Heed the Equinox Full Moon Oracle


When the Sun moves into Aries early Thursday (Mar 20) morning (or very late Wednesday, if you're in the western US), the zodiac cycle will officially start over again.

A new season begins, either spring or fall (based on where you are in the world)… and the balance of dark and light are astronomically equal, if for just a moment. Then the next step throws it back off again, only in the other direction.

But this seasonal change is big, people. And this week's full moon on Fri Mar 21 speaks volumes about what's looming ahead… though, in our actual lived lives, we're still so early on in the approaching developments. For the sensitives, however, this coming week is chock full of clues. Ssshhh! Can you hear whispers of your future?

This entire month (as I already reported) is essentially a transition from the period of happenings that began in mid-Sep 07, when Mars first entered his pre-retrograde shadow, into a fresh phase of activity. Mars finally leaves the post-retro echo-chamber early in April—and if anybody hasn't already felt the early tinges of 'and away we go!' by then, they'll surely start movin' right along shortly thereafter.

Friday's full moon is such an interesting one in this process, thanks to its very tight square to Pluto, the little guy with the intense wallop, perched within the early degrees of Capricorn. Pluto spends all of '08 straddling Capricorn's cusp, dipping back into Sagittarius from mid-June to late-November, before staying to transform the sign of authority and strategic calculation for another decade-and-a-half. To that end, 2008 serves as a larger transition of sorts… into the Pluto-in-Cap generation, where our governing structures (political, economic, familial, etc.) are due for a phoenix-like rebirth, only after, of course, they've been burnt a bit crispy.

In reading this full moon in terms of its Pluto square, we must take note of any peculiarly sharp feelings that arise this week, as a continuing result of some mammoth-seeming bump in the road or elephant in the room that will not permit free movement without our dealing with it. These blockages, however, are not Saturn's type, which asks us to respect our limits, put in an extra investment, and/or practice patience.

Where Pluto is concerned, we're expected to dig deep… to excavate whatever residual hurts lie beneath the pavement, repressed or semi-conscious, that'll keep eerily replicating themselves in compulsive patterns of psychological experience until we heal by integrating them into our fabric of awareness. If we don't, they'll repeatedly sting us in the ass—through confrontations with other individuals who represent our disowned shadows, forcing us to encounter our fury or covetousness or competitive desire to dominate and win, one way or another.

As the week progresses, with the Sun approaching its Thursday entry into Aries, our desire to take self-supporting actions that express our eager-to-get-out-there energies will naturally accelerate. After all, the astrological 'new year' of equinox is the zodiac's perfect backdrop for starting anew, for igniting our flame of tomorrow's vision… without necessarily knowing quite what it will develop into.

Nearer the week's end, as the moon waxes to brightness in Libra, we must also contend with a counterbalancing emotional urge to also consider the interrelational peace. Each of our actions opens into an organic reaction from somebody else—or from the imagined response we presume or predict, should we contain the dialogue wholly inside our heads. We take a step. We feel the scales tip uncomfortably to one side. Anticipating (or already feeling) the other person's likeliest comeback, we adjust accordingly… or else wait until we're gently or not-so-gently nudged back to a locus of compromise.

Doing as I want? Doing what best befits us both?

Weighing these options, we must also test the possibilities against Pluto, standing in for all the underlying power differentials and uncomfortable realities and unresolved psychological residue (personal and societal) that necessarily come into play, whether we want them to or not. Sun and Moon, Aries and Libra, discreet self and interdependent unit—these pairs conduct their back-and-forth with Pluto as the intermediary, like racquetball players who must each hit the ball against the wall while competing with each other.

Pluto is this wall that mustn't be ignored in the debate: entrenched economic inequities, structural prejudices, historical abuses, inherited hatreds, the indulgent delight of the haves and the tortured anger of the have-nots. And this wall has a voice, too… though, slippery as Pluto is, he may throw its words, ventriloquist-style, onto other mouthpieces or so-called 'inanimate processes', making it hard to identify who's talking or where that ugly truth is coming from.

The lesson? There's always more to it than the apparent simplicity of one individual facing another. There are all the terribly un-PC facts resting just below the surface—or right on top of it for all to see, depending on which power position you're seated in.

Watch your week, everybody, for prophetic glimpses of the seriously monumental conflicts (personal and societal) heading our way over the next couple years. This week's full moon is a powerful oracle.

See, folks, the T-square formed between the Sun, the Moon and Pluto at the full moon (make it a wide grand cross, if you want to throw in that poor batted-around Mars in Cancer) closely mirrors the major heavy-duty T-square of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto hitting us in 2010. At that time, Uranus will stand in for this week's Sun in early Aries, while Saturn in early Libra will mimic the current Moon placement. Therefore, tiny ripples of linked symbolic resonance move out from this full moon into much larger waves, due to rock the world two years from now.

Comparing now to this future time, then, the self-possessed urges to do whatever the hell we want (everything else be damned!) represent the radical-and-rebellious individualism and/or 'power to the people' that'll only become more disruptive and chaotic with Uranus in Aries. Meanwhile, the pressure to consider the other side too turns that much more crucial and necessary to work on in a serious manner, once Saturn opposes it from Libra.

And Pluto? Well, Pluto remains Pluto—and our unflinching examination of profit at pain's hand, winners standing on the heads of losers, fortunes built on blood, and enforced obedience as the only means to enduring rule will continue intensifying into the next decade.

The elephant stays in the room. But if we're intuitively observant enough, we can sense inklings that foreshadow just how, and in what context, that elephant will eventually thunder into turmoil—and who or what must get trampled in the process.