2013 Writings

December 2013

Xmas-New Year's Grand-Cross Razzmatazz (12.22.13)
Under volatile astro-aspects between Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter, all at odds with each other, beware of explosive surprises, a much-heightened risk of doing something you may later come to regret, and other careless life-changers.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn: Strategic Relationship Reassessment (12.15.13)
With Venus's six-week retrograde through Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 31), we greet the unfolding of mischievous 'flipside' scenarios in our relational sector… intended to push, to the forefront of our minds, questions about what we really value most.

November 2013

Getting Even More Used to Mars in Libra (11.30.13)
And in advance of his upcoming two-and-a-half-month retrograde next year, Mars enters Libra (a sign of his detriment) for more than seven months.

Getting Used to Venus in Capricorn (11.6.13)
In advance of her upcoming six-week retrograde, Venus enters strategic Capricorn for an extra-lengthy four-month stay.

October 2013

Hitting the Wall (Eclipse Meditation) (10.27.13)
In honor of the Nov 3 solar eclipse in Scorpio (conjunct both Saturn and Mercury retrograde), I share the challenge of encountering an apparent stall in my ongoing personal work.

Eclipse-O-Rama (10.14.13)
This week's lunar eclipse in Aries ushers in the latest season of eclipses, to be capped off by a much more powerful Saturn-conjoining solar eclipse in Scorpio on Nov 3.

Mercury Means Serious Business (10.7.13)
The upcoming Mercury retrograde in Scorpio (Oct 21-Nov 10) could come with lasting consequences, due to Mercury's three rounds of conjunctions to Saturn and the Moon's North Node, pushing us to be unerringly accurate and precise in our communications.

September 2013

Extra-Magic New Moon (9.29.13)
Fri Oct 4's Libran New Moon not only brushes with Uranus and Pluto, but also ushers in our latest eclipse-period and introduces critical issues we're likely to continually revisit during Mars's upcoming seven-plus months in Libra.

That Fixed Venus-Mars Square (9.24.13)
The current square between Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Leo produces a tension which can cause some relational bumps… though this 'tension' could also likely play out as a creatively fertile, even sexual one.

A Trio of Astro-Tidbits (9.12.13)
The latest deets on Mars in Leo, Venus in Scorpio, and Mercury in Libra.

August 2013

Reflections (8.29.13)
Thoughts about my 2013 so far, an intricate combination of prodigious self-development and harrowing self-doubt.

Venusian Unrest (8.20.13)
On her current trip through Libra, Venus must jockey for her desired relational harmony while contending with disruptive pressure from all sides, courtesy of hard aspects from Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter.

The Month It Got Bigger (8.12.13)
Jupiter, the expansive 'gas giant', moves in to both oppose Pluto and square Uranus, heightening our emotional responses to the Uranus-Pluto square's revolutionary tumult to a bubbling-over point.

July 2013

The Uranus-Pluto Square, The Grand Water Trine, and Justice (7.27.13)
The Trayvon Martin verdict exemplifies the convergence of two major astrological influences, as race hit Americans headlines with a renewed vitality.

Grand Water Trine (7.14.13)
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune call on us to better integrate feelings, hunches, intuitions, and sensitivities into all our decision-making. Maybe we need a lot more heartfelt emotional regard in how we manage every day…

Equality (7.6.13)
The Uranus-Pluto evolving institution of marriage, and the 'queer astrology' beyond it.

June 2013

Jupiter in Cancer: 'Luck' through Caring (6.26.13)
Greater-benefic Jupiter enters Cancer, the sign of his exaltation, for a year of promoting emotional intuition as a key to serendipitous development.

Uranus-Pluto Square V: The NSA Leaks, and Heroism vs. Treason (6.12.13)
Security leaks reveals the US government's secretive collecting of its citizens' phone records and online data, as Mercury and Venus in Cancer set off the Uranus-Pluto square. Who are the real 'criminals' in this case?

Dispatch from the Waterworld (6.10.13)
I expose myself to you, attempting to articulate my teary-eyed experience of this grand water trine.

Entering the Water (6.2.13)
Mercury and Venus in Cancer create a synergistic grand water trine with Saturn and Neptune. Washed of mental attachments, we only have our immediate emotional experience to judge it all according to.

May 2013

More Eclipse Madness and the Gemini 'Anything Else's (5.19.13)
Heading into a full-moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius (May 24) and a line-up of personal planets in Gemini conjoining Jupiter, we notice a freeing-up of mental space, which affords us the capacity to move past recent blocks and slowdowns.

we mind our business the birds mind theirs (5.16.13)
the birds build a nest in our lightwell / their nest is a home in the lightwell

An Eclipse Invitation to Revisit Habit (5.5.13)
Thu May 9's Taurus eclipse conjunct the lunar South Node carries an energy of past habits culminating, giving us a chance to stubbornly affirm our refusal to fall back into undesired patterns.

April 2013

A Very Saturny Lunar Eclipse (4.20.13)
Thu Apr 25's lunar eclipse conjunct Saturn in Scorpio magnifies the reason(s) why stabilizing our recently-initiated changes isn't as easy as we'd like it to be.

Time for Reflection? Ha! (4.5.13)
Aries's 'onward-ho' action orientation remains in effect, with a noticeable slowdown not expected for another couple weeks.

March 2013

Uranus-Pluto Square IV: Individuating Sparks (3.17.13)
Multiple faster-moving planets form conjunctions to Uranus in Aries during a relatively tight time-period (Mar 22-31), leading a charge of sharp, forceful and possibly surprising acts of self-assertion.

Lead Us Into Aries, Mars (3.9.13)
The time to respond with action to whatever our recent feelings have shown us is arriving, heralded first by Mars's entry into Aries, and the Sun and Venus following suit.

February 2013

What The Feelings Say (2.28.13)
Feelings, even in your darkest garb, you are our friend.

Water Logic (2.21.13)
Mercury's first retrograde of '13, in Pisces, accentuates the timely importance of our collective need to honor the 'watery' ways of knowing.

Acknowledging the Calling (2.9.13)
A triple conjuntion of Mercury, Mars and Neptune turns up the volume on the evocative, synchronistic cosmic messages that point us toward our unique rightful calling.

January 2013

Venus into Aquarius, Mars into Pisces (1.28.13)
On Friday (Feb 1), both Venus and Mars enter fresh zodiacal territory on the same day, for a palpable change in the astrological climate.

Writing Birthday (1.22.13)
I sit down and write to you today, on my 39th birthday, as an intention-setting ritual.

Early 2013's Relational Resolutions (1.7.13)
Venus in Capricorn slips into alignment with the endlessly-squaring Uranus and Pluto, escorting its edgy transformational vibe into the relationship realm.