Freshly Squeezed Planet Juice


Looking to alleviate eclipse-period stress?

Set your sights high, and redirect your attention beyond the day-to-day drudgery. All those same rascally routines are going to remain in place regardless (thanks, Mars), so you'd might as well look elsewhere to help capture renewed inspiration.

What really matters in the long-term, wide-angle, no-bullshit view? Is it the same stuff you're stressed out about now? Or will you even remember this week's specific mania a year or two down the road?

Two personal planets change signs within two days, to modify the general behavioral tone while the main themes of what's actually going on persist. What we can change isn't necessarily the meat-and-potatoes of what we're doing, but rather (1) how we react and relate and (2) how we make sense of that which confronts us.

Today, Venus moves into Sagittarius to lift our spirits… so long as we're open to turning our eyes away from the little crap and toward our grander purpose. Venus in Sag doesn't particularly want to waste life's precious moments on trivial details, petty tidbits and distractions that are just as easily exchanged for one another with no discernable difference. Why bother?

Let loose, and partake in adventures that only come around once in a long while. Wild horses don't complain about how psychologically challenging it is to be wild or how many long hours of work it takes to learn to jump a fence. They just run free. It's what they do.

Then tomorrow, Mercury leaves genteel Libra and enters ruthless Scorpio, pushing us to investigate further into the real reasons we may be discouraged, overwhelmed or chomping at the bit. There are the neat and tidy answers we've been providing… and the painfully honest ones that are harder to voice, waiting under the surface to be discovered.

Now that we're beginning to see where nice falls short, will we dare to poke our partners and peers with the pricklier admissions and observations? Will we risk pretend pleasure for profound professions of deep truth?

As Mars continues to crawl backwards through Taurus, there's an undeniable physical heaviness to how we drag ourselves around. Yet, our attitudinal adjustments and healing emotional disclosures can do a lot to lighten the load. Don't we have enough to carry around, without unspoken resentments or too much stupid attachment to those myopic fine-points that bear no overall relevance to ultimate happiness?