The Taurus Full Moon Keeps You Rooted


Today's (Tue Nov 15) Full Moon falls in Taurus… to reiterate, I suppose, retrograde Mars's protracted message of patience and endurance. With a decent effort put in over time, it'll all pan out, I swear.

The Moon in Taurus is a fertile earth-mama, overflowing with abundance and wise enough to conserve a bit for tomorrow. If we connect with the belief that the Earth is an abundant Eden, providing all the fruits of a satisfying life, we won't need to panic about the future or grumble about the past. Everything we need is all right here… plenty, even, to squirrel away a nut or two for the coldest, most barren months.

Aren't you reading this on a computer screen? How lucky for you to be granted access to the World Wide Web. How blessed that (hopefully) you'll be able to eat again today, you'll have clothes to wear and a place to sleep, and maybe someone who cares for you will provide a warm hug… if you ask nicely enough.

Taurus likes to dwell in the real, not down the rabbit hole in Wonderland, frolicking about in fantasies rich in abstract symbolism and complicated psuedo-intellectual justifications for naughty behavior. At the end of the day, abstractions won't pay the bills or fill the gullet. With Taurus, what you see—or touch or taste or hear or smell—is what you get. Nothing else is quite as valuable as the material.

Use the Taurus Full Moon to cease the circular self-talk in the echo chamber of your head… and get all the way into your body. Bite into a crisp apple or a super-sweet date (the fruit or the evening's companion). Stare at the scenic view. Listen to a concerto, or dance along to the new Madonna song. Appreciate the weird wonders of the real world, stranger than any fiction… and definitely lovelier. Simplify into the physical.

The grounding effect of a Taurus Moon will only help curb the shock of any abrupt reversals, snap decisions or spontaneous exposes that could burp into being today, with transiting Uranus stationing direct in Pisces (within the same hour as the Full Moon!). Uranus (along with the other outers) is retrograde a good chunk of the time. But those days on which he essentially stands still and changes direction, such as today, possess an uncanny knack for switching the lights and flipping the score, whichever way.

No matter what (if any) surprises are in store, thanks to Uranus's station, staying close to the Taurus archetype—that is, keeping your feet firmly earthbound and concentrating on practical reality—will prevent anything from knocking you too hard on your ass.

When in doubt, have another handful of crackers. Better to gain a passing pound than to fall off the edge of the world.