2006 Writings

December 2006

Sagittarian Addendum: Still Lean and Mean (12.14.06)
All the latest news on all those planets in Sagittarius, why we hardly have the patience for much, and why that could be a blessing.

On Newsstands and Radio Stations Across Australia Now! (12.10.06)
Pick up my lovingly-written 2007 Ultimate Horoscope Guide in this week's FAMOUS, and catch me on the radio, too!

Barry Means Business… Spiritual Business (12.5.06)
Check out my recent interview with Kate at the Spiritual Business blog.

Lean, Mean Sagittarius Supreme (12.4.06)
Direct, fast and on the spot: six planets in Sagittarius, including (1) a Venus-Pluto conjunction and (2) a triple union of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter.

November 2006

Gripes of a Horoscope Writer (11.27.06)
Do I sound like a broken record? Blame the planets.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: The Greater Benefic Comes Home (11.23.06)
The luckiest planet of all (so they say) returns to his favorite sign, to make things bigger, bolder, faster and wilder.

Not Gone, Hopefully Not Forgotten (11.20.06)
astrobarry gets sidelined by back problems (ouch!), but at least the planets are starting to move out of Scorpio.

astrobarry as Neptune (11.5.06)
More of the same… only with a Barry fading in and out.

October 2006

But Wait, There's More (About Scorpio) (10.26.06)
Don't forget a Mercury retrograde (in Scorpio), a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (in Scorpio), and the final square between Jupiter (in Scorpio) and Saturn (okay, not in Scorpio, but still…).

People Get Sick (10.23.06)
Fessing up to our less-than-pleasant dark-sides, and getting those feelings out.

Extra-Super-Duper Scorpio (10.20.06)
So many planets in Scorpio (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars & Jupiter), there's no playing nice for the kids' sake.

About To… (10.18.06)
Preparing to be bowled over (maybe even stung) by next week's dramatic shift from multi-Libra to super-Scorpio.

The Astro-Wizard of Oz (10.17.06)
Barry writes in from Sydney, with details of his fabulous dinner-event with Mystic Medusa.

The Mysteries of Chickens and Eggs (10.11.06)
The life cycle, as seen through the ageless poultry riddle: Which came first?

The Decorous Dealings of Libra (10.9.06)
If all goes well with Venus and Mars in Libra, everybody wins… but too charming and too polite can also pose its problems.

Mercury in Scorpio… for Two Months? (10.2.06)
An extra-long visit to the sign of psychological intensity sends Mercury drilling into the messier, meaner and not-so-pretty parts of reality.

September 2006

Introducing Eris (9.27.06)
The planet (a 'dwarf', that is) formerly known as Xena introduces discord and strife into our solar system.

Eclipse Hangover (9.25.06)
Settling in to the last few weeks, with Venus in Virgo reiterating recent themes and Mercury in Libra favoring polite, cooperative terms.

Solar Eclipse: Break Habits, Start Habits (9.18.06)
The Sep 22 06 solar eclipse, at the last degree of Virgo, leads us to consider how smaller steps add up to something. Time to herald a change in season?

If I Can Make it There (9.17.06)
Feeling the lunar-eclipse onslaught of emotions, alone, on the streets of New York.

In Between Days (9.13.06)
During this week between eclipses, a Mercury-Mars conjunction in Libra drives us to charmingly indirect, politely political, and ultra-'appropriate' behaviors. But can we stay 'above-board' in pursuing what we want?

Lunar Eclipse Lunacy (9.6.06)
The lunar eclipse full Moon on Sep 7 06 in Pisces conjoins Uranus. Lunar eclipse + Uranus = Doubly-electrifying emotional emancipation. (Or something like that.)

Ask 9/11 and Katrina if Pluto Matters (9.4.06)
Thinking about the synchronicity between Pluto's recent demotion and the painful double-anniversaries of September 11 and Hurricane Katrina.

August 2006

Bustling Astrology Creeps Up on Us (8.31.06)
Jupiter trines Uranus, Saturn opposes Neptune, Pluto stands still, and another set of eclipses approaches. Enough for ya?

Start Spreadin' the News: astrobarry in New York! (8.28.06)
Barry comes to New York City, September 4-17. Book a consultation, and spread the astro-love.

BREAKING NEWS: Pluto's Outta There! (8.24.06)
Pluto's not a planet? Still digesting.

Venus/Saturn: Getting Real, Relationship-wise (8.23.06)
Venus's conjunction to Saturn mirrors Mercury's action last week, emphasizing 'mature appropriateness' in our couplings… then, Neptune mucks it all up.

Welcome Moons, Asteroids and TV Princesses! (8.18.06)
The astronomers recommend we keep Pluto a 'planet'. But 2003 UB313, the asteroid Ceres and Pluto's largest moon are planets, too?

Mercury/Saturn: Speak and Think Righteously (8.16.06)
A conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Leo confers a 'make-or-break' seriousness to our communications. (No padding your words.)

A Poem for Leo (8.11.06)
Honoring the movement of both Mercury and Venus into lively Leo.

Mars/Uranus: Equal-Opportunity Shit-Disturber (8.9.06)
Whether or not you like it, something's got to give. Why fight, when resistance is futile?

'Life' on Other 'Planets' (8.6.06)
What's a planet? Would you know one if you saw it?

July 2006

Emerging a Winner with Merc-Retro (7.31.06)
Mercury retrograde didn't turn out so bad after all.

Interview with the Gays (7.26.06)
What do astrobarry and *NSYNC's Lance Bass have in common?

The Second Magic Water Triangle (7.24.06)
Another grand water trine, like the one in early May, frames another week of magical luck… if you bend down and pick it up.

Plutonian Pinings (7.19.06)
A visit to my hometown of San Jose raises the complex entanglements of my natal 4th-house Pluto.

Shifts to Subtler Signs (7.17.06)
From an out-on-the-town Gemini-Leo vibe to a quieter Cancer-Virgo one, a change in astro-atmosphere sweeps over the week.

Venus Oppose Pluto: Easy-Breezy, Interrupted (7.12.06)
As the week's passions heat up, not everybody is taking things equally as casually.

An Alternate Take on Mercury Retrograde (7.10.06)
What if all our normally twisted and tangled thoughts suddenly straighten themselves out?

Saturn-Neptune Opposition I: Disillusion & Awareness (7.4.06)
Our first tastes of the upcoming year's biggest astro-news start coming on stronger.

June 2006

Where's the Pisces Part? (6.29.06)
The perfect representation of Pisces-ness in a Dave Eggers short story, if only I could find that one passage. (It was right here a minute ago.)

The Mercury Report: Forth and Back (6.28.06)
Mercury skips into Leo… then turns retrograde… then slips back into Cancer. Emotions interpenetrate thoughts.

Venus in Gemini: Why Limit Ourselves? (6.26.06)
As many appealing options as there are legs on an octopus.

'Seasons Change' Update (6.19.06)
Mars, Jupiter and Saturn mess with each other, while Uranus goes retrograde… and solstice brings another new season.

The Truth of Consequences (6.12.06)
A Mars-Saturn conjunction makes this week something of a test.

Little Friends (6.11.06)
How I love those cute animistic characters dotting modern Japan.

Flashbacks to the Squeeze (6.7.06)
Venus's opposition to Jupiter and square to Saturn conjure memories of the Nov 05-Jan 06 grand cross.

Trusting Japanese Crosswinds (6.3.06)
The Capricorn-Moon influence of Mr. Control Freak encroaches on me in Tokyo.

May 2006

A Happy Venus Leads the Pack (5.30.06)
Venus returns home to Taurus, the first of the week's three personal-planet sign shifts. Artists, lovers, gourmands and aficionados... rejoice!

The Weekend (of Abandon?) Ahead (5.25.06)
When Venus trines Pluto, attraction grows palpably powerful... and pluckily prurient?

Venus-Mars Square: Passion or Pain in the Butt? (5.22.06)
The yin and yang of personal planets cross each other... but a little friction isn't always a bad thing.

In the Land of Rising Sushi (5.19.06)
Barry takes a vacation. A real one. Without work or a laptop. Crazy.

The Gemini and Gemini Show (5.17.06)
The Sun and Mercury enters the sign of multiple options, to keep life interesting and fresh.

Neptune's the One to Watch (If Only We Could See Him) (5.12.06)
A week of missing details (or are they missing?), intuitive red-herrings, and other confusing reasons to let go.

Swimming Back to Shore (5.8.06)
Mercury in Taurus integrates, on a practical level, the watery wisdom of last week's grand trine.

Signs are Everywhere (5.3.06)
Finding symbolic meaning in birds, pennies and jacks-of-spades.

Triple Delights: A Grand Water Trine (5.1.06)
Mars, Jupiter and Uranus groove together in water signs, for a synergy effect powered by emotional desires to expand beyond orthodoxy.

April 2006

Tarnas's Cosmos and Psyche: A Book to Behold (4.26.06)
'Yay' for this serious tome that deconstructs our disenchanted world view, opening the door for academic considerations of astrology.

An Aries Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste on Being Rash (4.19.06)
Mercury enters aggressive Aries, to square off against Mars in Cancer and boil the water to a steaming squeeze.

A Decade of Planetary Play (4.17.06)
Celebrating ten years since I first discovered the joys of astrology.

A Weird, Wordless Water World (4.14.06)
Mars arrives in Cancer, to join Venus (currently in Pisces) in a wonderland of wetness. Find your fins, and flow with it.

Fridays at the Sacred Well (4.12.06)
Come visit astrobarry at his new weekly gig in Berkeley, CA.

Beauty is Everywhere, God is Love (4.10.06)
Venus in Pisces speaks her mind.

War versus The Underworld (4.7.06)
When Mars in Gemini opposes Pluto in Sagittarius, our myriad tactics of attack hit the closed door of absolute belief. (What about the kitchen window?)

Saturn Direct (4.5.06)
With Saturn in Leo moving ahead again, a recap of where we can soon expect progress and resolution.

March 2006

You Want It, I Post It… (3.29.06)
My devoted, engaged readers clearly state what they want. Are you listening?

astrobarry Wants (3.28.06)
I put it out there, and I expect it to come to me. The rest is a faith-based mystery.

Newsflash: Mercury Goes Direct (3.25.06)
Transmissions return to normal… soon enough… sort of.

If You Want It, Say You Want It (3.23.06)
State your desires clearly, then release them into the world. How else can you expect the Mar 29 solar eclipse in Aries to help?

And It's Equinox, So What? (3.20.06)
Sure, the Sun moves into Aries and starts a new cycle… but there's bigger news a-brewin'.

Precious Moments with Mercury Retrograde (and Pluto!) (3.15.06)
astrobarry gets caught inadvertently caught up in some nasty tangles… 'but I have no idea who you are!'

Catching Eclipse Fever (3.12.06)
An extra-pushy, Pluto-powered lunar eclipse in Virgo on Mar 14 06 dredges up powerful psychological reactions 'n' stuff.

Air-Sign Circulation (3.8.06)
Venus moves into Aquarius, to join with Mars in Gemini in an air-sign alliance to battle social apathy.

Mercury Retrograde, Perfect as Always (3.3.06)
Retrograde in Pisces? A prolonged square to Pluto? Do you even know what you're saying?

February 2006

New Moon + Uranus = 'Screw It, Why Not?' (2.27.06)
The Feb 27 06 New Moon in Pisces conjoins Uranus, to kick off an 'eclipse period' and shake shit up.

Cheney Does it His Way (2.24.06)
The Vice President shoots a man, under a Full Moon-Mars influence on his Uranus, as transiting Saturn opposes his Sun. (Ouch.)

astrobarry goes FAMOUS! (2.20.06)
Barry proudly announces his involvement with FAMOUS Magazine, Australia's new celebrity weekly… with a twist.

Mars in Gemini: Enter the Funhouse (2.17.06)
Mars enters a new sign for the first time in almost seven months… and now there are tons of options.

V-Day Forecast (2.13.06)
Valentine's brings a lovely Venus-Jupiter sextile… and a potentially jarring conjunction of Mercury and Uranus.

Fighting for You: Leo Full Moon (2.10.06)
The Feb 12 Full Moon in Leo, squaring off against Mars in its last throes of Taurus, pushes us to take a stand for ourselves.

Saturn in Leo III: Overstepping the Royal Authority (2.8.06)
A secret eavesdropping program, the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (1978), and who in the government holds the power to do what.

Today's the Day… (2.3.06)
On to something fresh: Venus stations direct, and Mars hits new ground for the first time in 4 months.

The Culture War Continues (2.1.06)
Bill O'Reilly, Brokeback Mountain, Alito and other bits from the Pisces Moon news-day... including deliberate astrological timing of Bush's State of the Union?

January 2006

Getting Above It (1.28.06)
Afforded an 'aerial view' by the New Moon in Aquarius.

It Takes All Kinds (1.25.06)
Civic diversity, jury duty, and the Sun-Mercury-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius.

We Aren't Always What We Want Them to Think We Are (1.20.06)
Venus retrograde, and the 'autonomy of consciousness' needed to be true to your Self.

Dare I Blame Time? (1.13.06)
An update on astrobarry, the grand cross, and whether time is speeding up or slowing down.

They're Alive… Wait, They're Dead (1.9.06)
The West Virginia mining case: Wrong information from the wrong people, and the erratic Moon-Uranus emotional consequences.

Reconsiderations (1.5.06)
What to do with yourself during Venus's retrograde back into Capricorn.

How New is the Year? (1.3.06)
The grand cross of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune continues to squeeze us 'til the goo comes out.