2014 Writings

December 2014

Another Bumpy December (12.6.14)
Uranus and Pluto slink back into their sixth exact square (of seven) mid-month, with Mercury, Venus, and the Sun along as agents.

November 2014

Giving Thanks and Other Feelings (11.29.14)
My life overflows with blessings, but the unfulfilled strivings often threaten to derail the gratitude with dissatisfaction or desire.

A Very Different Venus (11.15.14)
Following her Saturn conjunction in Scorpio last week, Venus's arrival to Sagittarius and square to Neptune totally changes the relational vibe. But beware of avoiding problems or skipping steps, just to reattain the good feelings.

Mars-Pluto in Capricorn and 'Empire-Building' (11.2.14)
The Mars-Pluto conjunction bolsters our will and determination to pursue long-term goals by strategy, if the Mars-Uranus square doesn't cause us to lose impulse-control. Also, a Venus-Saturn conjunction tells us to get real serious with our relationship business.

October 2014

Scorpio's One More Big 'Sting' (10.18.14)
The Oct 23 solar eclipse conjunct Venus in the first degree of Scorpio caps off a couple years of Saturn-in-Scorpio work, offering an ideal 'last-chance' to root out any stubborn clumps of unprocessed psychological matter.

Notes on an Updating October (10.3.14)
Using this month's eclipses and Mercury retrograde to integrate the past couple months' emotional progress with whatever personal aims we tinkered and toiled to achieve earlier in the year.

September 2014

Fired Up by Jupiter and Uranus (and Mars, Too!) (9.23.14)
A grand fire trine propels us, hot and fast, toward self-liberating gambles. But is it every person for their self?

Moving Beyond Mars/Saturn (9.5.14)
A personal and astrological recap of the recent Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, plus glimpses of the upcoming Neptune-influenced transits of Venus in Virgo and Mars in Sagittarius.

August 2014

Mars conjunct Saturn: Rightful-Action for the Win (8.15.14)
Under this approaching Mars-Saturn conjunction, we have far less leeway to be hasty, sloppy, or needlessly excessive in our assertive manner. Our actions will have lasting consequences, good and bad.

July 2014

Mars, Finally in Scorpio, and Mighty Once Again! (7.26.14)
After nearly eight months in Libra, Mars happily returns to his home-sign of Scorpio to help decisively resolve any unfinished acts-of-will still not yet clear or complete.

Jupiter in Leo: Self-Actualization or Self-Aggrandizement? (7.18.14)
The greater-benefic's 13-months-ahead in Leo promises to heighten our focus on who we are as individuals, as well as how we share ourselves with the world.

July's Sharp Turn (7.11.14)
A very different vibe emerges over the coming couple weeks, as Jupiter enters Leo and Mars finally emerges from his retrograde shadow, landing in Scorpio after more than seven months in Libra.

My Personal Mercury-Direct Tongue-Untying (7.1.14)
Using Mercury's station to unblock my writing by sharing my recent grief.

June 2014

June's Mercury-Retrograde Catch-Up (6.8.14)
Mercury's latest retrograde should come in especially handy, so we may catch up with all the dynamic changes which continue to impact our daily lives, in ways we're still working on figuring out.

May 2014

Mars Direct, Post-Grand-Cross (5.22.14)
With Mars direct after 2 months of retrograde foot-dragging, the scene has been set: Now, we muster the strength, we gather the pieces, we re-engage our engines, and we move forward, like it or not.

The Venus/Mars Flip-Flop (5.4.14)
Venus and Mars oppose each other from one another's signs, stirring tensions due to the role-reversal.

April 2014

What the Hell Am I Doing... Where? (4.30.14)
I'm officially on a 2-month 'life sabbatical', timed to coincide with the recent grand-cross and eclipse energies.

'Staying the Course' with the Taurus Solar Eclipse (4.25.14)
Recommit to whatever destabilizing changes have recently been kicked off… or otherwise face a threat that the powerful undertow from yesterday's habits or patterns will suck you back in.

Immersion in the Grand-Cross Interrelatedness (4.11.14)
Under this cardinal grand-cross, we now deal with a peculiarly heightened complexity of interrelationship, with four planets squaring and opposing one another… and simultaneously hitting four different zones of life with this mega-intense burst of astro-pressure.

March 2014

Providential Promise in April's Grand Cross (3.31.14)
Against a backdrop of two exalted benefics trining in water signs, we mustn't discount the profound emotional connection that often comes along with potentially unsettling or upsetting developments.

Anticipating April (3.9.14)
Preparing for surprise disruptions during April's extremely bumpy astrology (including a grand cross between Mars retrograde, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto AND a pair of eclispes), without falling prey to fear.

Mars Retrograde in Libra: Alternate Currents (3.3.14)
With Mars 'stuck' retrograde-style (from March 1 through May 19), we'll feel like we must repeatedly assert and re-assert our will toward the same purpose in order to achieve our desired results… which can obviously grate on our nerves and/or try our patience.

February 2014

Like Retrogrades Passing in the Night (2.24.14)
Just one day after Mercury goes direct again, Mars takes his turn at retrograding.

Giving In to Mercury Retrograde (2.19.14)
A personal tale of my Mercury-retrograde travails.

January 2014

Venus Direct (1.29.14)
The stationing-direct phase of a Venus retrograde is an opportune occasion for consciously reflecting on our relationships, particularly in light of any perspective-shifting developments which transpired during the retrograde.

The Big 4-0 (1.22.14)
My 40th-birthday reflections on mortality, climate change, and gratitude.

What's So 'New' About The Year? (1.16.14)
Persistent astrological energies from the end of '13 continue into 2014, bringing a lot 'more of the same'. Beware of Mercury-in-Aquarius's know-it-all attempts to claim comprehensive intellectual understanding, at the expense of inconvenient emotional realities.