Horoscopes | Week of January 22-28, 2007

ARIES (March 21-April 19): When I say it's time to be thinking big, I don't just mean in terms of grand plans and visionary ideas to make your life even better than it already is. I also intend to encourage you toward greater consideration of everyone else's relation to what you're thinking—your gaggle of good friends, your allies in the good fight or the blanket cause, the whole of humankind. They hold hints and suggestions, if you bother to ask. They can redirect the flow of efforts and attentions, should you be willing to embrace a so-called detour and follow their scent. But if you come dashing to dinner or storming into the meeting with the whole damn bag of what-ifs figured out (or so you think), you can expect to miss much of the scintillating subtext being withdrawn back into its shell all around you. That is, coming on too strong or overly confident won't do anybody any harm but you. They'll smile, but freeze you out. They'll leave you to your own devices, since you've implied (through your brash appearance of already knowing it all) that you need nothing from them. And so, perhaps, you've gained (or retained) independence—but at the cost of so many more possibilities, much more fun, and a whole bunch of friendly faces to join you in the process.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): There's a fine line between being a paragon of healthy humility… and refusing to accept the praise and the perks you so earnestly earned, in continuation of a pattern of self-underrating. Go on, be humble—but don't let it block your next big success, by telling yourself you're 'not ready' or 'it's not time' (or 'what the fuck are you thinking?'). You've still got a lot of positive 10th-house action going down, Taurus, boosting all public opinion of your outer-world accomplishments. Yet, it's the pesky oppositions to Saturn in your 4th that threaten to muck it up… driving you to block your own next big success, with a few well-aimed statements of private doubt. Fight the temptation to produce reasons why Dream X or Goal Y is impossible to achieve, and don't hide behind 'practical logic' (whatever that may be) to defend your self-poking-and-prodding. Even if, in fact, you truly do doubt yourself, you'll have to pummel right through it… and start repeating positive-thinking mantras to yourself, until you at least halfway believe 'em. Why is it so important to force yourself into thinking positively? Because the boss and/or other such VIPs pertinent to your evolution are more clued-in to what's in your head this week, as if they can almost read your mind. Therefore, let 'em read your thoughts about what more you want to be doing, and how excited you are to learn—not a bunch of hogwash about what you're lacking or why you'll keep falling short.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Contrary to what one might tell esteemed members of a think-tank during one of its brainstorming sessions, not all ideas are good ideas. Well, to be more precise, they may be just fine… but not for you, and/or not for right now. In light of this notion, Gemini, will you be courageous enough to apply judgment to the different opinions and choices, and decide which is wheat and which chaff? You are not entitled to both what's in the big box onstage and what's behind Curtain Number 3… and should you try to grab at both (one for each grubby, non-committal paw), you can expect to wind up empty-handed. By week's end, lovely-lady Venus will move into your 10th house, which usually promises glad tidings in the professional/public sphere. And trust me, you'll be far better prepared to recognize the blessings where they lay, if you've already worked out your ambivalence on the level of belief. Having trouble making the call? Then, go in the direction of options and opportunities that'll push you into unknown territory… where you'll be likelier to learn something new, rather than proving and re-proving how adept you are at repeating familiar patterns (not unlike a rat in a maze). Life is chock full of excitement right now, but you won't be able to enjoy it fully until you resolve one or two of these distracting either/ors.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): Is the steam that's rising up between you two really as hot as it seems? And for that matter, what do I mean by 'steam', anyway? After all, the same heating-up metaphor can be used to imply (1) intensified passion, of either the collaboratively-creative or licentiously-lusty varieties, or (2) exacerbated strife, in any of its many forms. (And isn't there often a very fine line between the two?) It's that current 8th-house emphasis of yours, Cancer, that escalates the psychic interpenetration between you and some intimate associate in your life—your lover, your business partner, your supposed rival (or is it doppelganger?), the person you want to cuddle and/or strangle. As you get further 'into' one another's sphere of influence, you're each wanting some degree of more of whatever it is you want from each other… whether good or bad, tantalizing or toxic. However it's playing out, stay firmly centered in the moment's ecstasy/agony, rather than looking too far into the future. With the opposition to Saturn in your 2nd, it's best not to sign away your undying devotion—or any of your cash. Instead, focus on doing the right thing… and yes, I know how vague that phrase can be. To clarify, it's not 'the right thing' because it bestows upon you some kind of moral superiority, or plays to the assumption that, as long as you give and give and give, your generosity will always save the day. No, 'the right thing' comes from a higher, broader perspective… and is judged by whether it's honest, upfront, and supports the ultimate evolution of both of you.


LEO (July 23-August 22): The planets have conspired to weave you a powerfully romantic fabric of possibilities, upon which your greatest dreams for loving partnership can be magically transformed into reality. It's under such transits (e.g., Venus in the 7th sextile Pluto in the 5th) that relationships are born, nurtured, or transcended on behalf of something better on the horizon. And thanks to a Mercury-Neptune conjunction in the 7th, you could feel so close to a certain special someone, it's as if you can read his or her mind. How wonderful for tapping into the unsaid messages between you… or how potentially dangerous, if too many assumptions are made based upon them. Let's not forget Saturn in your 1st—and how could you, Leo, forget Saturn during this phase of your life?—and his opposition to all things 7th-house-(and thus relationship-)related, which requires that you figure yourself out first, before lapsing too far into 'togetherness' and misplacing your truth. If you get overly wrapped up with 'reading his/her mind' (or, worse, trying to analyze what you thought you read), you'll end up playing to what you think he/she wants from you… and totally space on what you otherwise would've said. That, of course, leads you right back to the same age-old Saturn-in-Leo lesson I've been drilling into your head for a year and a half: Are you being authentic, or do you merely want to be liked… at any cost? Love is much sweeter when you can be yourself. Some might argue, in fact, it isn't really love unless you are being yourself.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): With multiple oppositions to your currently-in-the-12th Saturn, which has a tendency to create phantom anxieties or latently menacing desires to escape from the here-and-now, you should probably watch how disillusioned or down you might feel at passing instances. This is not your reality—just a momentary blip of believing that nothing you do will ever fill that void inside. (Newsflash: We've all got a void, and it bothers only some of us some of the time.) Yet, I encourage you to do stuff anyway… because, at the same time staying productive won't turn all your moods magically delicious, your solar 6th-house action shows you'll still get things accomplished. Dare I say it… just don't think about those big questions so much, or try to 'solve' your emotional 'problems', or worry about why your usual strategy of throwing yourself into work isn't alleviating the grumps. (For all you know, that strategy might do the trick, if you weren't thinking so much.) I also urge you not to take your emotional fluctuations out on the person you're sharing life (or a particular piece of it) with, as your relationship zone may be prone to exceptionally erratic developments right now. If a key figure is frustrating the hell out of you, give it a week. Venus moves into your 7th by week's end, gifting you renewed patience with, and compassion for, the one(s) you care about.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): Mercury conjunct Neptune in your 5th house, Libra, speaks to me of poetry… both the kind you compose in fancy-bound journals, on matchbook innards or Microsoft Word, and the kind you live, through a moving appreciation of the cosmic intelligence innate in every detail around you. Why be precise, after all, when you can be evocative… and share feelings rather than dry, distilled information? Your written and spoken words are charged with supernatural charm, so use them to your advantage. (Take note, writers, actors and orators among you: This is a week of thrilling inspiration.) Embrace your creative license to translate the symbols you spy in any manner that exhilarates you. And that, of course, applies to the signs of love packed into scraps of stray paper, streetside billboards or the announcer's voice during commercial breaks. Will it hurt to suspend logic and follow your rainbow to its elusive treasure? Only if you pin your long-term security on it. One word of warning: With Saturn in your 11th, you may find a friend trying to rain on your parade by offering a 'reality check' in an attempt to straighten you out. (Who asked for a straightening, anyhow?) Whether they're jealous, unable to understand where you're coming from, or sincerely concerned for your well-being, it's worth listening respectfully—and taking it with a grain of salt.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): It's not just that, should you have nothing nice to say, you probably shouldn't say anything at all. Beyond 'not nice' (whatever the heck that means), there are plenty of other types of things that aren't worth voicing aloud this week, at least not in front of anyone: moody or overly emotional disclosures, self-important or sanctimonious declarations, veiled criticisms and unsolicited opinions, or really anything at all that'll have others wondering what's up with you. See, Scorpio, that hyper-imaginative bunch of planets (Mercury, Venus and Neptune) in your 4th house holds the capacity to have you inventing elaborate—though notably imprecise—stories or scenarios to explain your topsy-turvy feelings. Such accounts may entertain or educate you, but have no business being shared publicly… especially in the workplace, or around anybody whose assessment of you is ultimately important to your desired advancement. You may have perfectly good reasons to be annoyed, upset, or eager for action, yet please save the ranting and whining for behind closed doors. You'll gain nothing by letting it loose in settings where your very future may be a stake. Stay poker-faced when out and about. Next week, you'll be in a much better position to go on record with your personal involvements. Until then, as far as everyone but the closest of your friends (excluding pals from on the job) are concerned, everything's peachy.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): I seriously can't imagine why, Sagittarius, you'd bother with much of anything too important this week (except, of course, those pressing priorities that must be tackled right now). And that's not because I don't think you can handle it, or are liable to unconsciously sabotage yourself… no, nothing like that. It's far simpler. Simply put: Who needs the hassle? Your life currently has plenty of momentum to eliminate your need to get out of the car and push. You're rollin', rollin', rollin' along just fine, right? That's not to say every last bit of every last circumstance is smoother than it's ever been—when would that fantastical notion ever be true? But overall, it's looking good. Don't allow impatience to get the best of you, by sniffing out molehills to magnify into mountainhood. Instead, smile and bend down and coo at the bump, 'Oh, what a pretty little molehill you are. Yes, so pretty. Good molehill.' Acknowledge it for what it is, then move on. It's far wiser to spend your week moseying along the side roads, dilly-dallying and pausing to enjoy the scenery… not wondering worriedly if everything is 'on track', if everybody 'gets' you, or what has to be finished by when. You have a whole year ahead to manage that stuff.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): In an unusual twist for the Capricorn psyche, you may have to tune out the so-called facts to do what's wisest, especially when it comes to all things financial or otherwise 'practical'. Go ahead and blame the confluence of watery influences—a Mercury-Neptune conjunction in your 2nd, Venus's sextile to your 12th-house Jupiter and Pluto—for the need to trust and believe, rather than evaluate or strategize. Your hunches are spot-on this week, as long as you can differentiate them from the rest of the noise going on inside your head. (Here's a hint how: Hunches are more full-body—they don't call 'em 'gut instincts' for nothing. And it's likelier to be your intuition talking if it makes your conscious ego a little nervous.) Of course, don't expect anyone else, such as your honey or your business partner, to understand or buy into your instinctual wisdom. Prepare to be questioned, doubted and/or bombarded with attempts to be convinced you're wrong. How could they understand, when you're not even sure why you know what you know? Navigate this potential chasm delicately, for there's no reason to denigrate the relationship over it. In fact, do your absolute best to listen… even as you continue to know what you know. The other person has some very important details for you to properly consider (though that probably won't fully occur this week). Yet, none of that will change the general, overall trueness of your truth.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Last week, it was Venus conjoining Neptune in your sign. This week, it's Mercury, which wraps that elusive Neptunian appeal around your thoughts and communications… bequeathing upon your words a wondrous resonance beyond what you may have meant. As you might imagine, this is a mixed blessing, Aquarius—you'll possess an added psychic attunement to whatever you're commenting on, but won't always have a clear view of what you're saying. Venus, still in your sign for most of the week, could save your butt a few times by polishing the sharp edges off your impromptu observations (for, let's face it, Aquarians aren't the warmest, fuzziest commentators). But even Venus isn't enough to completely rescue you from the multiple oppositions to Saturn in your 7th, with its challenging relationship consequences. In other words, you might inadvertently say something that, though it may be perfectly true, can unsettle the other person in the interaction. Healthy boundaries will do you good, in that you won't take on their irrational reactions to your honest-to-goodness goodness. Or are you being good? Because, beyond any business of boundaries, your most surefire method of avoiding Saturn's zap-a-roos is to maintain a loving, compassionate intention as you blurt (or blunder) your way through the week. Best-case scenario? You say just what they needed to hear, without even understanding (or caring) where it came from.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Just when a cloud of 'what do I do?' threatens to swallow you whole, help is headed your way. That good news, my dear Pisces, is Venus's entry into your sign on Friday (Jan 27), where it'll stay for 3 weeks. In my humble opinion, Venus in one's sign is almost always a good thing (though, yes, nothing in astrology is strictly 'good' or 'bad'), as it's like a spoonful of sugar sweetening every step you take and remark you utter. But until then, I'm afraid, you're sort of flying blind… with a ton of 12th-house, Neptune-clouded astro-action concealing itself from your full apprehension. On top of that, both Mercury and Venus will face exact oppositions to Saturn in your 6th, which threatens physical ramifications—illness (e.g., hangovers, headcolds) or injury (e.g., stubbed toes, skinned knees), inability to get shit done, misplaced papers or lost pets—if you don't stay grounded. Let me interrupt myself: Do not freak about the previous sentence. I'm not saying your puppy will run away, all while you break your leg and lose your job. However, there are consequences to every action… and all I'm saying is that if you completely follow seductive lures into Dreamland, where nothing matters but what'll ease your existential angst for this few minutes and you needn't concern yourself with real-world responsibilities… well, you'll get what you gave. On the other hand, next week is an entirely different story. Hold tight and keep both feet planted on the earth for now, and only start letting up once the weekend rolls around.