Saturn-Neptune Opposition IV: Disheartened? Now What?


This month brings the third and final peak of the Saturn-Neptune opposition (Jun 25), our most influential macro-level astro-aspect for nearly a year.

Since last July, these two mismatched planets have faced off with each other, in a valiant attempt to bring compassionate idealism and real-world institutional interests into some sort of better balance.

Of course, it doesn't take a very astute onlooker to conclude this 'balance' has hardly been achieved… if such a thing were even possible. In its place, Saturn and Neptune have left a far-reaching disenchantment with where their variant archetypes have diverged far beyond what feels 'okay'.

But rather than lament such sobering realizations, we should thank this Saturn-Neptune opposition for its glimpses of dissatisfying realities… and hints at what else might work better than blindly feeding the status quo's corpulent belly. There's only more powerful astrology ahead over the coming years—and this wake-up call may have come just in the nick of time.

I've already gone into great depth on my interpretation of this Saturn-Neptune situation, and I refer you back to those articles for review now, at a time when we're likeliest to grasp the fuller profundity of our past many months:
—a good overview of the basic qualities of the Saturn-Neptune opposition
—another brief summary, with a couple current cultural examples
—a historical review of the Saturn-Neptune cycle (Part 1 and Part 2)
—a description of how the opposition shows up in our celeb-obsessed, reality-TV society

In light of all this, it's pretty clear that we have plenty of good reasons for experiencing the disillusionment, alienation and angst that come from confronting glaring gaps between the rainbow-colored figment of universal unity and the decidedly-less-inclusive existing state of authority.

Wonderful, eh? Shall we now dance around the maypole, celebrating how disappointed we are with life as it's currently known?

Hell, no, my feisty compatriots! The onus is on us… to rally those feelings into future actions, not by clinging wistfully to pie-in-the-sky ideals that can never realistically come to pass, but through engaging the very disappointing institutions themselves.

Once Saturn makes his final pass through this opposition, he will move into Virgo (in Sep 07), a place ripe for deploying his tough-as-nails discipline toward real, palpable, concrete hard work. In Virgo, Saturn wants to aim a microscope at the practical problems so we can see 'em up close, to fix whatever's broken and streamline processes wherever fat can be cut. And soon enough, that Saturn in Virgo will hit a long-term opposition to Uranus—which, truth be told, is barely a taste of the super-spectacularly activating and energizing astrology on its way to us.

Fear not, for plenty of dramatic developments are coming soon.

But before we jump ahead to this rapidly approaching future, let's not rush past the last Saturn-Neptune opposition peak.

To do it right, you've really got to feel that unsettling dismay… and figure out what in the heck you're going to do about—in radical strokes—over the next decade of your life.