Horoscopes | Week of June 1-7, 2015

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Don't let the little shit get you down. Seriously, Aries. Don't. If you step outside the immediate context of any fumbles, frustrations, or fights—and simply remind yourself what really matters to you in the long-run, big-picture, choose-your-own-adventure sense—you should be able to see how pointless it is to expend much aggressive steam on this piddly nonsense. (Sidenote: It does you no good to actually call it 'little shit' or 'piddly nonsense' in front of anyone liable to take justifiable offense to your minimizing maneuver.) Life is slated to get a lot more entertaining, exciting, and enjoyable in the weeks to come, provided, of course, you sensibly fix your focus on those myriad activities, encounters, and offerings which you find entertaining, exciting, and enjoyable. Or else you could incessantly and unproductively concern yourself with the annoying crap other people are doing badly, incorrectly, or not-to-your-liking… and instead fill your time with annoying crap. The choice really is yours. Such choices, incidentally, are not about unkindly judging other individuals, at least not in the grand scheme of their worth as human beings (and certainly not in terms of doing so straight to their faces); they're merely a matter of judging where you want to direct your energy, aim your attention, and invest your passion. Should you choose to put your own satisfaction and happiness first (over, say, nervously involving yourself in situations and/or with details likely to stir you up or drive you crazy), everything else will come into clarity as the 'little shit' it really is.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Over these next few months, Taurus, you'll want to concentrate most explicitly on what's likeliest to provide you a snug, self-nurturing home life… including not only ample space, the right location, and whatever cozy creature-comforts will make you happiest, but also greater personal peace-of-mind, with regards to who you invite into your inner sanctum and whether their energy helps legitimately soothe you. There are plenty of stressful influences out in the world, without you needing to let anybody else taint or toxify your domestic sanctuary. Truth be told, at the present moment, you may be far less certain about which intimacies most nourish your homebody-soul—and which might be causing you more trouble than they're worth—than you will be by, say, September. That's okay, though: For the time being, it's wise simply to acknowledge where you might be unduly exposed or dependent, in arrangements which leave your fate too vulnerable to someone else's choices, moods, or whims. If you haven't already made a firm unwavering commitment to somebody (which you're still content with honoring, that is), be aware of where the limits of your comfort-zone lay. Meanwhile, continue quietly retaking control over certain items (especially related to material self-sufficiency) for yourself, if you've allowed others to 'take care of you' in any way that makes you inwardly nervous. Again, you're striving for greater peace-of-mind… and may need to take more purposeful ownership over such things in order to attain it.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You're still wielding an assertive (or, if too sloppily unconscious of that fact, an aggressive) edge thanks to the Mercury-retrograde/Mars-in-your-1st factor, Gemini… but hopefully you're now starting to get a better handle on how to maneuver it with more precision and clear intent. For instance, you should be able to use this leading influence to adeptly steer most, if not all, social encounters and exchanges away from any tone or topic which feels too tense, tumult-inducing, or time-consuming, helping you to stay on everyone's good side (and to keep everyone on yours, too). No need for erecting conspicuous roadblocks in the process, either: By casually redirecting the conversation somewhere less personally anxiety-provoking, angst-ridden, drama-stirring, or just plain uninteresting, you can easily make yourself appear to be innocently distracted (when, in fact, you're being quite deliberate and willful). Similarly, rely on your truly overloaded schedule as a convenient out, allowing you to keep any questionable interactions short and sweet while still meeting all your social obligations with requisite check-in and/or face time. The minor irritations you might circumstantially create in others, as a result of adopting such a squirrelly catch-me-if-you-can manner, should prove relatively brief and insignificant in scope—especially when compared with what's liable to happen if you react to the bait, say everything that crosses your mind, or stick around longer than you sincerely want to.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): If left to its own devices, your mind will concoct additional complications, considerations, compulsions, and concerns to occupy, entertain, and/or torture itself with, Cancer. Please treat it, in this meantime, like something of a problem-child: As its parent, you must diligently care for its physical needs and guard its overall well-being, at the same time you refuse to indulge its whiny tantrums or demanding manipulations so as to help instill responsible boundaries and discipline. You don't want to beat up on your rascally kid-mind, starve it of proper nutrition, or altogether ignore the scene it's creating. After all, it's your job to raise it into a more mature, self-supporting version of itself. That's why your best approach to your current state-of-affairs involves both (1) a tender understanding of the deep uncertainty which likely underscores any self-sabotaging stunt or other internal hijinks you may be putting yourself through, and (2) a firm recommitment to any tasks, measures, or calls-to-action that would help concretely simplify your situation, giving your overactive mind something straightforward, practical, and/or attainable to do with itself. There's presently no foreseeable way to confidently resolve all the open-ended questions which your inner imp is eager to obsess on. However, there are plenty of smaller functional and/or financial matters that would presently benefit from your attention… the addressing of which would also assist in gently relieving some of the anxiety.


LEO (July 23-August 22): Are you ready for a wild time, Leo? As of late this week (Fri Jun 5), the bestower-of-beauty-and-love Venus will be arriving in your zodiac-home, generally considered to be one of the more positive-and-pleasant planetary visits we receive. But while Venus typically zooms through a sign in three-to-four weeks, this stopover will extend all the way into October (with only a brief two-week departure during the second-half of July)! This prolonged duration is due to the fact that Venus will be retrograde from late July into early September… an experience likely to prove delightfully mischievous, disorienting in its fullness of possibility, and something akin to a test of how easily your ego can be tempted into involvements which may or may not be emotionally healthy on a longer-term basis. You'd better believe we will have so much more to say about all this in the many weeks to go. For now, it's enough to know that you'll be soon attracting lots of appealing acknowledgment, admiration, advantage, and/or amorous attention—and your main problem will be sorting the wheat from the chaff, the hangers-on from the tried-and-true, and the mirages from the real-deals. In preparation, check in with yourself about what you'd most like to do with this oncoming influx of Venus-blessed good-favor… before the overtures and offers and outright come-ons start pouring your way, with the potential to mix you up to the point that you lose track of your personal north.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): If you are judiciously attuned to the background energies now starting to presciently swirl in support of your imminent-future's intriguing possibilities, Virgo, you should understand that, though you remain conspicuously busy with the presently-demanding details of your professional (and/or public-community) role, this is definitely not all that's happening. In fact, there's a gradual divergence of selves beginning to quietly occur inside you, largely invisible to others' view… between (1) the you who still must fulfill the terms of this current 'contract' you've committed yourself to seeing through and (2) the you who sees the light at the end of the tunnel, the promise of a new day, and/or the not-yet-concrete outlines of some other existence, beyond that which this former self is presently living out. If you cannot yet detect this divergence beginning to occur, I urge you to spend enough time alone, in deliberate inactivity and receptivity, so that you may sniff its earliest whiffs. Hold this precious knowledge close to your heart, please. Your inner core must stay strong and faithful, as these next few months put you through a series of weird, wacky, and/or what-the-fuck moments that could unsettle your understanding of which way is up—if, that is, you didn't know, at the root of your being, your moment is soon to come. Hopefully, this knowledge will also help ease the stress, if the latest circumstances seem too lax, tentative, or unreliable. In your evolution, these are mere surface goings-on.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): You're on the verge of becoming even more popular, Libra, provided you choose to grant your companionable attention to all those who'd love to steal a few (or more) moments of your time. Especially at the present moment, even if some of the brilliant ideas you're throwing around are admittedly not-quite-so-realistic, at least they're interesting and inspiring and exciting-sounding enough to captivate nearly any audience. But a boost in popularity isn't always a blessing in the end, if you find your breadth of social-engagement comes at the cost of spreading yourself too thin—and then not having enough time for the people, projects, and platforms which really mean something to you. Yet, at the same time, you can't very well judge the greater, deeper, and/or longer-term appeal of new friends, casual chums, or serendipitously-stumbled-upon contacts without at least some initial investment of interpersonal effort. As the invites, introductions, and interchanges begin increasing in number over the weeks ahead, you'll want both to take advantage of the potential for recruiting and/or reaffirming a few (or more) solid alliances and to shrewdly vet whether your further investment in any certain affiliation or acquaintanceship will prove ultimately beneficial. There's, therefore, no getting around the likelihood of having lots of interactions… some of which will bear promising fruit, while others just take up your time. You'll want to neither rule anybody out too soon nor give them too much of yourself once you've seen it's going nowhere worthwhile.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): What type of person do you wish to be seen as by the general public? Which accomplishment(s) would you most like to become known for? What sort of splash are you intending to make on the world stage, Scorpio? You've moving into a few-month-long hot spot, in terms of the professional opportunities and reputational advantages now opening up to you… though just because something is available (and/or plays right into your unconscious ego-thirsts), that doesn't make it appropriate for you and/or in alignment with what you're deeply, genuinely striving to attain. This is one of the main reasons I've been on your ass about not allowing your current pursuits, preoccupations, or obsessions to obscure your cognizance of what ultimately drives you as an individual, no matter who or what else is simultaneously influencing your thinking. Even if you're totally happily rapt in a transcendent meeting-of-the-minds(-and/or-certain-other-body-parts) and/or deriving sincerely revelatory insight from some merging-of-souls, you still need to clutch tightly to your distinct autonomous interests. This self-supportive grounding in the specifics of your own earthly life-goals is essential to not veering off track in the weeks and months to come. With Saturn slipping back into your sign a couple weeks from now, you have little-to-no wiggle-room to abandon yourself, based on some unproven promise of what someone or something might do for you.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): This is an excellent week for re-centering yourself as the focal-point of your navigational efforts, Sagittarius, in response to the cacophony of contrasting opinions and ordering-systems still being foisted upon you by certain attention-seeking individuals. Only you know for sure which far-off destination is the brightest beacon beckoning you to it with the most life-affirming promise… and which others may merely sound appealing enough to partly pique your interest, as long as that certain someone continues talking up its charms like it was the best thing since sliced bread, though, when left to your own devices, you aren't quite as convinced it's all that interesting. What has changed so dramatically since '15 began that you'd be willing to rethink the driving purpose or principle which, until very recently ago, had you so enthusiastically fired up about your future? I suspect, if you pause to think about—and/or stop letting the other person get into your head, under your skin, or smack dab in the middle of your path—you'll realize very little has changed in so dramatic a fashion that your guiding priorities ought to be shifting that much. Consider this week's full moon in your sign, then, as a reality-check reminder of what really motivates you… and check back in, with a renewed industrious intent, with your original onward-ho agenda. Nobody else, no matter who they are, knows better where you'll draw your greatest pride-of-self than you do.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Here's a novel perspective to begin batting around, Capricorn, in association with the potentially provocative and/or disconcerting 8th-house-related happenings due to unfold between now and September: How else can you possibly know the unseen ways in which you hold yourself back if you never allow yourself to lose control? To be clear, 'losing control' doesn't have to involve going violently ape-shit or causing irreparable damage to objects or other people… but clearly the fear of such extremes is often at play in those who are strongly averse to unabashedly emotive expressions, conversations without a clear endgame, and/or relations or collaborations where you don't know where it's going. What if you go 'too far'? What if you cannot possibly foresee the skills, stances, or supplies you'll need… and, therefore, must wing it? Rather than focus on that which is, by definition, undefinable (and thus uncontrollable), it's more psychologically useful to look at what you're afraid of—and, maybe even more crucially, how you came to be afraid of such things? It would suck, for your own self-actualization process, to never know what you're missing out on because you're too unaware of the negative side-effects of constant careful conduct, command, and containment. (Of course there are positives, too; but aren't those already obvious to you?) Whichever central character in your life is likeliest to push you a little too close to losing control, that person (and/or those who hit similar buttons) is probably your greatest teacher in this next phase-of-unfolding.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): With Venus hitting your relationship house (the 7th) late in the week—and staying there for the larger part of these next four months—you should soon be enjoying no shortage of interpersonal connection, action, attraction, and/or attention, Aquarius. In fact, in the immediate present-time, you also still have plenty of 5th-house planetary activity ramping up the fun factor… a combination which heightens the flirtatious quality to your chit-chatty exchanges, making you appear to be the most charming, entertaining, and/or endearing character amongst the options. The main 'problems' with all this (if we dare to call 'em that) will revolve around questions of discernment, energy-conservation, and personal priorities. In other words, just because somebody likes you or shows you some romantic interest (or, good lord, pledges their undying love-and-affection for you?!?), that doesn't mean you necessarily like, or are romantically interested in, them. And the more time and energy you spend with folks you're lukewarm about at best (or actively not into at worst), the less time and energy you're consequently spending with folks who get you enthused about things you want to become more enthused about. As these next months unfold, you'll find it way too easy to slide into excellent rapport with nearly anybody you keep company with. It's on you to pick and choose, based on your sincere preferences and proclivities. Otherwise, you'll be giving the wrong people the wrong ideas—and inviting needless interpersonal, uh, 'intrigue', let's call it.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): You are definitely not out of the woods yet, Pisces, as far as last week's horoscope and your itch to disappear are concerned. Please think of this uncomfortable moment, then, as a training-course in how to tolerate emotionally-disquieting internal conditions while remaining largely present and available to meet your end of all pertinent bargains, particularly those which are work-related. And just to be clear, it's still considered a 'bargain' you've committed to even if you are the only person who'll be let down by your lack of follow-through. Regular job duties, health-promoting habits, and other mundane responsibilities would presently be the best sector in which to seek solace and support (even if your untrustworthy brain tries telling you that letting things fall, betraying healthful limits, and/or playing hooky would be the way to go). Whatever it is that's unsettling or upsetting you at the moment is not all that you've got going on. Alongside all the mind-scrambling ambiguities, ambivalences, and hypotheticals, there are also things you actually do know—principally those related to the make-or-break phase you're presently trooping through, insofar as your career (and/or outside-world) aspirations are concerned. You know you want to achieve a certain something… and that it takes earnest, sustained effort in order to achieve it. Let that serve as a centering awareness and an incentive to maintain everyday productivity, even as other items or issues remain discombobulatingly uncertain.