Venus/Uranus: 'Love Ain't What I Expected'


Here's how I'll lay it out for you…

First, please take special notice of any surprisingly enjoyable people, experiences or interactions that have shaken you out of your rut over these past few days.

Also, please pay attention to any existing circumstances that are lately feeling rather claustrophobic… as if the spark is gone, the magic missing, or those kittenish buttons inside you no longer being properly punched.

Both, you see, are messages from today's (Wed Feb 7) Venus-Uranus conjunction in Pisces… a transit that turns the ground-breaking, mold-shattering, off-the-beaten-path and normal-no-more aspects of life wildly appealing.

Venus and Uranus together are notorious for bringing love, pleasure and appreciation in unanticipated ways, through peculiar side-avenues or with rather strange individuals… with the purpose of revealing the beauty and grace inherent in going against the grain.

If any of this is currently ringing a bell for you, then thank Venus and Uranus for reminding you joy doesn't always reside where we expect it to be or where we've been told it should. Sometimes it's waiting for us in odd places, in untraditional packages, or in the type of relationships that are less 'fairy tale' and more 'sci-fi' or 'hi-concept'.

The lesson here is about that alive sensation we can only attain by staking our controlling natures, our carefully orchestrated images and our adherence to social codes of conduct… in exchange for the sudden excitement of diving headfirst into god-knows-what. Once we take such leaps into the unknown, it frees us up in all sorts of other areas—as a direct result of that initial courageous step.

Of course, if we're the type to resist change at every turn (out of stubbornness, fear, the need to appear in charge, etc.), or if we'd rather lose our chance at fulfilling dreams than look silly or stupid in front of an imaginary jury of our most mercilessly judgmental peers… well, Venus and Uranus can't do their job as easily, now can they?

Instead, we feel the pressure build up from inside, begging us to twist the valve (in some direction… any direction…) and let off some gas. But no dice, if the stubborn or fearful or domineering ego refuses to budge. The internal discomfort intensifies, as we watch other people out living their lives to the fullest, taking risks we wish we'd allow ourselves to take. And still we sit, ever more discontent.

A Venus-Uranus conjunction not permitted its expression might show its colors through external events happening to us (or so it seems)… the erratic energy projected outward onto dissatisfied lovers, fair-weather friends or quick reversals of fortune who play the rebel for us. If we won't rock the boat, then someone else will. If we're growing increasingly stale ourselves, why wouldn't the other person seek out fresh stimulation elsewhere?

It must be said: Venus in Pisces, where the conjunction with Uranus occurs, is idealistically romantic—sometimes to a fault. (Read her still-in-effect dialogue with Mars in Capricorn here.) She believes the best of everyone and everything, even when logical clues may point elsewhere. And she'd often rather be very closely linked with someone or something in blissful union than be alone, though it may jeopardize her authentic individuality.

Likewise, due to the ongoing Jupiter-Uranus square, which only amplifies the drive to take crazy offbeat gambles, Venus is also squaring Jupiter. Therefore, everything takes on a more epic level of drama. We may be ready to trash our whole marriage, just to follow the handsome cowboy on the handsome stallion into the handsomest sunset that ever existed. But how exactly would that movie end?

No matter the final ending, under a Venus-Uranus influence, we usually want to try something different. And for now, why not go for it? If it doesn't work, at least you can say you gave it a shot. Life's too short to be left wondering…