Stable (and Slightly Slothy) Seeks Slowdown (and Enchilada Pie)


We've been stirred from our resting place.

A tirelessly zippy individual or some other initiating influence has convinced us to move. Inspired us to freshly put our energy outward, toward something new or newly rediscovered. Anything, really, that'll snap us out from our introvertive imaginariums. If we think too much, possible objections or reasons-why-not threaten to spoil the momentum. But as long we stay in motion, we're getting somewhere. We're doing something.

Midway through the third or fourth lap around the track, we feel our lungs begin to gasp, exhausted. Or maybe our legs start to cramp, or give out. We realize, 'We can't go on like this forever. We can't go on much longer.' Whatever the finishing point of this stretch of the journey, we know the whole thing's a marathon, not a sprint.

We downshift, and alter our tactics. If we want this to last… if we want to create something enduring which we can draw upon for later strength and sustenance, rather than letting our inspiration dissipate like fireworks in the sky, dazzling to gaze at one moment but gone the next… we've got to slow down and get practical. How can we stabilize the ship, so we can cruise into the long-haul?

This is the passage of Mars from Aries into Taurus, which occurs mid-week. Mars is the astrological motor, setting the pace and personality of our propulsion. When Mars first entered Aries back in early June, we got stirred up, injected with a booster-shot of juice that pulled us from the mud and into action. And we've been moving in a manic frenzy ever since, maneuvering to execute (consciously or not) fulfillment of the desires we stated at the April solar eclipse in Aries. It's only gotten more intense as time's passed, with Mercury and Venus moving into Leo in late June, creating a synergistic firestorm to flame our fervor and turn up the heat. But now things decelerate, so we can get that much-needed better grip and ground ourselves.

Mars in Taurus: Will not be easily swayed. Hell-bent on the steadfast path. Changes in direction will only occur gradually, and with much forethought. Each step is slow, but sure-footed. Yes, stubborn too, perhaps… but it's only to make sure. I can hold out as long as I need to, swallow any burgeoning frustration and bear the pressure. That is, as long as there's some material reward to incentivize my continuance, preferably in cold hard stacks of unmarked bills. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it sure buys a lot of stuff and experiences that, if used and appreciated properly, can sure feel a lot like happiness. Serve me another slice of enchilada pie, and another heaping ladleful of beans while you're at it, so I can feel the food sink into my body and comfortably weigh me down. Mmm… enchilada pie. Then, let's nestle into the cushions and nuzzle and snuzzle and snog. Touch me and kiss me and show me beautiful things… a grove of eucalyptus, a gaggle of geese, a cluster of quartz, a statue of Venus. We're on Earth in bodies, instead of floating on clouds or shooting through space as pure light (what's the rush, anyway? there'll be plenty of beyond-time for that!), in these lives for a reason. To be with beauty. To see it and hear it and smell it and touch it and taste it. And to create it. These things take time.

Regard what I'm describing to you about Mars in Taurus with sincerity. It's key to understanding how the rest of your year will unfold, as Mars will stay in Taurus until the middle of Feb 06. That's close to seven months, folks… and the average span of Mars's residence in a sign is only about 6 or 7 weeks. This is a very big deal.

Why is 'Mr. Machismo' Mars spending such an exceptionally long time in sturdy, subdued and sensual Taurus? The only answer could be: Because he'll fritter away a good chunk of that time (Oct 1-Dec 9) in retrograde motion. I won't go into the significance of Mars retrograde right now (count on it coming up again in future weeks), but suffice it to say, attempts at forging ahead will be temporarily dashed by muddled direction of will. (For more info, refresh yourself on the last Mars retrograde, Jul-Sep 03 in Pisces)

***We interpret this message to remind our fine readers that, speaking of retrogrades, Mercury is currently moving retrograde through Leo. We'd be remiss not to remind everyone. Big bold self-important words may try to cover for shaky underpinnings—and bellyflop in the process. When lines momentarily get crossed or traffic is interrupted or something appears not to work, the courageous Prince or Princess Charming who gallantly steps in to save the day might actually cause the real problem by not just waiting it out. Recheck the final answers before turning in your paper. We now return to regularly scheduled programming.***

Because Mars will be in Taurus for so friggin' long, you'll do yourself a favor by nursing a healthy helping of patience. Believe me, you'll need it. For the most part, things will progress a bit more unhurriedly… but they'll be solid. And the truth is, so much has already been started into motion since the spring—more, indeed, than we probably even know—we should be thankful for this time to let it settle, evolve and ripen. We have more than enough new stuff going on now to hold us through the end of '05… and in the meantime, we might just feel the increased craving to eat and drink and shop and hump and lounge in front of the tube more than usual. Mmm, eggplant parmesan, a crisp Caesar salad and a glass of chianti.

Obviously, Taureans will feel the effects of Mars's lengthy visit to their sign the most, with a protracted sense that starting something new (and restarting and restarting) is in the cards… which is good, since it can often take a Taurus that long to get going. Earth-sign comrades Virgo and Capricorn will best appreciate the energetic support, if they opt to spend the rest of the year on that favorite activity: strategic planning. Scorpios will get the lusty push-me-pull-you in their relationship house. And fellow fixed signs Leo and Aquarius may experience some of the more annoying impacts… though the apparent slackenings and stumbling blocks are necessary to your development, trust me on that one.

Mars in Taurus also isn't doing any favors for newly-in-Leo Saturn, as these two will square off three times before year's end. The first square happens this week, with potentially discouraging results for those of us finally ready to rise to new personal responsibility, only to find that events aren't transpiring as dramatically as we'd hoped. Or perhaps it has nothing to do with external circumstances at all—just greater fear than we realized, and deeper entrenchment in our indulgent inertia, which may feel warm and good but doesn't really serve us well.

Remember what I said before? Patience, my children. Patience… and maybe an extra bouquet of daffodils or a chocolatey-chocolate-chip cookie. Mmm… chocolatey-chocolate-chip cookies.