Bulldozing the Remnants


Is there anything left to grab, grip, release, remove, kickstart or decimate?

This week's Mars-Pluto conjunction grants us the unrivalled power to push through to the wide open spaces on the other side. Whatever wasn't already snipped, snagged, stitched or cemented over the past couple months… now's your best week (for a while, at least) to finish the job.

As far as planetary players go, you won't find two fiercer, more forceful fellows than Mars and Pluto. Mars impels us forward, stimulating the instinct to assert ourselves and go for what we want. A well-oiled Mars won't stop its advance just because some dude in a jumpsuit holds up his palm and signals 'halt'. Based on its sign, Mars'll find a way around, wait until the perfect juncture, broker a deal, aim to outsmart the guy or simply smack him in the face and run past the checkpoint.

Pluto, meanwhile, possesses his own potent punch, underscoring our desires with gnarlier, less polite emotions that motivate us to fight (or at least contend) to the end. Pluto draws our shadow out into our behaviors, often leading us to act in coarser, cruder, near-animalistic ways to ensure our deepest psychological satisfaction. When Pluto is left to his own devices, you can bet on passions and pinings and power-trips rising to the surface.

When Mars and Pluto unite in their muscly might, as it goes building up to Saturday morning's (Jan 13) conjunction, they are literally unstoppable. They will shove and slam and shout… all while poking their prey in its softest spots and calling out nasty names, to ensure its total dominance.

Of course, Mars conjunct Pluto needn't be so vicious. If our 'prey' is a problematic life circumstance or a long-standing issue we've been hesitant to look at, Mars/Pluto can help us finally attack it head-on. If we need an ultra-zappy blast of physical energy to drive our efforts home…well, we've got it in spades.

This is the week, therefore, to really go for it in a manner that demonstrates how badly you mean business. Under this transit, please don't underestimate yourself—you may be surprised how much strength is behind your swing.

Mars and Pluto conjoin in Sagittarius, to cap off a month-plus of supercharged action in the sign of the archer. To review, Sagittarius is a 'don't fence me in' influence, enthusiastic and eager to explore the far reaches of our world through travel, education, and philosophic or religious adventures. The up: It believes in something, and can cut through the crap to get to what matters. The down: It believes in something, and can be dogmatic or downright intolerant in its preachy, single-minded insistence. Bear both these perspectives in mind, when navigating the Mars/Pluto effect.

Mars's conjunction with Pluto comes on the tail end of other such conjunctions—Venus/Pluto (Dec 7), Sun/Pluto (Dec 18) and Mercury/Pluto (Dec 25)—that occurred as part of the lineup of multi-planet Sagittarianism that dominated December 06. Between the Sag buildup and the super-Scorpiosity that preceded it, a lot of shit got stirred up and propelled past… but, inevitably, not all of it.

With this last of the imminent Pluto-in-Sagittarius conjunctions upon us, it's an ideal moment to finish any last bits of that process, before really moving on to the next thing. Rev the engine on that bulldozer, hear it roar, then drive it through any lingering remnants that've been sticking around since October.

Mars next enters Capricorn on Tue Jan 16, a great placement for building structurally upon whatever's been either cleared or secured. The fiery rush will calm down, giving way to a more grounded, get-down-to-work stability… and we can actually make something from these exciting recent developments.