What We Want…


…as a group is not so different than what we each want as individuals, it seems.

Sure, the specifics differ, in line with the personal preferences that comprise our personalities—the places we want to travel to or to live, the creative ventures we want to be compensated or recognized for, the hobbies we want to pursue and the relationships we want to have.

But on a fundamental level, so many of the responses I received to last week's question—what do you want?—reflected a very similar outlook. We want to be respected, by ourselves and others, for who we are. We want health and prosperity, exploration and stimulation. We want to express ourselves. We want to love and to be loved.

In the midst of all this eclipse-powered forward movement, mental-master Mercury has been traveling in retrograde motion and, on the occasion of last week's eclipse, made a beneficial sextile (60-degree angle) to Chiron, recently entered in Aquarius. This happy aspect between (1) the communicative messenger (Mercury) in the sign of 'Me' (Aries) and (2) the integrative healer (Chiron) in the sign of 'All of Us' (Aquarius) reflects how speaking what we truly want, no matter how offhand or unformed or spontaneous, ultimately supports the mending of rifts between us. We can't authentically come together if we can't admit who we are through what we crave.

This Tuesday, Mercury goes back to normal direct motion (hallelujah!) and, later in the week, reapplies to this supportive Chiron sextile. As we grow more accustomed to putting our true desires out into the world, we develop greater mental clarity. Things we say without thinking, which reflect the desire underneath, make more sense to us and come as less of a surprise. We know more who we are, and we want what we want.

Following are excerpts from the many emails I received from you, my beloved readers. (Sorry I couldn't post everything I received!) I've been very inspired by hearing from so many of you, from reading your lists of wants and, through them, getting intimate snapshots of your lives. I hope everybody gets as much inspiration from reading through others' desires as I have…

* * * * *

I want to help people understand how they think and help empower them to think more clearly so that they can get closer to what they want… I want to feel like myself entirely every day, or at least 90% of the time… I want to experience change peacefully… I want to bring out the best in my friends and have them bring out the best in me.
-Annette, NYC

I want my physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional renewal and reinvention of self to stay constant in the flow of positive and constructive manifestation… I want forgiveness, and trust, from within and without… I want to be surrounded by people, socially and professionally, that have only the best and most constructive intentions towards me; and who have utter faith in what I am doing.
-Jackie, Australia

Here's what I want: sex with a person I am really in love with… a new and reliable revenue stream… success and recognition for my artwork… to become a better chessplayer… continued joy in yoga and therapeutic practices… close and exciting friendships…more performance dates for my band… more opportunities to travel.
-Sharilyn, Brooklyn

Right now what I want is for him to fall as in love with me as I did with him—or, if that isn't in the stars yet, if ever, at least for him to decide to get to know me better.
-Appreciatively Yours

I want success—emotional, professional and financial—to come to all my friends who want that for themselves… I want my success to continue to grow, manifesting itself into even more enriching, exciting, and challenging projects… I want those new enriching, exciting, and challenging projects to reward me financially in a way that I can live and travel with ease… I want the person who I love to understand the concept that honesty isn't about being asked the right questions… I want to find the courage to go skydiving. And then actually do it… I want to be a mom.
-Elizabeth, L.A.

I want the courage to ask my current lover (gently and nicely) to treat me the way I deserve to be treated, and the strength to be able to walk away and finally let go if he is not able to give me what I need. If I have to let go of him, I want a new partner who will love and treat me the way I deserve to be treated (and someone who will rock my world!)… I want to finally put aside the demons of my childhood that cause my feelings of self-loathing/criticism and insecurity, and look to the future with an open heart, courage and respect for myself… and I want my boss to stop clipping his fingernails at his desk.
-Julia, Melbourne, Australia

I want to get to the bottom of everything I need to, sooner rather than later.
-Clara, Boulder, CO

I want to build a positive, solid, nurturing relationship with my kids that will be balanced and supportive for all of us…I want to liberate myself from the lingering tendrils that tug at my soul from 15 years in a relationship that almost buried me…I want to be appreciated for what I am not what can do for others.
-Wanda, Perth, Australia

I want to fall in love and be loved back… I want a new mattress…I want to appreciate my successes and learn from my failures… I want to love my physical body… I want to forgive my brother and accept him for who he is… I want to take a real vacation this year… I want to balance my need for financial security with my desire to indulge.
-Stephie, Arlington, VA

I want to find someone who loves me, not just lusts after me. And not someone who thinks they may love me just because of the way I feel for them… to be more honest, to not feel like an honest answer is going to hurt people… to give of myself to the Church more, and to not feel obliged to do it, but happy to do it.
-JeanMarie, Australia

I want you to get what you want and I want to get what I want.

I want to bring balance to my inner health and well-being and my outer beauty and appearance so that each represents the other equally… I want all people to remember positivity, altruism and their own divinity… I want to practice what I preach and lead by example… I want to uncover and nurture truth in people, things and experiences.
-Verity, Perth

I want my wishes to reflect those of the Creator, that my will reflect the will of the Universe…I want to continue to be authentic, to be real, and to express my genuine desires… I want to be a great husband, a fantastic father, a thoughtful lover, a profound sage, a cool cat, and good friend. I want to be a strong and compassionate leader, and a valuable asset… I want to laugh more, dance more, sing more, play more; I want to help those around me do the same.

I want to be of service, every day of my life… I want to offer peace, love and healing energy to everyone I connect with… I want clarity and stability in place of uncertainties of the past… I want to expand my experience of good health, prosperity and happiness… no limits.
-Annie, Aquarius in the Land of Oz Down Under

I want a home with a garden, so I can grow toxic-free food for my loved ones and me… I want the wars to end… I want more sacred sex in my life… I want to be happy, and not feel the world's heaviness on my shoulders… I want to be heard, and respected… I want to lay on the beach and hear, see, smell, and feel the ocean… I want to be able to give more money to people and causes I believe in.
-Frani, Chicago

I want to be more in tune with those who watch over me in this life and the signs and messages they show me… I want to become fitter and healthier physically and emotionally… I want to add more loving and supportive friends to my circle and continue to nurture those already gathered. I want my family and friends to be happy and healthy… I want to laugh more and be less stressed.

I want a career that fulfills my need to express my creativity, that provides me with challenges regularly and that allows me more freedom and the ability to make my own decisions… I want to be able to stop worrying about whether I can make the bills each month… I want to have enough money that I can help my brothers out with whatever they need… I want for my sister and father to begin speaking to each other once again… I want to actually be understood by my family… I want to be able to use the internet at work, without feeling guilty… I want to be strong enough to run another 12K… I want a commute that is less than 5 hours a day…I want a new haircut that looks fabulous and makes me feel great.
-Danielle, New York

I want my dad to die in peace and with dignity and with the knowledge that he is truly loved by his family. And I want it to be quick so he doesn't have to suffer anymore… I want world governments to stop listening to big business just for once and therefore leave the environment in reasonable shape for my nephew and niece to enjoy… I want my students to leave my classes happy and joyful and filled with the desire to keep learning… I want to reach my potential and then exceed it.
-Alison, Melbourne

I want to find and be signed by an agent that is in line with my political and spiritual values, one who is honest, dedicated, knowledgeable, kind and has the power to get things done. I want an infusion of energy and focus that will reverse all ill health and bring me good health and vitality… I want release from all negative energy seeking to hamper my goals… I want the powers of peace and prosperity to rise up and be felt by me, my family and the planet.
-Aretha, United States

I want to be able to commit more time and energy to writing, and create stories that warm the heart, blow the mind, and deepen the soul… I want to be the change I want to see in the world, and the courage to follow through on that each day… Feeling that I have gotten off the path, I want to find myself there again, pursuing my dreams and hopes.
-Troy, Melbourne

I want to let go of my hurt and self-loathing and fear and plain old sadness over the loss of my last relationship… I want to be able to forgive, forget and let go… I want to MOVE ON!!!! I want to start living the extraordinary life full of joy and wonder that I have been wanting to live, but have held myself back from… I want to stop doubting myself and my abilities.
-JB, New Zealand

* * * * *

Thank you all for asking for what you want, those who emailed these desires to me and those who kept them to themselves. I want you all to get what you want, in line with what supports the highest good and with harm to no one. Thank you all for caring.

Your host,