Savoring the Ruffling-Up


Imagination is required, if you ever expect to conjure yourself a proper way out from whatever's limiting your vision.

But if you've 'imagined' it, that must mean it doesn't already exist (at least not in your life). It's above and beyond your current reality. It's a blast from left field, a shot in the dark, or perhaps some extraordinary message from outer space.

And it certainly ain't something you see every day, which gives you plenty of reason to not quite understand all the potential dimensions of this other angle.

For the time being, you'll lack any more specific logic. You might even find yourself grasping for the right language to describe what you're unexpectedly drawn to, or why you feel so moved to zig dramatically toward one strange detour, rather than safely treading the middle of the main path. That's cool, though. Logic? Feh.

We're talking about a triple conjunction in Pisces, y'all. The only cold hard 'proof' you're going to receive that this move is 'the right move'? It's neither cold nor hard but rests, against all laws of gravity, on a barely-detectable cloud of Faith. To take advantage of the week's astro-energies, we must believe in the value of ruffling things up, no matter the final outcome.

Uranus is our planetary stand-in for this 'wild card' phenomenon, since his principal role is simply to turn a circumstance upside down, so we're forced to re-create that element of our lives out of the disturbed fragments and chunks left in his wake. When Uranus comes a-knockin', we're wise to invite his wrecking ball in… to consciously select which stale zone or aspect hasn't been working up to snuff for a while, and rework it in as radical a fashion as possible. Dare we continue clinging to the dusty and outmoded when the demolition crews arrive, the whole process will likely be far more personally painful and damaging.

Keeping life vital necessitates that we frequently say our goodbyes to the residual holdovers—while, at the same time, regularly greeting special guest stars and unanticipated visitors, strangers on the street and wandering prophets who stumble through our door just in time to mutter cryptic encapsulations of spiritual genius before walking back out.

Uranus doesn't need his emissaries (the 'surprises' and those who spring 'em on us) to stick around indefinitely. A few moments' exposure may prove more than enough, though the uprising it spawns in us could linger for some time. Remember, though: Every successful revolution eventually morphs into an entrenched status quo, by virtue of increasing acceptance and the passage of time. Clutching the rebel flag too close to our chests spoils its libertine charm. We are lucky to have experienced it at all. Who needs to own it?

As both Mercury and Venus come together with Uranus, our hearts and minds are in a unique position to welcome these promising bits of symbolic news and cosmic input. We already know what doesn't work, what's been around the block so long that it's getting crusty in the corners, and… heck, what we probably never should've been doing in the first place. This week makes it that much easier to walk away from the old and commonplace, once we acknowledge we might as well try it another way—one which adds excitement, simply by virtue of being new, and all the useful experimentation that comes with it.

The only thing we've got to lose is a tired overfamiliarity with how it's always been done… a bland safety, coming at the expense of our engagement and innovation. Worth risking, to be sure.

Once again, because the conjunction sign is Pisces, we mustn't expect to rationally comprehend the ins and outs of what Uranian treats spark our interest. What's most important now is that (1) we're willing to take a chance on some marked departure, (2) it generates enthusiasm in us and (3) points to idealistic visions of a better world, all while (4) fostering our creativity and affection for life. Beyond that? Another several question-marks…

Of course, our brilliant ideas and adventurous actions could later prove to be unsustainable or otherwise 'wrong'… but, from the experimental life-is-a-journey perspective, never failures. If nothing else, they got us moving in the short term, one outrageous choice to be shortly followed by another—possibly less outrageous but just as fresh.

The same thinking goes for people, too, particularly those who abruptly enter our lives (or take on a much larger role than previously), carrying with them an electrical charge that jumpstarts our own circuits. Enjoy them for who they are and what they provide you now. However, remove any self-pressures to sign 'em up, tie 'em down, or pin 'em into place.

The 'liberator' types who show up at Venus-Uranus contacts may not be especially well-suited for such far-reaching commitments… and most certainly not this early in the game. Leave the cage-door ajar and the chain unfastened—the big thrill is in knowing either of you could dash off at a moment's whim.