Mars in Aries: Starting Fires, Picking Fights


When at home in his 'alpha-male' sign of Aries, Mars likes to make big strides.

And if he can't move ahead, due to some barrier in the road or an opponent yelling 'halt!', he will fight.

Mars in Aries will not be stopped… which is good news for those of us needing the planetary assistance of a fast-action strong-arm. Mars enters Aries tomorrow (Tue May 15), where he'll stay through late June.

When Mars crosses the zodiac-cycle dividing-line between last-sign Pisces and first-sign Aries, we get an injection of bubblin'-hot physical energy. This Mars in Aries is chomping at the bit to do something, especially after having wandered through the hazy morass of Pisces. Now having regained full capacity of his faculties, he hardly has the cool to sit and wait any longer.

He wants action.

Mars in Aries is the quintessential fire-starter. He bears the sparks that can set entire forests aflame… though it's hardly likely he'd stick around to fiddle while it burns. This Mars doesn't usually have that sort of staying power. He's too eager to run off to the next place he's needed, not unlike a superhero, rather than hanging out to watch the fruits of his burgeoning blaze develop and mature.

Call it 'short attention' if you've got a bone to pick—but, to be quite honest, it's perfectly fine if he moves on. Once Mars in Aries gets it going, we can handle the rest from there. (Plus, he's not exactly the best team player.) Everyone's got his proper place. This Mars is best at leading the pack into battle, sword in hand, courageous, and not at all concerned if anybody else has ever treaded this path before. What a man!

To those with more sensitive constitutions, Mars in Aries can seem a bit abrasive. He's not much for obligatory niceties, beating around the bush, or cooperative thinking. By the time the rest of us have negotiated a five-point plan for securing our goals, it's too late for Mars in Aries—he's already grabbed the booty, burned through half of it, and jetted away to the next big to-do. If anything, he's quick. See target, grab target.

Fundamentally, Mars in Aries is a warrior… and it's our job to give him something to fight for, rather than leaving him to mischievously hunt for someone to fight against. He is not to be tamed, for that would be a corruption of his root instincts. But he can be channeled to great effect. Give him a basic aim, with immediate results to be witnessed, and he'll go until he's pooped. Once he says he's done, though, he's done. You won't get him to return for touch-ups.

If we're not paying him his due attention, however, Mars in Aries will seek out conflict—sometimes simply as a way to blow off the steam. No need to worry about the longer-term, as he's not much of a grudge-holder. (As I said, he doesn't have the staying power.) Yet, in the moment the clash erupts, it isn't pretty. He is a formidable competitor, playing to win, and won't easily settle for second-place in some gesture of kindness. He has a reputation to protect, and muscles to exert. Keep him on your side, and you'll be glad you did.

You've now got six weeks with Mars in Aries to start some fires, make some strides, and fight some battles… or are you going to let everyone else score the victories, while you just get resentful?

Which will it be: action, or anger?