Pocketbooks in Retrograde


In my last post about Venus retrograde, I concentrated on relationships… the most obvious domain of Venus's impact.

But did y'all remember that Venus rules money, too?

On the most general level, Venus is about that which we value the most… what types of people, things and experiences we appreciate and adore, and how we go about drawing them to us.

Often, we apply this Venusian principle to our love lives first, conveniently forgetting that the same archetype is in play when we're trying to rake in the cash. It's all about attraction, an idea that's been getting a lot of play recently, due to the success of The Secret. We pull a certain sort of stuff to us, based upon how our Venus functions are functioning.

When Venus goes retrograde, we're treated to a different vantage point on what we are attracting into our lives. In the realm of relationships, as I already described, we often meet up with former lovers, old friends and intensely compelling new strangers during retrogrades… interpersonal anomalies that give us a refreshing perspective on our 'regular' relationship lives, so we can gauge how we're doing from outside the myopia of day-to-day existence.

Following the same logic vis--vis our financial lives, then, Venus retrograde may dangle the promise of intensely compelling new deals—a tempting big-ticket purchase, a near-irresistible offer, a potentially fruitful arrangement with a partner—that provide us with a context for examining our bank balances. Are we spending on the right things? Are we saving the right amount? Are we properly enjoying the hard-earned fruits of our labor?

As such, these deals may assist us to get a better grip on our pocketbooks… though, at the same time, their value to us may prove to be limited to the fleeting Venus retrograde period. Or not. It's hard to know.

Of course, the by-the-books astrologers might proclaim, 'No major purchases should be made during Venus retrograde. No binding financial commitments should be entered into during Venus retrograde.' And they certainly wouldn't be wrong in proffering such cautions, if not a bit simplistic.

To be more precise, I'd simply warn that what seems oh-so-appealing when Venus is retrograde may not continue to hold its appeal once Venus returns to direct motion. That said, it'd be smart to move slowly and carefully when putting your money toward a particular purpose. The main message here is about asking yourself the right questions… then spending some time thinking about the answers, rather than rushing toward the shiniest, sparkliest, prettiest-seeming treasure on the shelf, and blowing your whole wad on it during some semi-conscious retail high.

In case you didn't catch it, Venus retrograde is one of the least favorable times to spend on those high-price items… especially if it qualifies as an inessential luxury or fanciful splurge you wouldn't ordinarily partake in. The peacock-feather cocktail dress, the mint-green convertible coupe, and the patent-leather ping-pong table aren't likely to hold your attention past the first month.

And if you're so damned sure that you do want to drop your cash on something like that, then you'll have no problem waiting until, say, October before committing the funds. In the meantime, should some unexpected expenditure (another Venus-retrograde hallmark) crop up and force you to divert your dough to a leaky water-heater or unforeseen legal fees, you'll be glad you held off.

The flea markets, thrift shops and classified ads, however, are a different story… for Venus retrograde can work to our definite advantage, if we are savvy bargain-hunters and willing to hold out for rock-bottom prices. We mustn't forget that everybody is under the Venus-retrograde spell—not just us customers, but also the merchants, who may unwittingly undervalue a gem-in-the-rough because they're overly eager to clear some room for next season's merchandise. Here's where an impulse may well serve you… so long as the total expenditure will not deplete the money you're counting on for something else (like rent).

When it comes to finances, the golden rule of Venus retrograde is: If it seems like too good of a deal to be believed, think twice about it… and think about what you must give up in order to take it.

The risk should never outweigh the benefit, but especially not now. Financial folly will return to haunt you, leaving you to wish you'd properly prioritized which valuables are most valuable.