Retrospective Reflections on Now


We don't always know 'it' when we see it.

Hindsight is, without a doubt, the most accurate vision we have… and it is no failing on astrology's part if we opt to apply its insights retroactively, rather than attempting to use its archetypal clues to predict the future. Often, we only get meaning after the 'action' has occurred.

With that in mind, I'm only now mentioning the conjunctions of both Mercury and Venus (in Aquarius) to Neptune, though it's been in effect all week. By the time you read this, it may be too late to do anything about it. But I think that's just fine, anyhow. This one's low on the 'obvious drama' factor (look to the Mars-Pluto opposition for that)… and far likelier to bestow any significance after the fact.

Mercury's already conjoined Neptune twice recently (Jan 22 and Feb 2), on account of his recent retrograde, so there's not much strikingly new news on that front. Merely more of the same mixed-up logic that ends up feeling sorta right (in spite of the shortage of comprehensible reasons why), met in kind with bouts of spiritually-blinding realization and/or romantically-inclining imagination (depending on who's doing the labeling). Are we inspired, or deluded? The question keeps presenting itself.

What I really like, though, is the additional presence of Venus we're currently lucky enough to enjoy. I think of her almost as a hostess-guardian, watching over the guests at this Mercury-Neptune 'visioning' party to make sure everyone's having a good time… and that, even if certain communications prove inadequate in preciseness or overindulgent with wishful thinking, the general gist is one of mutual acceptance and accord. Essentially, Venus maintains the flattering lighting and ambient mood-music—under her eye, we all come off our best.

The far more noticeable astro-affair of the week is, as I already mentioned, the Mars-Pluto opposition that I wrote about in my previous article. But what is ultimately born out of this subtler Mercury-Venus-Neptune combination will continue to show itself after the Mars-Pluto stuff has died down. Count on it to appear in newfound ease with our 'strange bedfellows', unlikely alliances and fresh comminglings of efforts that help our individual voices speak louder, by virtue of their inclusion within coalitions of different-but-like-minded visionaries. But despite these lofty-sounding attributes, don't expect it to first appear as all that. It probably won't.

If you can't wait for the signs to become clearer and instead need to know what to look out for, then, for starters, pay close attention to moments when your words seem to resonate on the spot to an unusual degree with someone who's listening… or when someone's words resonate similarly with you. Take note if you experience an uncanny sense of familiarity or deep agreement with a passage you read or a clip you overhear on the TV or radio. Heed the pull toward certain individuals, ideas, locations or life-perspectives. All of these are hints that you're within the orbit of your kind of people—even if, by all appearances, you may have little in common. There's some uniting bond that trumps your differences. Whatever it is you share, it's a part of your personality begging to be further developed… not only because you'd grow from it, but because it would benefit all of us for you to pursue it more intently.

For now, you're ahead of the game if you simply notice.

With Mars and Pluto facing off, there's plenty of other stuff to dominate the headlines… and it'd be just as easy to miss this magical joining-together with colleagues, common concepts or community itself. These are faint intimations, not whopping whiffs. That's why I posted this article when I did, to encourage you to look back over already-lived experiences for your flashes of significance… rather than scouring the horizon in advance, panicked, hunting for possible treasure-chests, only to mislead yourself by conjuring mirages far more spectacular (and thus a major distraction) than the more modest signposts that really exist.

Wrap this article up. Set it aside. Hopefully, you'll remember to revisit it a week or so down the road. By then, you might stumble upon something you missed your first time here… and, out of the blue, some previous bland or seemingly meaningless instant may begin to take on another, richer interpretive level altogether.

Will some sense suddenly appear when before there was none? Maybe 'sense' isn't quite the right word…