Horoscopes | Week of June 22-28, 2015

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Though much of the current astrology greatly supports you, dear Aries, in enjoying whichever inventive activities, entertaining pastimes, and/or affectionate admirers most strongly appeal to your momentary tastes, that's not the only thematic strain being played by the planetary orchestra. Midweek, your ruler Mars slips into the private emotionally-fraught domain of your 4th house, to spend the next six weeks stirring up your innards, with a more immediately acute awareness of anything that's been quietly bothering you. This could include friction on the home front, discord with family members (or family-like figures), and/or any unresolved issues (recent or longstanding) getting re-triggered by new developments which remind you of what had previously upset you. Please be judicious enough to discern between the proper contexts for (1) happily taking advantage of this heightened opportunity to enjoy yourself and (2) exploring this potentially magnified upset stirring you from within. Otherwise, you'll be too likely to thoughtlessly contaminate a perfectly good time with an out-of-left-field interjection of frustration or ire… and/or to recklessly overcompensate for your inner agitation by going too far with your 'good-time' pursuits.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): While I strongly encourage you to use this astro-climate to your most privately self-nourishing betterment, Taurus, I must point out the obvious hitch: Nobody else (including those who'd rather you spend every bit of your energy conversing with them about their life proceedings and predicaments) is going to know you're taking time to yourself unless you inform them of such. And in the absence of such information, folks are liable to take your disappearance personally (because isn't that what so many people do these days?)… and be left wondering what they did to upset you, and/or what stick got shoved so far up your butt that it justified you ignoring them. Which, of course, is the very sort of reasoning that only adds to your desire to not deal with such characters. Yet, let's be honest, if you tell them you need space, they probably won't be especially thrilled with that either. So, when we look at it this way, there's a likelihood you'll face certain superficial social tensions—whether lurking unaddressed in the ethers or emerging during those awkward conversational moments of taking care of yourself—no matter how you handle it. In this context, then, I advise adopting the direct informational approach. Any tensions are apt to be shorter-lasting, and less laden with others' projected misperceptions of you.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): With make-things-happen Mars now hitting your practical-matters 2nd house for the next six weeks, Gemini, it's time to set yourself up to tangibly collect on your latest burst of brilliant brainstorms. Enthusiastic intentions are just not sufficient for keeping the bill-collectors at bay, now, are they? To get your ideas paying off in any real-world sense, you must assimilate them with the oscillating rhythms of social opinion… allowing you to ride the waves of up-to-the-minute popularity and marketability as far as they'll carry you, rather than frantically paddling against the currents and wondering why you haven't really gotten anywhere yet, even though you're tired as all get-out. You cannot engineer your future successes wholly within the echo-chamber laboratory of your mind, then force it, fully-formed, onto outside reality and just expect it to magically stick. You need to present speculative offerings, observe reactions, gather opinions, try different angles or audiences or aspects-of-personal-style… and discern where the energy's most promising. Let your trademark versatility work to your advantage. With enough tenacity, you will figure out who most wants to pay you, and for what.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): Okay, Cancer, you know what's up. If you've been avidly following this horoscope trail, you should be well aware it's now time to peel back your hibernatory shell… and get to it. By Wednesday (Jun 24), Mars will be in your sign alongside the Sun, making these several weeks ahead arguably your most effective all year for asserting your will, taking proactive steps toward your desired ends, overcoming inertia, and making clean-breaks or fresh-starts. Factoring in the other astrological goings-on, you're actually quite well-positioned to boost your earning potential through audacious, convention-defying leaps of faith (provided, that is, you actually want to do the thing you're daring to attempt, at least long enough to see if you like it). Between now and next week's full moon, while we're still in the waxing half of the lunar cycle, I strongly recommend commencing efforts and activities which unequivocally demonstrate you have gotten the ball rolling. Should someone ask you a week-and-a-half from now what you've done to move yourself, you ought to have no trouble listing half a dozen examples. One caveat: Mercury remains in your 12th for two more weeks, so it's better to stick to setting up appointments or sending out preliminary communications rather than having the full-on conversation right away. Once Mercury hits your 1st on Jul 8, you'll be able to express yourself more clearly.


LEO (July 23-August 22): What's really odd about action-figure Mars heading into the veritable retreat-zone of your solar 12th right at the same time you've got both benefics (Venus and Jupiter) batting for you, Leo, is that it puts you under elevated threat of creating needless problems for yourself… even as you're simultaneously in an astrologically advantageous position for attracting excellent options and opportunities. Though at an unprecedented high-point of possibility, you must be remain on guard against taking too swift or decisive an action, especially if you make the choice to do so under the direct influence of anyone who's egging you on (because it's safer for them if you assume all the outward risk?) and/or playing to your ego (because it allows them to essentially control you with a calculated dose of positive attention). Thus, to avoid such missteps, I encourage you to insert a meditative pause before proceeding into any such actions. Walk away from the enticing situation for at least a day or two, quietly think on it, pray on it, distinguish between the momentary thrill and the bigger-picture principles inspiring your current life-expansion, and let it sit. Should they respond with unaccommodating urgency or pushy pressure, you probably ought to question their intentions toward you—and all the rest of it, too.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Please don't fear going toe-to-toe against dubious allies, fair-weather friends, or ineffectual colleagues whose poor performance threatens the efficacy of the entire collective endeavor, Virgo. As part of 'tidying up the loose ends' (as we discussed last week), it's possible you'll have to make waves within the group environment and/or openly cut ties with a precarious player, as part of you setting up the larger project for its best outcome (at least as far as your expert opinion conceives of it). You won't be doing any favors for all those folks who both care about the cause and are giving it their all, should you give the problem-child a free pass and/or reserve your critiques out of so-called loyalty. If anything, be loyal to the team's most results-oriented functionality, not to any single member's former glories, feeble deeds, or justifying cult-of-personality. Yes, there could be fallout from your daring to forgo political delicacy on behalf of frank testimony. Yes, someone may decide not to 'like' you (or whatever other expression of ruptured associations they prefer). But you mustn't judge the status of your ongoing evolution based on this fleeting image of 'something broken'. Remember: You are growing, and must make room accordingly for that which more cleanly aligns.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): You're now headed into a pivotal month-and-a-half period, as far as asserting your worldly ambitions and/or making your distinctive mark on the professional stage is concerned, Libra. You cannot afford, therefore, to pass the lead off to anyone else at this critical juncture. It's your baton to grab and run with, now if ever. If you instead choose to shy away from accepting this charge? Don't expect to sail so smoothly along in your acquiescent role: Somebody else will, naturally, assume the front-rank, and you're not likely to approve of their leadership style (even if you plaster on a yielding grin and go along with it). And you'll have to endure that tension, whether withheld inside or externally played out with this central character, until it either compels you to act or merely leaves you pissed off as hell. In other words, there's no getting around the call for your vital, enterprising involvement in this public-spotlight situation. The good news here is that, if you've followed my recent advice to surround yourself with like-minded friends and allies, you ought to be able to rely on their supportive reassurance and encouragement to help hold you up, should nervousness or inhibition get the best of you. Though you are the one due to step up and soar, you've got folks watching your back.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): This is not a good moment for short-sighted, impulse-driven actions, Scorpio, unless you're pretty damn sure of which overall direction you're headed, based on extended philosophic reflections and/or meaning-of-life fundamentals. Please note, however, that getting away from someone or something doesn't exactly count as an 'overall direction'. It's more of a reaction, whether corrective or retaliatory… a survivalist maneuver intended to rescue you from an undesired situation rather than helping to purposefully create one according to some positive vision. Before you shake up circumstances which, though not ideal, probably serve some practical value in your life presently, I recommend first aligning yourself with a certain driving premise, principle, program, or payoff around which to concentrate your inspiration (beyond the simple urge to 'just do something else'). That way, when you do throw your cards up in the air, you'll have some clear idea of what you'd ultimately like to rearrange them in support of. And if you already do know where your central organizing drive is meaningfully aiming you? Then, passionately (re)commit to propelling yourself that way—and only take risks which directly and immediately support this intentional thrust.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): I cannot urge you strongly enough, Sagittarius, not to take 'the easy way out'… however you might interpret that phrase. To proceed cleanly, honestly, and with your full integrity intact, it's highly likely you must first traverse some messy, muddy, or mixed-up territory, with sufficient courage, patience, and forthrightness. Don't rush to simplify the situation when it's really not that simple, please. This is a chance to clean your proverbial closet out, deeply and thoroughly, no relevant emotionally-charged stone left unturned. Should you resist diligently sticking around in this ambiguous state until the various threads have been carefully untangled, identified, and rewoven into something sturdier (if not tossed away because they're frayed beyond rescue), you'll never fully understand what exactly happened here. And, as the logical result to short-changing yourself of such an understanding, you're liable to repeat your participation in these sorts of circumstances—which will only further waste your future time, effort, and/or emotional energy on lessons you should've already learned. Take this last part sincerely to heart: You're not saving yourself anything by hurrying along now, but, likelier, costing yourself freedom further down the road.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Please welcome willful Mars to your one-on-one relationship house (the 7th), Capricorn… and, along with it, the likelier prospect of your having to actively hold your own in your closest partnership(s), whether by intently pushing forth your agenda of relational needs and/or fighting against anything they may be doing which (consciously or not) thwarts your self-determination. But while Mars-in-the-7th (an influence lasting into early August) typically increases the interpersonal bumps, when considered alongside the other concurrent astrological happenings, this doesn't actually seem like an energy you ought to dread. How's that? Well, since you've presently got a lot to gain by bravely embroiling yourself in cooperative alliances, intimate associations, and/or shrewd collusions, there's no way around the necessity of investing more assertive oomph into the back-and-forth give-and-take of relationship-building. And since your most fruitful partnerships will be with those who bring something markedly different to the table than you do, you've got to expect some tense moments (if not full-on clashes), as you work to integrate disparate styles, strategies, or senses-of-urgency. It's not supposed to be easy, not like it would be if you just did it all by yourself—but, if done right (i.e., with interpersonal perseverance), these results will be far more impressive.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Though you may be feeling as if there's plenty of reason to kick off your shoes and go running carefree across the meadow—and I'm not saying there isn't, Aquarius—you'd be essentially foolish to use this spirited pep as an excuse to ditch out on work duties and/or responsibility for your own optimal health. No matter what anyone else in your nearby vicinity might be telling you, the planets (and particularly Mars, now shuffling into your 6th for the next several weeks) are reporting that this is a time to up your attention towards such mundane earthly matters. This shouldn't be such a challenge, however, if you're properly responsive to your own natural rhythms. See, you'll actually want to be increasingly productive at various moments in your day-to-day flow, and/or full of bodily verve to invest in tasks or exercises… and if you stay consciously in tune with these instinctive ebbs and flows, you should be able to ride the highs to an exceptional functionality, getting lots of practical stuff taken care of and/or finessing your physical self to an improved state of well-being. But your ability to 'stay consciously in tune' will be jeopardized by the persuasiveness of other people and their desire for companionship, support, and/or entertainment. Beware, then, of being pulled away from the embodied presence which serves your functional needs by those who'd rather you serve their needs instead.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): I'm hoping you detect the uptick in mood astrologically scheduled to strike your sign mid-week, Pisces… and that you willfully use any trace of 'things-are-looking-up'-style sentiments to jump-start your engines, to hurtle yourself out of any inward-facing slumps you might've recently been stuck in, and, above all else, to have a bit (or a lot) more fun. This also happens to be a dynamic moment for relishing the everyday sense of accomplishment which comes from successfully checking off to-do-list items, in direct support of any ongoing efforts you've been making towards increasing your independent self-reliance. But just to make extra-special-sure you don't experience your now-eager-to-be-handled workload as any hindrance to your burgeoning mood-boost, let me suggest you begin by attacking those particular tasks you're most excited about—and reserve those which you're dreading for another not-so-distant time. We're trying to feed your enthusiasms as best we can, while also getting some important stuff taken care of at the same time. And if that means concentrating on what you want to do first, then so be it. In fact, concentrating on what you want to do is a damn good approach to everything else in your life, too, not just practical matters. Sufficient desire-fulfillment ought to only further help lift your spirits, right?