Gemini-Leo and Nothing to Block


You can only imagine how many times I'm asked, 'So what's going on now?'

Because I'm the astrologer, I'm expected to possess the ideal bite-sized astro-explanation for every anecdote of strange coincidence, sudden disaster, stroke of fortune, or striking change.

In case you haven't noticed, there's always something going on. The planets never take a day off from their orbits, just because we earthlings need some time to 'integrate our lessons' or partake of other such human constructs to make sense of our experience. They keep doing what they're doing, while we keep meeting new opportunities and challenges every moment our hearts are beating and our lungs pumping air.

For now, the 'big' astrological events going on aren't so big… at least not in terms of outer-planet bombast or exceptionally unusual configurations. In fact, the two items hitting my radar most loudly have both already been written about here—the transit of Mars through Leo, and Mercury's retrograde (joined by the Sun and Venus) in Gemini.

How, then, to account for the looming 'what's going on now?' curiosity, in light of what seems to be a current climate ripe with lots of frustrations and mishaps, battles of will, the glaring need to assert ourselves (or end up walked all over, overlooked, looked past, or otherwise left to passively react), and the long-time-coming 'coming to a head' of situations that were quietly building for months?

We mustn't underestimate the power of Mars, the tough guy with the pointy spear he jabs into the sides of any obstacles (including people) he's unwilling to let block him… who spent all those months both retrograde and in wishy-washy Cancer before triumphantly skipping over the border into Leo three-and-a-half weeks ago, where, back in the get-things-cookin' element of fire, he has no problem doing that which he'd chewed on and mulled over for that whole preceding period.

Mars in Leo is happy as a clam to make himself known, without bothering to wait for official permission from the bureaucratic committee supposedly guaranteeing that everybody's feelings are fairly considered. (By the time that meeting ever produced a consensus, the opportunities upon which we might act would've already come and gone several times over.) This Mars would have us grabbing the best seats in the house on a first-come-first-serve basis, and to hell with those timid church-mice or lackadaisical latecomers who must stand in the back.

Create a scene? Why the heck not? What Mars in Leo lacks in subtlety, he more than makes up for in entertainment value (though some might refer to it instead as 'excessive drama'). At least nobody can complain of being bored.

Of course, the broader backdrop against which Mars now lobbies for self-expressive action (no matter the cost) is Pluto's yearlong transition into Capricorn. This turning of the generational tides is essentially the big stuff we're all witnessing (consciously or not)… the growing divide between rich and poor, the unequal distribution of resources, the ailing health-care system, the housing foreclosure crisis, the hitting of 'peak oil' and the need to reinvent our entire economy on more sustainable grounds, all early developments in the Pluto-through-Capricorn adventures ahead.

Throughout his sluggish months, Mars met Pluto in opposition three times—and three times, his attempts at pure expression and assertion were somewhat (or completely) stifled by powerful forces beyond his ability to contend. No wonder that, once he made it to Leo and out of Pluto's opposing line-of-fire, he had some (over)compensating to attend to. The sheer relief of greater freedom of movement is enough to inspire a few foolhardy displays of pride or cock-of-the-walk showoffishness in any of us.

Add to it the proliferation of possibilities inherent to a mix of Sun, Venus and (most notably) Mercury retrograde in Gemini, and we've got a recipe for, 'Why the hell not? I'll give it a go!' Sure, there's not necessarily a clear rationale behind any of our myriad tries… but if they're all deemed sufficiently tentative to leave us an out, it doesn't friggin' matter, now, does it?

This Gemini-Leo mix also goes far in explaining the increased likelihood of those mishaps, manglings, confrontations and combative attitudes we're seeing. If there's a wider range of options and activities going on, isn't it basic math that the odds of bumping up against a potentially conflicting circumstance—or the person behind it—would also go up?

And to bring this point even further during the upcoming week ahead, no major astrological obstructions are slated to get in the way of Mars in Leo plus the Sun, Venus and Mercury retrograde in Gemini from continuing down this same path. Instead, their mutual momentum is aided when each of the three Gemini bodies take turns conjoining each other… and all three form their respective flowing sextiles (60-degree angles) to Mars.

With nothing in the way, it's like everything that's already been set into motion begins to gain speed, strength and power, like a boulder marooning down a hill. What only took a small push to get started will show its intensifying development—without a bump in the road to slow its progress or knock it off course.