2016 Writings

December 2016

Saturn-Uranus Trine: Sustainably Directing the Disruption (12.26.16)
A supportive trine between Saturn and Uranus over the coming months can ground our innovations in functional realism, helping us aim the radical changes in a purposeful direction.

Uranus Won (12.11.16)
A reflection on responding to Uranian shocks and surprises.

November 2016

Jupiter Revives the Uranus-Pluto Square (11.20.16)
Jupiter's recent arrival to Libra sets off a cardinal T-square with Uranus and Pluto, the biggest astrological influence of the next several months.

October 2016

What This Election's About (10.30.16)
An astrological analysis of the archetypal Uranus-square-Pluto conflict at play in the 2016 US presidential election.

The Beginning-of-the-End as a Beginning (10.11.16)
A personal reflection on mindfully accepting the cycles of life.

September 2016

A Whole New Mars (9.25.16)
After nearly nine months in either Scorpio or Sagittarius, Mars enters Capricorn to support our reinforced efforts toward the continuing pursuit of our highest personal aspirations.

Jupiter in Libra: Opening to the 'Other Side' (9.9.16)
Jupiter makes its annual sign-change, moving into Libra with a 'fresh breath' of air and reactivating the Uranus-Pluto square by hard aspect.

August 2016

In Praise of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo (8.29.16)
At the year's big turning-point, this dignified Merc-rx is a fitting occasion to go back and clean up any collateral messes, readdress details which had been inadequately handled, and reorganize our scattered thoughts.

2016's Big Pivot (8.21.16)
With Mars finally leaving its post-retrograde shadow and conjoining Saturn, while the latest eclipses flip us to our next chapter and Jupiter moves into Libra, these few weeks bring a striking astrological turning-point.

July 2016

Saturn vs. Neptune and the Moral Imperative (7.29.16)
Considering both Saturn's and Neptune's symbolic voices in how we address moral questions, with the understanding that an outright victory of either one over the other represents a failure in integration.

Holding Hope (7.21.16)
A meditation on the feeling of hopelessness brought out by the current Saturn-Neptune square.

Mars-Direct Refresher Playbook (7.5.16)
Thoughts on putting the right finish on Mars's retrograde during these last weeks of its post-retrograde shadow.

June 2016

My Orlando (6.23.16)
A personal response to the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Words That Come Up Short (6.22.16)
We can't always verbally describe the profound changes we're making while still in the process of making them.

May 2016

In-Between-Ness (5.31.16)
Faster-moving planets in Gemini form a mutable grand cross with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, re-accenutating the transitional quality of our current spot as we weigh multiple options for our next-steps.

Mars Rx, Pt. II: The Return to Scorpio (5.17.16)
Over the next couple weeks, we'll experience a perceptible transition in our experience of Mars's retrograde as it slips back into Scorpio, alongside Mercury's return to direct motion and the simultaneous entry of the Sun and Venus into Gemini.

Rewinding the Anger (5.6.16)
A personal reflection on using Mars retrograde to move through unresolved animosities.

April 2016

Yes, Mercury, Too (4.25.16)
With Mercury's latest retrograde (Apr 28-May 22) happening alongside Mars's to emphasize 'pause, reconsider, regroup' themes, we see a striking astrological statement about appropriate pacing.

Not Letting Mars Retrograde Get the Best of Us (4.14.16)
What to expect during Mars's 2-month retrograde, and how to flow with its alternative currents.

March 2016

Reexamining the Outer-Planet Backdrop (3.31.16)
Reviewing the current outer-planet aspects alongside Mars's imminent retrograde.

On Compromise (3.18.16)
In honor of the Mar 23 lunar eclipse in Libra, I reflect on our underlying pining for a coming-together, despite our habit-driven impulse to defend our own self-serving case.

Eclipse Page-Flip (3.6.16)
As both Mercury and Mars change signs, we welcome a solar eclipse new-moon in Pisces (on Tue Mar 8), officially launching this next Mars-retrograde-flavored chapter of our life-story.

February 2016

Chasing Dreams (2.29.16)
A creative meditation on continuing to follow our dreams, while colliding with reality-checks and roadblocks. (In honor of the current astrology and the upcoming Mars retrograde.)

Mars Enters a Familiar Shadow-Zone (2.12.16)
Mars's pre-retrograde shadow covers the same zodiac-sector of late Scorpio and early Sagittarius where Saturn spent much of 2014 and 2015.

January 2016

Moving Beyond the New-Year's Mercury Retrograde (1.24.16)
Mercury goes direct and makes it through its embroilment with the still-squaring Uranus-and-Pluto, helped by Venus, now in Capricorn.

Restraining the Overeager (1.5.16)
2016 opens with Mercury turning retrograde while simultaneously squaring Mars in Scorpio, creating a disconnect between the new-year's desire to launch new endeavours and the Merc-rx need to slow down and revisit plans.