Special Strategies for the Week


Here's a special set of strategies for making the most of your week.

I write this on the occasion of the fifth of five trines between Jupiter and Saturn (exact on Fri Nov 21), a supportive stabilizing aspect that encourages us to see progress as a happy blend of expansive (Jupiter) and restraining (Saturn) principles.

When Jupiter and Saturn are in an easy flowing angle to one another, it's an excellent time for laying groundwork, brick by brick… with the anticipatory idea that our future steps taken along this path will be that much simpler, smoother and more sustainable as a result of smart preparatory measures taken now.

Jupiter broadens Saturn's sometimes-too-narrow perspective, transcending his prior limitations with new approaches and attitudes that reflect a desire to grow (rather than endlessly repeat the same maneuvers). Saturn, meanwhile, keeps Jupiter grounded and on task, preventing his 'big ideas' from becoming so full of hot air they float off into the stratosphere of impossibility (where they do nobody any real tangible good).

The strategic guidelines that follow have been drawn from following the feedback loop of planetary dispositors. Dispositorship is an astrological technique that provides us additional information on how any planet will express itself, based on the conditions of its sign ruler. (If that's a bit too much technical astrology for you, perhaps you'll understand better once you see it in action.)

Jupiter in Capricorn, disposited by Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) in Virgo

Wide-eyed Jupiter isn't at his best in Capricorn, a sign that wants to act in close accordance with its 'grand plans' and often hates the loss of control that comes with unmeasured growth. While Jupiter in Capricorn can sense the value of 'expanding upon' its whole scheme of tactics, he doesn't necessarily know where to begin or how not to disrupt everything by changing this or that term. Looking to dispositor Saturn in Virgo, we see that he'll proceed most successfully by carefully considering all the details before revising any of 'em. A few small alterations, meticulously conceived and efficiently conducted, will actually make a more measurable difference than some big sloppy switch.

Strategy: Don't get overwhelmed by the magnitude of massive projects or lofty goals. All you can attend to is one tiny piece at a time. Break the intimidating big-picture 'everythingness' into bite-sized components, so you can actually deal with it. Then, pour your entire focus into slowly-but-surely getting each one right. Think about today's work today; you can tackle tomorrow's work tomorrow.

Saturn in Virgo, disposited by Mercury (ruler of Virgo) in Scorpio

Saturn in Virgo really is a master of the practical detail, able to sit for hours in front of complicated blueprints or calculation-filled spreadsheets and hunt out the errors. But sometimes, as we all know, the problems with what we're trying to do aren't logistically obvious. They won't always appear to us, as long as we take things as they appear. Mercury in Scorpio isn't afraid to delve deeper, asking the difficult questions others won't, on its investigative quest to uncover the real circumstances. Still in Scorpio through Saturday (Nov 22), this Mercury is only too aware that psychology also has its part to play in what might otherwise be written off as innocent oversights. The wrong keystroke sometimes ends up in the code deliberately, thanks to a resentful programmer or a manager's conflict-avoidant reluctance to fire the inept employee. Sometimes, it's our own anger or paranoia that impedes the process.

Strategy: Have you poured over the meat-and-potatoes with a fine-tooth comb, and still not found the explanation you were hoping for? Don't rule out the human factor. When your instincts tell you something smells funny, start digging. Behind the facts and figures, you just might find an emotional reason why things are as they are. Of course, human challenges demand human solutions. You may have to don the therapist's hat, should you stumble upon the complicated feelings of a key player while you're plumbing the depths of this situation. Be understanding, but don't avoid the conversations that really must happen.

Mercury in Scorpio, disposited by Mars (ruler of Scorpio) in Sagittarius

While Mercury in Scorpio has no issue with getting down in the dirt, he does sometimes enjoy those convoluting intensities a little too much. He can easily become so enchanted by the emotional passions (or just plain drama), he forgets his initial reasons for diving down in the first place. He mustn't overlook this motivating purpose—and that's where Mars in Sagittarius comes in. This Mars has important places to go, and has no desire to sit around in the mud from here to eternity. Mars in Sagittarius is eager to get on with this journey of self-development. Anything he considers irrelevant (or just plain boring) gets left behind, including excessive amounts of processing. Once the root causes have been identified, anything further becomes an exercise in navel-gazing.

Strategy: While it temporarily behooves us to slow long enough to drill deep into a situation, once we get the information we need, we must pick up the pace again and keep on moving. Following discovery of another's questionable behaviors (and the adequate research needed to get your story straight), don't dilly-dally around. Speed the confrontation into being. Get it over with. Then, keep on moving. Why open additional cans-of-worms unless they are directly applicable to your goals?

Mars in Sagittarius, disposited by Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) in Capricorn

Left to his own devices, Mars in Sagittarius is so enthused by its ideals that he'll rush into any situation, any time and place, if said actions will further his agenda in that given moment. But he surely does not exist in a bubble. Mars looks to Jupiter in Capricorn for guidance, returning us to the 'beginning' of our dispositor loop, with a reminder that, ultimately, we still want to proceed by plan. Jupiter reminds Mars not to become overly impassioned by belief… and, in an instant, go too far too fast and essentially screw up later stages of the strategy. Before making foolhardy haste, we must again consider the overarching intention—and only engage in behaviors that clearly and directly support it.

Strategy: While certain instances (as described above) call for quick-fire confrontation, others decidedly do not. The difference between (1) fast-action resolution and (2) rash decision-making is, first and foremost, purpose. If you know exactly why you want to push the happenings ahead now (and precisely what you'll likely gain or lose), go for it. If not, return to the drawing board. Though it may feel stifling to resist the spontaneous response, reacting in ways that may upset the 'grand plan' will go against the strategies presently outlined by the planets.