Turning the Page


As long as I've been observing astrological events, I've described the effects of eclipses using the metaphor of a novel. (See my very first mention here.)

Eclipses, as I see them, are 'chapter-markers' in the stories of our lives. During eclipse periods, we often witness major climactic developments in a relatively condensed time span… representing a culmination in the action that's consumed us over the past several months (since the last eclipse period, certainly), and ushering in a new set (or refreshed blast) of primary concerns.

Eclipses essentially turn the pages from one chapter to the next. And folks, can you feel the page turning?

An eclipse is a super-powered full moon (lunar eclipse) or new moon (solar eclipse), charged with an extra zing due to its proximity to the lunar nodes. Every six months or so, we experience eclipses in sets of two or three… and they are powerful harbingers of change, often feared by the ancients for their potential to upset the apple cart with jarring events.

This Saturday (Mar 3) brings the lunar eclipse in Virgo, to kick off a phase of dynamic wheel-spinning that continues into (and past) the Pisces solar eclipse on Mar 18. While solar eclipses are generally thought to be the more earth-shattering, lunar eclipses like this week's come with their own brand of powerful awareness-bestowing.

Like any full moon but with more gusto, a lunar eclipse stirs up the emotions that usually hide out in the back crannies and neglected crevices… raising our underexamined feelings up into the open air, and sometimes leading us to realize just what we've been uneager to admit.

And, because lunar eclipses involve an opposition between the Sun and Moon, they also often confront us with chasms that have developed between our stance toward someone else and her stance toward us… or between two contradictory attitudes we may hold toward the relationship. Alas, 'awareness' doesn't usually just pop into one's head out of the blue—but, rather, more commonly arises when automatic, emotion-driven behaviors (whether ours or someone else's) lead to 'moments of truth' we can no longer ignore.

Considering this week's eclipsed Moon in Virgo also opposes radical-upsetter Uranus, there's an even greater probability of such split-second realizations… which can easily lead us to take dramatic, quick-fire steps to act on what we now know are our true feelings. Break-ups, step-ups, shake-ups or kiss-and-make-ups—these are the sorts of defining departures likely to show up over these few weeks.

There's plenty of other astro-activity going on as well, to ensure that we really notice the deeper significance in this current state of affairs. Some phases pass with relative quiet and little consequence for what's coming in our nearest future—this is not one of those.

We've also got…

… both Venus and Mars having changed signs within this past week. Last Wednesday (Feb 21), Venus returned to Aries, where she has a far stronger craving for fast-moving, muscle-flaunting tough-guys and bad-girls who do whatever they want, and are willing to fight to the bone to retain that freedom. Then, on Sunday (Feb 25), Mars headed into Aquarius, another zodiac-zone of assertive independence, where he isn't afraid to appear odd or inappropriate in order to move shit along toward the common good. Together, these Venus and Mars placements are a far more risky, rebellious and rabble-rousing combo than their previous mix of Pisces and Capricorn.

Mercury still retrograde, and continuing to move backward (or at least appear to) through Mar 7. Since I originally posted on this Merc-retro's effect, I've heard multiple stories from the trenches that affirm what I wrote. Let's just say this has been a particularly brutal one for those trying to decide whether to jump headfirst gaga into love or run for the hills—sometimes it's a different decision every day. Now that Mercury's back in Aquarius, I'd expect the emotionally chillysegments of these conversations to transpire… with perhaps one party or the other reaching for the upper hand by displaying uncharacteristic distance from the mush-gush of it all.

… and Saturn and Neptune hitting the second exact peak of their conjunction on Wednesday (Feb 28). I've written about this here and here, and am continuing to write about it, but suffice it to say, facing an exact peak of such a mongo macro-aspect during an eclipse period just heaps on the intensity.

However you cut it, within four weeks from now, a whole lot will be different. Don't you want to choose how it's going to happen? Then, use this time to take your risks.