Happy Hour with Venus and Mars


The scene: Inside each of us, and all around, Venus and Mars are in perpetual dialogue. Mars drives the car, coursing ahead, at times variably energetic or edgy, courageous or cranky. Venus takes it all in, pointing out where the best bits are, drawing them to her and enjoying the sweet rewards. Sometimes, they commune. Sometimes, they clash.

Let's spy on them as they get together for a catch-up…

VENUS: Aaaah… what a total release to have made it into Pisces this last Saturday [Jan 27]. I mean I love Aquarius, where I was for the past 3 weeks, but… ugh! sometimes all those people, all that talking and thinking really gets to me after a while. Here in Pisces, it doesn't really matter what I do. Every last speck in the whole universe is one, which is everything, which is all in us. I'm always part of it… and so are you, too… yet none of us is ever too significant. Plus, it's all so damn beautiful!

MARS: Well, I'm glad you're feeling like you can let go. That helps me do my job better, too. I'm definitely settled into Capricorn after almost 2 weeks here, and it's been a blessing to have this ability to sustain my focus on important goal-setting and plan-making… especially after that fast-paced, high-octane Sagittarius spell we were both under quite recently.

VENUS: I know what you mean. Ever since we began our latest cycle together, when we joined forces last October in Scorpio, it feels like we've barely had time to figure ourselves out. Just kept moving… starting shit up… getting shit going. No wonder I'm aching for a massage, a bubble bath, and a handful of downers.

MARS: Please be moderate, my dear. Do what you need to do—on your off hours. But I'll need you to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for work each morning. We can get a lot accomplished right now, if we keep our approach measured… and our eyes firmly planted on the big prize.

VENUS: You're right, I know that. And yet, if I'm not allowed my ecstatic escapes—in modest doses, of course (wink wink)—we'll have too much pent-up energy…

MARS: …and I'll end up acting like an uptight asshole.

VENUS: Precisely.

MARS: I don't mean to keep telling you what to do. It's just my nature. That's why it's so good we've gotten a bit of distance from each other. We can support each other better this way… you, with the dreamy vision and the intuitive inspiration that comes straight from the ethers… and me, with the ambition, discipline and drive to build it into being.

VENUS: Oh, I love to hear you talk like that. It makes me want to wrap my arms around you, and squeeze you so hard we merge into each other.

MARS: But then we wouldn't have the distance anymore, silly.

VENUS: But it would feel so good.

MARS: Okay, maybe for a second.

Venus and Mars embrace, disappear into each other briefly, then redivide.

VENUS: Now that's what I'm talking about. Finally, a nice uncomplicated union… not like what I had to deal with a couple weeks back, when I got all wrapped up in Saturn and Neptune's opposition. I mean, when I met up with Neptune, I thought it would be like this perfect romantic thing… but Saturn kept blocking it from just being easy, and something never felt quite right.

MARS: Well, this is much simpler. After all, for the next three weeks or so, we're sextiling each other. [A sextile is an agreeable 60-degree aspect.] That's why we're getting along so famously right now.

VENUS: What good news! No problems, no anxieties… it's like everything's finally perfect!

MARS: Slow down there, lady. Don't go off the deep end and abandon reality, just to bliss yourself out. Sure, things are flowing more smoothly… for a bit. But all our problems aren't magically solved. We still have all the same stuff to get done, sooner or later.

VENUS: Oooh, I do tend to get carried away, don't I? Oh, well… just get me that cocktail, pop on some tunes, and let me space out for a moment.

MARS: Right after I finish my to-do list.

VENUS: No problem. Oh, and before I forget… wake me at a decent hour tomorrow. I may be so wrapped up in dreaming, I won't hear my alarm.

MARS: Don't worry about it. My alarm's already set… and I always get up on time.