Venus oppose Pluto: Pleasures in Picking Sides


Venus in Gemini likes everyone.

Well, that's not exactly true. But at very least, this multi-faceted Venus (or is she two-faced?) can make a good show of it. Entertaining the various options… testing out her different routines, with a rainbow of costume changes… winking here, before flipping her head toward another prospect and winking there.

When Venus is in Gemini (as she is now, and through Tue May 8), she can find something to like about everyone, even if it's just his diction or her hair accessories. She'll uncover some common ground, no matter who the other person is… though it may be a bit forced, superficial or unnecessary.

She's a versatile gal, that Venus in Gemini. This flexibility allows her to simultaneously have a hand or foot in multiple pots, without betrothing herself to one. Keeps life interesting, while leaving her an out. Activating the escape hatch is as easy as switching tones-of-voice and carefully choosing alternate words. The ol' bait-and-switch saves her from sinking to outright deception.

Another hour, a wholly other social outing… and a new set of measures for defining herself in relation to whomever's at this one.

This week, though, she doesn't have it as easy. Not with the impending opposition to Pluto (exact on Sun May 6), making it far trickier to dine and ditch. As fast-footed as this many-tentacled Venus may be, the Pluto pull sucks her into the puddle of mud. If or when she can finally extricate herself, her shoes will be soiled—and her deeper feelings, stirred.

A Venus-Pluto opposition smacks of vehemence. Take your pick, any combination thereof: 'I really want you. I cannot stay away from you. You disgust me, and I can't stop thinking about it. I can't look, but I can't not look. You're too evil to be true. You're too good to be believed. Yell at me, call me names… then take me right here on the kitchen table! Why do you get to me this way?!?!?'

Blame Pluto, people. He can't leave well enough alone. He won't allow it to remain as casual as we'd want to play it off. He forces the difficult question, then stares square in your face as you squirm to answer it carefully, in the 'right' tone of voice. He blocks the easy out.

You see two or more equally appealing possibilities, do you? You'll happily spell out the pros and cons for each, then raise your hands in the air like you don't know what to do… is that right?

Pluto calls 'hogwash' on your indecisive ass. From what he tells me, you already know that all things, people and relationships are not created equal. He's whispering in my ear that, deep down, you do have a preference. You do want one more than the other, even if you can't explain why. He says, quit trying to justify.

Over these days, with Venus opposing Pluto, we're facing a clash between (1) the intellectually 'evolved' (or is it 'degraded') relativism of parallel potentials, as favored by the master-gamer Gemini, and (2) the irrational, impolite Plutonian passions that will not surrender to compromise.

Don't fall for the surface-level words, for they may betray an altogether less friendly (and/or far saucier!) reality beneath.

Sometimes, you've got to pick sides to satisfy your pleasures.

Sometimes, you've got to choose to claim a victory for yourself, and leave the leftovers behind. Otherwise, the waffling will lead to a larger-scale loss—and you might not even know it.