2017 Writings

December 2017

Saturn in Capricorn: Reality-Check Time (12.22.17)
Saturn returns to its ruling earth-sign, nudging us to be unflinchingly realistic and calculating in how we structure our most important objectives for likeliest success.

November 2017

Jupiter trine Neptune: Sensitivities and Vulnerabilities (11.30.17)
Over the coming months, this water-sign trine heightens our emotional responsiveness, fostering greater interpersonal compassion while potentially exposing us to others' manipulations.

The End of the World (11.6.17)
Personal reflections on my life's swift and dramatic changes since August's total solar eclipse.

October 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio: Swell of Emotional Insight (10.14.17)
With Jupiter now in Scorpio through Nov 2018, our empowerment depends on uncovering feelings, untangling complexes, and claiming even our most challenging urges.

September 2017

A Last Hurrah (9.26.17)
As the final Jupiter-Uranus opposition perfects this week, we get one last taste of the Uranus-Pluto square's energy before leaving it behind for good.

Enter Virgo Cleanup Phase (9.8.17)
The coming weeks are dominated by a strong Virgo vibe, including Mars-in-Virgo's conjunctions with first Mercury and then Venus.

August 2017

That 'Great American Eclipse' (8.13.17)
The Aug 21 solar eclipse in Leo cuts a visible path of totality across the whole US, opposing the country's natal Moon and vigorously activating Donald Trump's birthchart.

July 2017

About This Eclipsey August (7.31.17)
Summarizing an eclipse-filled month that also brings a Sun-Mars conjunction, a Mercury retrograde, and Jupiter's third-and-final square to Pluto.

Shock to the System (7.23.17)
Reflections on the experience of shock under Uranus's influence.

June 2017

From June to August (6.28.17)
Looking at the astrology of this interval between the Venus-rx-dominated first chunk of '17 and August's powerhouse solar eclipse.

Tales From the Uranus Cycle (6.4.17)
Reflections on the parallel life-change transits of Uranus square in our early 20s and Uranus opposition in our early 40s.

May 2017

Getting On With the Rest of Our Year (5.11.17)
Putting Venus's and Mercury's retrogrades behind us, and welcoming a palpable astro-energetic shift.

April 2017

Falling Apart. (by design? right on time?) (4.24.17)
Facing a bevy of big destabilizing life-changes, as I approach my extra-dramatic, Jupiter-magnified, Moon-crunching Uranus opposition.

A Venus-Retrograde Mercury Retrograde (4.6.17)
Venus finishes up its retrograde while Mercury's also retrograde, directly linking any Merc-rx missteps to our now-culminating Venus-rx insights.

March 2017

Venus Retrograde, Book II: Pisces Redux (3.31.17)
With Venus retrograding back into Pisces, expect a noticeable vibe-shift in how we experience its relationship-, finance-, and aesthetics-related reconsiderations.

February 2017

Venus Retrograde Across the Aries Point (2.26.17)
The latest Venus retrograde (Mar 4-Apr 15) occurs in two distinct phases, one in its detriment in Aries and the other exalted in Pisces.

A Fiery February (2.1.17)
With both Venus and Mars in Aries and a pair of eclipses which emphasize Uranus, a burst of raw fast-paced activity punctuates the coming month.

January 2017

The First Day (1.27.17)
A reflection on the disconcerting uncertainty of a never-before-lived existence.

2017: Responding to the Unexpected (1.15.17)
In a year which prominently emphasizes Uranus, we must be ready to take risks in the face of unanticipated unfoldings… and to do our best at directing those risks in a purposeful, constructive fashion.