicating factor… adding pleasantly-phrased, well-intended dissent whenever a package seemed too tidily wrapped up in ribbons and bows. Sure, it may come off like you're trying to be difficult—and perhaps you are, but only because your astrologer told you to do so—but you're helping them rack their brains for whatever they missed. In the end, their ideas and beliefs and plans will be all the better for how you challenged. And you get a much-needed energy release… plus the chance to be just slightly difficult, toward a very good purpose.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): You'll do a great service to everyone you contact this week, Aquarius, if you can muster a genuine sense of self-acceptance… one that displays compassion for the messes we humans carry with us wherever we go. Yes, even with those extra ten pounds and the secret drawer of unpaid bills, the interpersonal commitments you dodged and the important appointment you totally spaced… you are perfect exactly as is. (That doesn't mean you can't still grow and change, of course.) Refuse to pander to the broken-record monologue in your head that analyzes your so-called foibles and failings into a list of things to do before you're okay. Instead, switch the channel to the 24-hour positive reinforcement station, where a loop of 'everything's just as it should be' repeats until it's ingrained. To grasp the great power of this week's challenge, you must understand that it's not just your self-confidence, self-image, self-esteem, self-blahblahblah that's at stake here. With multiple links between your 1st and 11th houses, it's about inspiring your friends, peers, colleagues and greater community to accept themselves as they are, too. If you're willing to love your imperfect body or your absent-mindedness, your still-in-development relation to work or money, your tendency to be self-centered or self-indulgent—whatever the fuck it is—then someone else may be more willing to love themselves, in spite of similarly messed-up exquisiteness. With your fair, humanitarian streak, I'm sure that's a motivating cause you can get behind… and, in the process of advocating for it, heal yourself, too.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Here's hoping you made it through a rather ungrounded past week… since, as I already told you in the last 'scope, this week is an entirely different story. No, you haven't swiftly become the master of all pragmatic details… as if that really matters much right now. With Venus and Mercury both in Pisces, as well as Mars on your side in the 11th, things will be going far more smoothly than in recent weeks. It doesn't take much effort to receive Venus's good graces—just openness to taking your self-defining cues from the wonderful way others are treating you (and not from the same tired self-sacrificing song-and-dance). Growth in the public spectrum, at work or in the community, is also gently favored… as long as you make small movements, hinting or leaning in certain directions, rather than demanding all the notice or an immediate switch to the corner office. And those friends you adore but who push certain buttons in you, ultimately leading you to 'act out' in ways that assert your independence, are the ones you want to seek out… to keep you from settling too comfortably into dead-end flows. In fact, you're quite unlikely to go wrong—as long as you stay in some kind of progressive motion, without getting stuck in no-man's-land. Any decision you make is better than no decision at all. You'll only face trouble if you insist on second-guessing yourself. If it feels right, that's all you need to know.