2012 Writings

December 2012

Playing Catch-Up (12.2.12)
After yet another commanding combo of astrological factors to report upon, are we suffering from 'intensity fatigue'?

November 2012

Faraway Home (11.22.12)
A craving for a new home mirrors my emotional desire for a relocation away from the unsettling complexities of my Uranus-Pluto revolution.

Post-Election Eclipse Rebirth, Scorpio-Style (11.12.12)
The 'chapter' initiated by this week's Scorpio eclipse asks us to set intentions: What must die, in order for us to be reborn? What world is now ending, whether we want it to or not?

October 2012

Sharing the Pain (10.31.12)
Written in honor of Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces: Honestly and opening confronting our own shit not only stops the unconscious spread of further pain, but helps us alleviate the pain that already exists.

An Election Prediction in an Unpredictable Era (10.26.12)
No matter what happens in the upcoming US presidential vote, it's like to intensify the ideological divisions now that Saturn's in Scorpio and drudging more mud out of the Uranus-Pluto square.

Saturn in Scorpio: Responsibility, to the Fullest Extent (10.4.12)
For the next 2 years, Saturn's transit through Scorpio asks us to accept our part in whatever psychological complications keep us from attaining peace and well-being.

September 2012

Four Planets Changing Signs! (9.30.12)
Within a single week, (1) Venus enters Virgo, (2) Mars enters Sagittarius, and (3) both Mercury and Saturn enter Scorpio, ushering in a noticeable energetic shift.

The Good News About Friction (9.24.12)
Squares aren't always bad. This week's square between Venus and Mars can be fruitfully harnessed to generate heat, for birthing new ideas or stimulating relational attraction.

Uranus-Pluto Square III: This Shit is Hard (9.18.12)
Remarks for the second exact square, as Pluto stations direct and both Mercury and the Sun in Libra tangle with these two planetary big-shots.

What's Up with astrobaz? (9.2.12)
An update on my upcoming web redesign, my e-book ASTROBARRY'S 2013, and consults in NYC (Oct 16-17) and Australia (Nov 6-16)… and how it all feels.

August 2012

Neptune in Pisces vs. The Virtue of Selfishness (8.28.12)
On the eve of the RNC in Tampa and Hurricane Isaac hitting the Gulf coast, we weigh 'every man for himself' against 'we're all in this together'.

Mars Re-Introduces Scorpio (8.16.12)
Mars enters Scorpio for six weeks, to 'take the gloves off' as far as whatever urges or ambitions we've been pussyfooting around about dealing with... and as an introduction to Saturn's arrival to Scorpio in October.

'Brand New' Venus, Too! (8.5.12)
Venus arrives in Cancer, to help elucidate any still-open-ended relationship dabblings and/or business dealings spurred by all those months of Venus in Gemini… and then she moves into hard aspect with the Uranus-Pluto square.

July 2012

Uranus-Pluto Square II: Different 'Revolutions', One Shared Experience (7.29.12)
Though the dominating aspect between Uranus and Pluto clearly portends revolutionary tumult, we shouldn't presume any universal definition of 'revolution'.

Thank You for Misunderstanding (7.11.12)
A meditation on the exasperating blessedness of being misunderstood, in honor of the latest Mercury retrograde beginning this weekend (Jul 14) in Leo.

Mars's 'New Attitude!' (7.5.12)
After nearly eight long months in Virgo, Mars finally makes it to Libra... soon to tangle with Uranus and Pluto.

June 2012

Uranus-Pluto Square: It's for Real, Yo (6.20.12)
This generation-defining astrological aspect is no longer merely gathering like a storm-cloud miles away in the sky; we are now in its eye.

Jupiter in Gemini: A Smorgasbord of Possibilities (6.14.12)
Jupiter's yearlong trip through Gemini promises an immediate boon in the social possibilities we see as available to us, inspiring us to circulate more busily among the different scenes.

The Consciousness Elevator of UAC (6.11.12)
My dispatch from the 2012 United Astrology Conference in New Orleans, and what I learned from the hotel elevators.

The Transit of Venus (6.3.12)
On Tue Jun 5, Venus aligns with the Sun, appearing as a traveling dot across the solar face, for a rare astromonical event we won't witness again until 2117.

May 2012

Trumping Fate (5.18.12)
Thoughts about our playfully poetic universe, inspired by the May 20 solar eclipse in Gemini, which squares Neptune.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini: Rethinking What We Want (5.10.12)
Venus's retrograde (May 15-Jun 27) delivers situations—in our relationships, financial dealings, and/or creative involvements—that lead us to reevaluate what makes our hearts happiest.

Stubbornness Has Its Merits (5.5.12)
An ode to the appropriate contexts for fixedly clenching our teeth down on some value, virtue or viewpoint... and adamantly refusing to release.

Coming Up Next... ! (5.1.12)
The upcoming month or so brings a grand earth trine, a Venus retrograde, a pair of eclipses, and a rare visible transit of Venus across the face of the Sun.

April 2012

Called to Ask for Clarity (4.22.12)
'Light this candle for clarity, and eliminate all escapist impediments to your fuller consciousness until it burns out. You will discover what your evasive efforts have been covering over.'

Mars-Retrograde Wrap-Up (4.10.12)
During the last few days before Mars returns to direct motion, I review my experience and my commitment to finishing the process with a good effort.

March 2012

The Many Loves of Venus-in-Gemini (3.30.12)
In anticipation of her upcoming retrograde, Venus enters Gemini for a prolonged four-month visit: Approach from a different angle, and see an entirely different world.

Seasonal Transformations (3.16.12)
On Tue Mar 20, the Sun enters Aries, for another equinox, at which we witness a precious fleeting moment of balance between light and dark. During this historic Uranus-Pluto square, the seasonal turns are especially dramatic.

One More Mars-Retrograde Point (3.12.12)
Mars-retrograde's exasperating provocations are like thumbtacks on the seat of our proverbial chair, little pains-in-the-ass reminders to get up off our procrastinating duffs and rise into action.

The 'Good News' and The 'Bad News' (3.5.12)
Mercury goes retrograde (Mar 12-Apr 4) while Mars is also still retrograde, but a grand earth trine, which includes a Venus-Jupiter conjunction, helps alleviate the bumpiness.

February 2012

The Mars-Retrograde Complaint File (2.17.12)
I complain about Mars retrograde.

Venus on the Frontier (2.6.12)
Venus in Aries conjoins Uranus and then squares Pluto, setting off our latest reminder that the continuing friction between these two evolutionary planet-agents remains a defining astrological keystone of our times.

January 2012

Neptune Returns to Pisces (1.30.12)
Neptune's re-entry to Pisces (where it stays through 2025) plays with the fuzzy boundaries between the tangible 'real' and that which is much less tangible—though not necessarily 'unreal'.

Mars Retrograde's Alternate Current (1.23.12)
Mars's retrograde through Virgo (Jan 23-Apr 13) redirects our assertive energies away from areas they have most recently been pointed, pressuring us to concentrate our attentions elsewhere.

Doing Virgo (1.13.12)
Entering Month 3 of Mars's extended visit to Virgo, we review useful channels for deploying this energy of logical deliberateness.

2012: Reaching the Eye of the Storm (1.9.12)
The big headline of the year ahead demands repeating: Uranus and Pluto hit their first exact square in June. The forces of evolution are simply too strong to resist.