2017 Writings

April 2017

Falling Apart. (by design? right on time?) (4.24.17)
Facing a bevy of big destabilizing life-changes, as I approach my extra-dramatic, Jupiter-magnified, Moon-crunching Uranus opposition.

A Venus-Retrograde Mercury Retrograde (4.6.17)
Venus finishes up its retrograde while Mercury's also retrograde, directly linking any Merc-rx missteps to our now-culminating Venus-rx insights.

March 2017

Venus Retrograde, Book II: Pisces Redux (3.31.17)
With Venus retrograding back into Pisces, expect a noticeable vibe-shift in how we experience its relationship-, finance-, and aesthetics-related reconsiderations.

February 2017

Venus Retrograde Across the Aries Point (2.26.17)
The latest Venus retrograde (Mar 4-Apr 15) occurs in two distinct phases, one in its detriment in Aries and the other exalted in Pisces.

A Fiery February (2.1.17)
With both Venus and Mars in Aries and a pair of eclipses which emphasize Uranus, a burst of raw fast-paced activity punctuates the coming month.

January 2017

The First Day (1.27.17)
A reflection on the disconcerting uncertainty of a never-before-lived existence.

2017: Responding to the Unexpected (1.15.17)
In a year which prominently emphasizes Uranus, we must be ready to take risks in the face of unanticipated unfoldings… and to do our best at directing those risks in a purposeful, constructive fashion.